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Develop 20 new tourist destinations

The promise is a part of the PTI's plan to "boost the tourism industry".
Published October 29, 2018

The PTI vows to "develop 20 new tourist destinations" in its five-year term at an average of four each year.

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


March 27, 2022: MoUs signed for investment in KP tourism zones (read details)

March 16, 2022: MoU signed for professional training of tourist guides (read details)

Feb 28, 2022: Plan to promote eco-tourism in world’s first high altitude Nature Corridor (read details)

Jan 29, 2022: Focus on Soan Valley to promote tourism (read details)

Jan 27, 2022: PM directs ministry to develop more tourist spots (read details)

Jan 21, 2022: Installation of glamping pods, parkway project for tourists in Kotli Satiyan completed: SACM (read details)

Jan 4, 2022: KP govt to declare three spots as integrated tourism zones (read details)

Dec 15, 2021: KP sets aside Rs4.79bn to promote tourism (read details)

Dec 17, 2021: Historic Roshnai Gate reopened after 12 years (read details)

Dec 8, 2021: Special Steam Safari train to promote tourism: Minister (read details)

Oct 14, 2021: Master plan finalised for four integrated tourism zones in KP (read details)

Sept 27, 2021: 7 ecotourism spots for Balochistan identified (read details)

Sept 4, 2021: Murree to get new tourist spot (read details)

Aug 20, 2021: 10 more KP spots to get camping pods (read details)

July 3, 2021: Train service for tourists launched in Quetta (read details)

June 19, 2021: PIA resumes Air Safari flight after 14 years (read details)

May 30, 2021: PTDC decides to formulate National Tourism Strategy 2021-30 (read details)

April 14, 2021: Kalash Valley tourists can stay in camping pods for Rs3,000 (read details)

March 28, 2021: New tourism, heritage authority formed in Punjab (read details)

March 9, 2021: Tanda Dam being developed into tourist resort (read details)

February 28, 2021: PM Imran shares plan to boost tourism in Pakistan (read details)

February 1, 2021: Attock Fort to be opened for tourists (read details)

December 31, 2020: Seven projects under way to promote tourism in Balochistan's coastal areas (read details)

December 11, 2020: Pakistan's tourism industry is seeing an unprecedented boost, protecting sites is necessary: PM Imran (read details)

December 5, 2020: Pir Sohawa to be developed into tourist spot (read details)

November 22, 2020: New tourist site inaugurated in capital (read details)

September 27, 2020: Punjab launches tourism app to facilitate travellers (read details)

September 4, 2020: Kaghan to be made all-weather tourist destination (read details)

August 26, 2020: PM Imran constitutes National Coordination Committee on Tourism to boost sector (read details)

August 21, 2020: Punjab govt to develop new tourist destinations (read details)

July 24, 2020: KP to launch world's longest and highest cable car project (read details)

July 21, 2020: KP government bids to attract international, religious tourism to Gandhara Strip (read details)

June 24, 2020: KP government identifies 14 new sites to be developed as tourist destinations (read details)

June 11, 2020: National Tourism Board to promote tourism in Pakistan: Senate told (read details)

Dec 21, 2019: Camping pods installed for tourists in Bamburate valley (read details)

Dec 15, 2019: KP approves Rs5 billion to construct roads for new tourist destinations (read details)

Dec 2, 2019: 23 sites identified to boost tourism in Punjab (read details)

Nov 27, 2019: Tourism department, World Bank join hands to boost tourism in KP (read details)

Oct 10, 2019: Over 20 new tourist spots in KP to be converted into tourism integrated zones: minister (read details)

Sept 30, 2019: Legislation allows govt to declare any area integrated tourism zone (read details)

Aug 20, 2019: Kotli Sattian being developed as a tourist destination (read details)

Jan 25, 2019: 'New visa policy to facilitate tourism includes e-visa for nationals of 175 countries' (read details)

July 3, 2019: AJK cabinet gives go-ahead to tourism policy (read details)

April 20, 2019: Establishment of a tourism zone will help develop tourism sector in KP, says chairman of National Tourism Coordination Board (read details)

April 23, 2019: PTI govt clears $127m project to improve tourism in KP (read details)

April 6, 2019: KP govt seeks $120 million WB loan to develop tourism (read details)

Mar 15, 2019: PM Imran Khan constitutes National Tourism Coor­dination Board (NTCB) and nine working groups for promotion of tourism (read details)

Mar 9, 2019: Eight new locations have been identified for the development of tourism sites (read details)

Feb 7, 2019: CM gives nod to new tourist spots across Punjab (read details)

Feb 4, 2019: PM Imran Khan says Bala Hissar Fort should be converted into a centre for tourist activities (read details)

Feb 4, 2019: Rs5bn to be spent on developing Kaghan infrastructure to promote tourism, says PTI MNA (read details)

Jan 16, 2019: KP Governor for developing Besai hill resort (read details)

Jan 06, 2019: Govt plans to explore tourism potential in Kurram, Orakzai (read details)

Jan 03, 2019: KP announces development package for Buddhist sites in Mardan (read details)

Dec 31, 2018: WLCA opens new avenues for tourism (read details)

Nov 2, 2018: KP selects 20 tourist destinations for immediate development (read details)

Oct 26, 2018: GB’s tourism potential to be exploited: official (read details)

Oct 21, 2018: Punjab government to introduce reform package, including one for tourism industry (read details)

Sept 5, 2018: Mobile app, website to promote tourism in KP (read details)

May 20, 2018: Shangla to be developed for tourism: minister (read more)

May 27, 2019: Technical experts on Kartarpur meet today (read more)

May 29, 2019: Imminent influx of tourists: District admins directed to facilitate visitors to scenic spots (read details)

July 26, 2019: Rs650m funds okayed for Mansehra uplift (read details)

July 3, 2019: Historic temple reopens in Sialkot after 72 years (read details)

July 4, 2019: Pakistan Museum of Natural History to be upgraded: minister (read details)

July 7, 2019: AJK archaeology department gets control of 85 structures, places (read details)

July 8, 2019: Historical buildings to be utilised to promote tourism: Punjab CM (read more)

July 8, 2019: Historic buildings being identified in Pindi division to attract tourists (read more)

July 14, 2019: KP caught between promoting tourism, protecting forest regeneration (read more)

Aug 16, 2019: Punjab takes up maiden ambitious tourism policy (read more)