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Launch 10 Billion Tree Tsunami programme to restore forests

The promise is a part of the plan to "tackle climate change and champion green growth".
Published October 29, 2018

In its manifesto, the PTI says that it "will expand and restore the fractured forests of Pakistan through a '10 Billion Tree Tsunami' spread over 5 years under principles of true forest valuation, community stewardship as well as public-private partnerships".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


March 10, 2022: 44pc plantation target achieved under TBTTP (read details)

March 5, 2022: Tree plantation drive launched in Pindi (read details)

March 2, 2022: 3m saplings to be planted in Attock district (read details)

March 1, 2022: UN body praises PM’s billion tree tsunami vision (read details)

Feb 28, 2022: Spring tree plantation campaign kicked off in Abbottabad (read details)

Feb 24, 2022: KP CM formally launches plantation drive (read details)

Feb 22, 2022: AJK PM starts tree plantation drive in Muzaffarabad (read details)

Feb 22, 2022: Plantation drive begins in GB (read details)

Feb 22, 2022: Spring campaign to plant 10.62 million saplings in Pindi inaugurated (read details)

Feb 22, 2022: PM launches nationwide Spring Tree Plantation campaign (read details)

Feb 20, 2022: Govt sets target to plant 540m trees in spring (read details)

Feb 16, 2022: Drive to plant 1.7 million saplings begins in Shangla (read details)

Jan 17, 2022: Bhakkar tree plantation drive covers 4,985 acres of land (read details)

Jan 12, 2022: Afforestation project increases 1pc forested area (read details)

Jan 12, 2022: PHA planted 52 Miyawaki forests in Lahore in 2021 (read details)

Jan 9, 2022: Amangarh olive plantation to produce 112,000 litres of edible oil (read details)

Jan 5, 2022: Conservation, plantation helps restore 173 hectares Kehina Forest (read details)

Nov 7, 2021: Pakistan among first countries to meet ‘Bonn Challenge’ by restoring over 600,000 hectares of land into forests: Senator (read details)

Oct 15, 2021: Aiwan-i-Sadr becomes first green presidential secretariat (read details)

Oct 2, 2021: 3.6m olive trees planted in 22 districts (read details)

Aug 27, 2021: Faisalabad children set world record by planting 100,000 saplings (read details)

Aug 25, 2021: PM Imran launches Pakistan's first smart forest in Sheikhupura (read details)

Aug 14, 2021: ‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign launched in Lodhran (read details)

Aug 14, 2021: Over 8,000 trees to bloom in first Miyawaki forest in Pindi (read details)

Aug 12, 2021: 275,000 saplings to be planted during drive in capital: minister (read details)

Aug 12, 2021: Students plant 52,040 saplings in 40 seconds in Gujranwala (read details)

August 9, 2021: 'This is just the beginning,' PM Imran launches Miyawaki urban forest in Lahore (read details)

June 27, 2021: PM Imran urges youth to gear up for 'biggest tree planting campaign in Pakistan's history' (read details)

June 11, 2021: 350 million trees, 814.6m plants planted under Ten Billion Tree Tsunami: Economic Survey (read details)

June 10, 2021: '20 Plants, 20 Numbers': Govt plans to reward varsity students with marks for planting trees (read details)

June 10, 2021: 5,000 kanal land turned into dense forest, says official (read details)

May 30, 2021: 200,000 trees planted along Ring Road (read details)

April 11, 2021: 18 Miyawaki forests developed in capital: CDA (read details)

March 7, 2021: No increase in designated forests after completion of tree tsunami project in KP (read details)

Feb 17, 2021: PM Imran kicks off Spring Tree Plantation Campaign 2021 (read details)

Feb 9, 2021: 1bn saplings to be planted by mid-2021: PM’s aide (read details)

Feb 9, 2021: PHA developing 51 Miyawaki urban forests in Lahore (read details)

Feb 9, 2021: Drive launched to plant 2.2m extra saplings in Mansehra (read details)

Jan 10, 2021: Area covered by mangroves increased by 300pc in Pakistan: Amin Aslam (read details)

Dec 20, 2020: PM Imran launches Billion Tree Honey initiative (read details)

Oct 10, 2020: $4.2m GB project envisages plantation of 50 million trees (read details)

Sept 3, 2020: Around 5 million trees to be planted in monsoon season by Pakistan Army Formation (read details)

August 10, 2020: 'This is just the beginning': PM Imran launches country's largest plantation campaign on Tiger Force Day (read details)

July 31, 2020: Tree tsunami has turned Baloki area in Punjab green: PM (read details)

July 17, 2020: PM to inaugurate monsoon tree plantation campaign in Kahuta (read details)

June 12, 2020: Rs4.9 billion earmarked for 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project in Budget 2020-21 (read details)

June 1, 2020: PM gives go-ahead to 'Protected Area Initiative' (read details)

June 1, 2020: $188m accord reached with World Bank for environment protection through forest regeneration and biodiversity conservation programmes (read details)

May 28, 2020: MoCC to launch seven national parks under 'Green Stimulus' for conservation of forest areas (read details)

April 28, 2020: PM approves Green Stimulus package which aims to promote plantation, setting up nurseries, natural forests (read details)

March 23, 2020: Ministry unlikely to meet target of planting 250m saplings (read details)

Feb 29, 2020: Scheme launched to promote community forestry in Bajaur (read details)

Feb 26, 2020: Billion tree tsunami to lose 25 per cent firewood to tobacco roasting (read details)

Feb 23, 2020: PM inaugurates tree plantation campaign in Kundian (read details)

Feb 22, 2020: Climate change ministry to plant 250m saplings this spring (read details)

Feb 17, 2020: PTI govt to use GPS to monitor trees planted under 10 Billion Tree Tsunami (read details)

Feb 10, 2020: 60,000 saplings distributed among people under 10-BTAP (read details)

Jan 16, 2020: NHA, NBP sign agreement to plant olive trees along highways and motorways (read details)

Jan 8, 2020: Over 100 held in Dir for cutting down trees (read details)

Nov 26, 2019: Adviser for protection of forest-dependent people’s rights says it is key to preserving resource-rich biodiversity that forests contain (read details)

Nov 13, 2019: US embassy joins ‘Ten Billion Tree Tsunami’ initiative (read details)

Nov 6, 2019: PM Imran says implementation of 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project has become a gigantic step towards restoring and protecting country’s natural resources (read details)

October 16, 2019: Govt’s environment preservation agenda in line with WB’s proposals: adviser (read details)

October 13, 2019: Efforts for olive tree plantation in drought-hit areas being stepped up (read details)

October 12, 2019: Three world bodies form consortium to monitor billion tree plan (read details)

October 2, 2019: Tree plantation drive begins in Islamabad (read details)

September 23, 2019: Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme awaits funds (read details)

Aug 29, 2019: Rs125.184bn allocated to the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Programme Phase-1 (read details)

Aug 18, 2019: Over five million saplings to be planted in KP (read details)

Aug 18, 2019: Foreign Office observes ‘Plant 4 Pakistan Day’ (read details)

Aug 5, 2019: Govt to achieve target of planting ten billion trees by involving provinces, says PM (read details)

Aug 2, 2019: Monsoon plantation drive to be launched at Shakarparian (read details)

Aug 1, 2019: Govt claims 6.3pc increase in forest cover due to ‘successful completion’ of Billion Tree Tsunami afforestation project (read details)

July 8, 2019: Germany to provide €13.5m for Billion Tree Tsunami project in KP (read details)

July 3, 2019: Rs7.5bn approved for 10 billion tree tsunami, says adviser (read details)

June 13, 2020: Billion tree project at risk in KP's tribal districts after staff of forest department abandon maintenance due to unavailability of funds (read details)

April 19, 2019: 10,000 saplings planted in Lakki in one day (read details)

April 2, 2019: Govt depts plant 5,000 saplings in Gujrat (read details)

Mar 29, 2019: Plant for Islamabad campaign to begin on April 3, says official (read details)

Mar 15, 2019: Pakistan registers complaint against India in UNEA for destroying forest area (read details)

Mar 10, 2019: Govt's Billion Tree Tsunami campaign led to an increase in the forest cover of KP by 4pc, says PM Imran (read details)

Mar 9, 2019: PM Imran told that Plant for Punjab campaign will be launched on March 21 (read details)

Mar 1, 2019: Adviser says recent air strikes inside Pakistan by India caused massive damage to the government’s Billion Tree Tsun­ami nature reserve (read details)

Feb 16, 2019: KP chief minister launches tree plantation drive (read details)

Feb 9, 2019: PM Imran launches a spring tree plantation campaign at Balloki, Nankana Sahib (read details)

Feb 6, 2019: PM Imran to kick off spring plantation drive on Feb 9 (read details)

Feb 6, 2019: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan formally inaugurates tree plantation drive (read details)

Jan 31, 2019: Over 0.5m saplings to be planted in Abbottabad (read details)

Jan 21, 2019: Documentation of forest resources starts in Mansehra (read details)

Jan 15, 2019: Billion Tree Tsumani in February (read details)

Dec 7, 2018: Federal govt’s forestation drive: Another billion trees to be planted in KP (read details)

Nov 20, 2018: KP govt to launch 'Fruit for All' campaign (read details)

Nov 12, 2018: Billion tree tsunami: Punjab forest dept tables afforestation plan (read details)

Oct 13, 2018: PM launches 'Clean Green Pakistan' drive to tackle pollution, global warming (read details)

Sept 2, 2018: PM launches countrywide drive to plant 10bn trees in five years (read details)