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Create 10m jobs in 5 years

The promise is part of the PTI's plan to boost economic growth.
Updated 05 Jul, 2021 09:36pm

The PTI says in its manifesto that it "will create 10 million jobs over 5 years in key sectors: SME, housing, ICT, health, education, green economy and tourism".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


July 05, 2021: New projects on the cards to generate 200,000 green jobs (read details)

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Sept 28, 2020: ML-1 project to create 150,000 jobs, says railways minister (read details)

Sept 01, 2020: Orange Line Metro Train to create 2,000 jobs in Lahore (read details)

July 30, 2020: Rs18.8 billion will be spent on creating jobs for 98,000 workers in KP under three-year Rs29 billion public sector investment plan (read details)

July 15, 2020: Construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam will create 16,500 jobs, says Asim Bajwa (read details)

July 13, 2020: 13 Punjab SEZs to create million jobs: CM (read details)

July 4, 2020: 100,000 people to be provided job opportunities under ML-1 project: Sheikh Rasheed (read details)

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June 13, 2020: Government expecting new jobs in private sector in coming months after giving relief in taxes, says Hammad Azhar (read details)

June 11, 2020: Over 85,000 jobs created under CPEC’s early harvest projects: PES (read details)

April 28, 2020: 'Green Nigehabaan' initiative to be launched to provide job opportunities to 65,000 youth/daily-wage earners (read details)

April 3, 2020: Rs9.5bn youth employment scheme launched in Punjab (read details)

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Dec 09, 2018: Over 30,000 South Waziristan youth to get jobs: governor (read details)

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