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Augment the existing BISP programme

The promise is a part of the PTI's "poverty alleviation drive".
Published February 11, 2019

As part of its poverty alleviation drive across Pakistan’s poorest districts, the PTI, in its manifesto, states that it "will augment the existing BISP programme".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


March 31, 2022: Cabinet approves Ehsaas catastrophic health expenditure, protection policy (read details)

March 14, 2022: 3.2m women have withdrawn enhanced Ehsaas stipend, amount to be increased to Rs14,000 says PM’s aide (read details)

March 7, 2022: PM Imran launches Ehsaas ration scheme for 20m families (read details)

March 7, 2022: PTI govt celebrates 3 years of Ehsaas programme (read details)

March 1, 2022: Ehsaas starts providing food items on subsidised rates (read details)

Feb 17, 2022: Bill Gates all praise for 'state of the art' Ehsaas programme (read details)

Feb 16, 2022: Ehsaas increases biannual stipend for deserving women to Rs 13,000 (read details)

Jan 27, 2022: Govt to launch Ehsaas Petrol Card for bikers (read details)

Jan 24, 2022: Ehsaas launches ‘Taleemi Wazaif’ app (read details)

Jan 10, 2022: Ehsaas nashonuma centres being established in all tehsils: SAPM (read details)

Jan 8, 2022: 16 projects launched to alleviate poverty, says Sania Nishtar (read details)

Jan 7, 2022: National Socioeconomic Registry launched (read details)

Dec 8, 2021: Ehsaas initiative set to get $600m ADB support (read details)

Dec 17, 2021: ECC okays Rs106bn food subsidy to help 20m families (read details)

Dec 14, 2021: 9.6m families, 10,000 retailers registered in Ehsaas Ration Programme (read details)

Oct 17, 2021: Quota for women, transgender persons fixed in Ehsaas Rehri Ban project (read details)

Oct 9, 2021: Ehsaas initiative earns UN’s praise (read details)

Sept 6, 2021: Nashonuma initiative to be upgraded: Sania Nishtar (read details)

Sept 1, 2021: PM launches Ehsaas Education Stipends programme (read details)

Aug 21, 2021: 3.4m added to list of Ehsaas beneficiaries (read details)

Aug 20, 2021: Ehsaas ‘Koi Bhooka Na Soye’ programme expanded to Multan, Lahore and Gujranwala (read details)

June 27, 2021: Ehsaas lacks legal cover, being run through BISP bank accounts (read details)

June 22, 2021: BISP cash stipend increased by Rs2,000 per annum (read details)

June 11, 2021: Cash provided to 12m people via Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme, says Tarin (read details)

May 26, 2021: ECC okays Rs48bn for Ehsaas cash handouts (read details)

May 24, 2021: PM inaugurates ‘Ehsaas Savings Wallets’ initiative for poor women (read details)

May 16, 2021: PM Imran lauds Sania Nishtar, Ehsaas team after World Bank recognition (read details)

April 17, 2021: GB CM, Sania Nishtar agree on accelerated Ehsaas collaboration (read details)

April 16, 2021: 80pc of Ehsaas survey completed: Dr Sania Nishtar (read details)

March 26, 2021: World Bank, Pakistan ink deals for $1.3bn aid (read details)

Feb 14, 2021: Dr Sania Nishtar satisfied with assistance to 15m labourers in pandemic (read details)

Feb 3, 2021: 29,961 more govt employees receiving BISP funds removed from beneficiaries list (read details)

Jan 21, 2021: BISP completes survey of 20 million houses (read details)

Jan 4, 2021: Rs180bn disbursed through Ehsaas Emergency Cash (read details)

Jan 1, 2021: Ehsaas scheme empowering weak segments of society, says annual report (read details)

Nov 18, 2020: Next tranche of Ehsaas Kafaalat programme to be released in coming weeks (read details)

Oct 9, 2020: BISP moving swiftly on a dynamic digital social ecosystem: Dr Sania Nishtar (read details)

Sept 6, 2020: Sania reviews Ehsaas activity in Neelum Valley (read details)

Sept 3, 2020: Second phase of Ehsaas cash assistance package soon (read details)

Aug 7, 2020: List of 2,700 officers drawing money from BISP given to Senate body (read details)

July 16, 2020: Ehsaas programme being enhanced from Rs144bn to Rs203bn (read details)

June 12, 2020: Govt increases BISP stipend from Rs2,000 to Rs3,000 (read details)

March 13, 2020: 4.4m names being included in BISP list, NA told (read details)

December 24, 2019: Govt strikes over 800,000 names off BISP database (read details)

October 10, 2019: BISP signs contract with HBL, Bank Alfalah for disbursement of financial assistance (read details)

July 28, 2019: BISP brings over 3.5m children back to school (read details)

June 12, 2019: BISP quarterly stipend to be raised to Rs5,500 (read details)

June 10, 2019: Pakistan Post establishes tracking, monitoring system for disbursement of BISP funds (read details)

June 2, 2019: Survey planned to update BISP database (read details)

April 2, 2019: Govt puts BISP under Ehsaas (read details)

Nov 30, 2018: ECC approves $83m grant for BISP beneficiaries (read details)

Sep 4, 2018: Skill development: BISP, WL to enrol 6,000 out-of-school girls. (read details)