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Revamp the livestock sector, expand meat production

The PTI, in its manifesto, states that it will "boost the livestock sector, make Pakistan self-sufficient in milk and milk-based products, and [also] expand meat production for domestic consumption and exports."

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


July 04, 2019: Rs300 million allocated for livestock development. (read details)

June 13, 2019: Provinces to allocate more for agriculture, says Minister for National Food Security and Research Mahboob Sultan. (read details)

April 31, 2019: Lucrative package for farmers in next budget, says NA Speaker Asad Qaiser. (read details)

April 07, 2019: Revolutionary projects for promotion of livestock sector in next budget, says Punjab Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dareshik. (read details)

April 03, 2019: Billions to be spent on livestock, meat production sectors. (read details)

Feb 20, 2019: Delegations of 19 countries, including India, China, Canada, Iran, Iraq and the Philippines participate in National Livestock Show and Buffaloes Mela. (read details)

Feb 18, 2019: Govt uplifting livestock and poultry sectors on scientific lines, says Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. (read details)

Jan 24, 2019: KP to distribute hens, roosters to more than 100,000 families (read details)

Jan 15, 2019: Minister inaugurates ostrich meat shop in Lahore. (read details)

Jan 08, 2019: Cattle market reopens in Bara after 15 years. (read details)

Dec 12, 2018: Steps being taken to provide healthy livestock products: minister. (read details)

Dec 5, 2018: Pakistan seeks Belarusian technologies for dairy sector. (read details)

Dec 5, 2018: Rs82bn plan for boosting crops yield, livestock launched. (read details)

Dec 4, 2018: Following PM’s ‘chicken and egg’ vision, govt kicks off poultry campaign. (read details)

Nov 29, 2018: PM Khan puts greater focus on 'future plans' in 100-day review speech. (read details)

Nov 27, 2018: PM approves model agro produce market in Lahore. (read details)

Sept 28, 2018: Disqualified Tareen convenes a meeting of Livestock Emergency Working Group. (read details)

Sept 23, 2018: Mini-budget dashes farmers’ hopes. (read details)