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Build state-of-the-art hospitals in major urban centres

The PTI, in its manifesto, states that it "will build state-of-the-art hospitals in major urban centres to ensure the best healthcare facilities to the poor".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


July 25, 2019: Rs100 million will be spent on the Oghi Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Mansehra. (read details)

Jan 12, 2019: Chak Shahzad hospital to be upgraded. (read details)

Dec 29, 2018: Free kidney dialysis unit inaugurated in Islamabad. (read details)

Dec 12, 2018: First cancer hospital to be established in Islamabad. (read details)


Oct 28, 2018: Four new hospitals being established in Islamabad: Minister. (read details)

Nov 27, 2018: Rehab hospital to be built for ice addicts. (read details)

Nov 26, 2018: Three childcare hospitals to be set up in south Punjab: Yasmin. (read details)

Nov 23, 2018: Rural population to have first ever tertiary care hospital. (read details)

Nov 22, 2018: New hospital to be established in Rawalpindi. (read details)

May 11, 2019: Construction of Mother and Child Hospital in Rawalpindi resumed (read details)

May 11, 2019: Quality health services to be ensured: Punjab PAC chief (read more)

July 9, 2019: Work begins on eye hospital (read more)