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Make public outreach to police easier

The promise is a part of the PTI's plan to depoliticise and strengthen policing.
Published October 29, 2018

As part of its plan to depoliticise and strengthen policing, the PTI, in its manifesto, claims that it will "make public outreach to police easier through new and enhanced policing apps, SMS systems, online FIRs and call centres".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


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April 3, 2021: Islamabad police launches SMS alert to update complainants on FIR’s status (read details)

March 26, 2021: KP police digitise complaint redressal system (read details)

March 17, 2021: E-Police Desk inaugurated in Islamabad (read details)

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Dec 28, 2020: App for digital monitoring of inspection matters in Punjab (read details)

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Nov 11, 2020: Punjab IG okays launch of three apps (read details)

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Oct 15, 2020: Zainab Alert app launched to report missing children in Pakistan (read details)

Oct 9, 2020: Police introduce ‘street watcher system’ to check crime in Islamabad (read details)

July 30, 2020: Police assistance lines opens in Khyber (read details)

July 23, 2020: CM Buzdar inaugurates police mobile app to facilitate masses (read details)

July 14, 2020: Punjab IG says new features should be incorporated into 8787 complaint centre (read details)

June 5, 2020: Rawalpindi police launch new app with one-window automated system for driving licences (read details)

May 22, 2020: Lahore police launch 'Pehchaan App' for public access to criminals’ record (read details)

May 16, 2020: Punjab IG says quick resolution of complaints received through Citizen’s Portal, 8787 centre 'top priority' (read details)

May 16, 2020: Special police reporting desk set up for transgender people (read details)

May 5, 2020: System launched for e-payment of traffic fine in Lahore (read details)

Feb 23, 2020: Govt launches ‘Baytee’ App for women which can help them find nearest women police stations (read details)

Feb 12, 2020: Govt set to launch mobile phone app to facilitate people in Islamabad (read details)

Feb 6, 2020: KP CM inaugurates e-FIR, digitisation of police HR management system (read details)

Jan 21, 2020: Women facilitation centre set up at Swabi DPO office (read details)

Jan 21, 2020: Mardan police hold first online public forum (read details)

Dec 31, 2020: Crime App, alert button to help complainants in police stations in Rawalpindi (read details)

Dec 25, 2019: Upgraded Punjab Police website allows filing of e-complaints (read details)

Dec 10, 2019: Punjab police unit to resolve disputes in three hours of complaint (read details)

Dec 8, 2019: Punjab Police to launch Special Initiative Police Stations (read details)

Nov 30, 2019: Balochistan to have online FIR registration facility soon (read details)

Nov 30, 2019: KP launches ‘Mera Bacha Alert’ app to help recover missing children (read details)

Oct 8, 2019: Police facilitation centre sets up special counter for expats in Islamabad (read details)

Aug 5, 2019: Punjab Police introduce online complaint service through SMS, call or email to facilitate citizens (read details)

Jul 13, 2019: Mobile police service centres project inaugurated in Punjab (read details)

April 19, 2019: Police Khidmat Marakiz will be extended to the tehsil level, says Lahore IGP (read details)

March 23, 2019: Police complaints redress system enforced in Punjab (read details)

Feb 3, 2019: KP police introduce 'Raabta' SMS system to facilitate complainants, keep track of case progress (read details)

Jan 05, 2019: Police post established in Rawalpindi's DHA Phase-II (read details)

Dec 30, 2018: Police start open courts in mosques (read details)

Dec 27, 2018: ‘Police counters serving public in hospitals’ (read details)