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Rural electrification through renewable and off-grid solutions

As part of its planned measures to meet Pakistan’s energy challenge, the PTI vows in its manifesto to "complete rural electrification through renewable and off-grid solutions".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


May 09, 2019:29,000 tube-wells in Balochistan likely to run on solar energy. (read details)

May 04, 2019: CDA told to exempt rural residents from ban on utility connections without NOCs. (read details)

March 30, 2019:Canadian firm keen to install solar projects in Punjab: CM. (read details)

Jan 29, 2019: Taxes on solar, wind power equipment may be waived to boost production. (read details)

Dec 07, 2018: Law being amended to hand over KP's micro-power projects for the electrification of remote and off-grid areas to their respective communities. (read details)

Nov 18, 2018: South Punjab villages get electricity after 71 years. (read details)