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Implement policy framework to build five million houses

The party vowed to "ensure the development of 1.5 to 2 million urban and 3 to 3.5 million rural housing units".
Published October 29, 2018

"PTI will play the role of an enabler and facilitator, but not developer, to build 5 million low cost housing units," the party claims in its manifesto. "We will ensure the development of 1.5 to 2 million urban and 3 to 3.5 million rural housing units."

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


March 19, 2022: ‘Mera Pakistan – Mera Ghar’ scheme a revolutionary step of PTI government: Farrukh Habib (read details)

March 11, 2022: World Bank approves $435mn in loan for low-cost housing projects (read details)

March 7, 2022: Govt completing low-cost housing projects on priority basis: PM (read details)

March 7, 2022: Measures taken to ease out loan disbursement for low-cost housing: Shaukat Tarin (read details)

March 4, 2022: PM Imran performs balloting for low-cost apartments (read details)

March 3, 2022: Ministry seeks re-tendering of apartment project in sector G-13 (read details)

February 21, 2022: Housing loans for govt workers proposed (read details)

February 20, 2022: Comprehensive strategy chalked out to provide loans for houses: Farrukh Habib (read details)

February 12, 2022: Govt lowers markup for housing finance (read details)

February 11, 2022; PM Imran annoyed over slow pace of work on apartment project (read details)

January 25, 2022: PM Imran inaugurates Pakistan Housing Authority Officers Residencia (read details)

January 21, 2022: PM Housing Project: CM performs balloting of 3.5 marla houses (read details)

January 14, 2022: Govt seeking $85m additional financing for housing project (read details)

January 6, 2022: Govt fulfilling its promise of low cost housing for poor, middle classes: PM (read details)

December 24, 2021: Housing loans facility to help low-income class own a house, boost economy: PM Imran (read details)

November 19, 2021: PM visits low-cost housing project; appreciates fast pace of construction (read details)

November 12, 2021: WB to help Punjab improve access to affordable housing (read details)

November 8, 2021: 2nd balloting of NAPHDA under LDA city held (read details)

October 29, 2021: KP CM reviews progress on Surizai housing scheme (read details)

October 3, 2021: Govt planning to construct around 2,392 housing units at Sangjani (read details)

September 10, 2021: KP short of 1m houses despite launch of major schemes, provincial assembly told (read details)

September 8, 2021: Banks disburse Rs11.5bln under govt markup subsidy scheme (read details)

August 29, 2021: KP govt to launch two new housing schemes in Peshawar, Mardan (read details)

August 26, 2021: Construction of 7,000 units completed under PM low cost housing scheme (read details)

August 7, 2021: Pindi district included in ‘Apna Ghar’ project (read details)

July 29, 2021: 20,000 units under NPHS completed, says Farrukh Habib (read details)

July 29, 2021: PM Imran performs balloting of LDA City Apartments in Islamabad (read details)

July 17, 2021: New tier ‘Naya Pakistan Low Cost Housing Scheme’ introduced under Kamyab Pakistan Programme (read details)

July 6, 2021: Banks asked to meet home loan target or face penalty (read details)

June 22, 2021: Special packages in NPHS to be introduced for journalists, says Fawad (read details)

June 7, 2021: PM inaugurates mobile unit in Islamabad for information on low cost housing programme (read details)

June 3, 2021: 45,000 low cost housing units under construction, Senate told (read details)

May 26, 2021: 20 acres earmarked for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Layyah, says Buzdar (read details)

May 6, 2021: NPHS foundation stone laid in Jalalpur Pirwala, Punjab (read details)

April 21, 2021: Govt to provide Rs300,000 subsidy on each house build under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (read details)

April 20, 2021: PM Imran launches Jalozai Housing Project in Nowshera (read details)

April 20, 2021: Naya Pakistan apartments: 2,000 govt employees picked thru’ balloting in Lahore (read details)

April 14, 2021: PM Imran to launch low-cost housing project in Sargodha (read details)

April 9, 2021: PM Imran performs groundbreaking of LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments (read details)

April 8, 2021: PM Imran breaks ground on Islamabad residential complex (read details)

April 5, 2021: KP cabinet approves procedure to provide 1,320 flats, 150 kanal land to poor (read details)

March 30, 2021: 800 flats to be built in Multan under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, says minister (read details)

March 30, 2021: PC-1 of housing apartments at Alipur Farash approved (read details)

March 28, 2021: PM Imran asks SBP, NBP to soften housing loan terms (read details)

March 26, 2021: Govt to increase loan limit of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme by 100pc (read details)

March 25, 2021: SBP relaxes conditions to facilitate low-cost housing (read details)

March 18, 2021: PM Imran inaugurates balloting of housing scheme for labourers in Islamabad (read details)

March 17, 2021: ECC approves changes to Naya Pakistan housing scheme (read details)

March 15, 2021: CDA to build 4,400 housing units (read details)

March 10, 2021: Naya Pakistan Housing Programme allottees to get 50pc units in LDA project (read details)

March 9, 2021: LDA-style apartment on cards for Rawalpindi, suggests minister (read details)

March 8, 2021: Faisalabad Development Authority proposes 1,500 Naya Pakistan houses (read details)

March 3, 2021: PM to lay foundation stone of housing project on 12th (read details)

Feb 28, 2021: No installment for 18 months for Naya Pakistan scheme allottees (read details)

Feb 26, 2021: PM lauds CM Buzdar for materialising housing project in record time (read details)

Feb 25, 2021: Apartments to be given to the needy on instalments: Gill (read details)

Feb 15, 2021: Punjab cabinet okays allotment process of flats in LDA City Apartments (read details)

Feb 2, 2021: Cabinet meeting told 100,000 more housing units to be built (read details)

Jan 26, 2021: LDA seeks govt’s nod for 4,000 apartments allotment (read details)

Jan 21, 2021: SBP launches complaint resolution portal for housing customers (read details)

Jan 3, 2021: LDA reduces cost of housing units in Naya Pakistan scheme (read details)

Dec 24, 2020: PM reprimands Sindh chief secretary for not giving approval to housing projects in NPHS (read details)

Dec 23, 2020: Police, govt employees to be able to buy own houses under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme: PM Imran (read details)

Dec 14, 2020: Punjab govt rolls out ‘affordable’ Naya Pakistan Housing Project in Lahore (read details)

Dec 10, 2020: ABAD to launch 19 projects in Karachi under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (read details)

Dec 3, 2020: LDA approves construction of 4,000 apartments (read details)

Nov 13, 2020: Bring Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to Balochistan, says PM Imran (read details)

Oct 31, 2020: 20 Karachi residential-cum-commercial projects given NOCs (read details)

Oct 20, 2020: 30-day construction permits for Karachi Naya Pakistan Housing schemes (read details)

Oct 12, 2020: Rs33bn subsidy for housing finance (read details)

Sept 25, 2020: Low-cost housing loans to be offered from next week (read details)

Sept 15, 2020: 8,000 grey structures allotted via balloting in Surizai Housing Scheme (read details)

August 24, 2020: Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to be initiated around proposed Rawalpindi ring road project (read details)

August 21, 2020: Naya Pakistan housing project expanded to 10 new cities in Punjab: minister (read details)

August 21, 2020: 20,000 houses to be built under NPHS in Peshawar (read details)

August 15, 2020: NBP to extend soft loans under PM’s housing scheme (read details)

Aug 12, 2020: Naya Pakistan Apartments PC-I finalised in Lahore (read details)

Aug 3, 2020: Punjab to launch $1bn housing project (read details)

July 22, 2020: ECC okays subsidy for housing project (read details)

July 20, 2020: Naya Pakistan housing project comes to Attock (read more)

July 10, 2020: PM Imran announces Rs30bn subsidy for Naya Pakistan Housing Project (read more)

July 6, 2020: Panel formed to start Naya Pakistan projects (read more)

July 15, 2020: SBP decrees banks to increase housing loans (read details)

June 17, 2020: State Bank calls meeting of bank presidents on Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (read more)

June 15, 2020: Naya Pakistan Housing Project to help strengthen industrial sector in country: PM (read more)

April 4, 2020: PM Imran announces incentives for construction sector, elevates it to industry (read more)

March 12, 2020: Govt to facilitate construction sector to provide affordable housing, says PM Imran (read more)

March 11, 2020: PM Imran breaks ground for project of constructing 20,000 housing units (read more)

January 30, 2020: Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to be completed at the earliest: Usman Buzdar (read more)

January 15, 2020: Rs25 bn allocated for Naya Pakistan Housing Project (read more)

January 14, 2020: Govt hands over 3 delisted properties to Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (read more)

January 14, 2020: Senate unanimously passes Naya Pakistan Housing bill (read more)

January 6, 2020:Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme a priority: KP CM (read more)

December 30, 2019: PM reviews progress on Naya Pakistan Housing Program (read more)

December 25, 2019: Naya Pakistan authority seeks to develop part of Blue Area in joint venture with CDA (read more)

December 11, 2019: Rs97 billion housing society to be set up near Peshawar (read more)

December 5, 2019: Prime minister exempts Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme from taxes (read more)

October 23, 2019: Punjab CM reviews progress on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (read more)

October 23, 2019: Registration for Naya Pakistan Housing scheme begins (read more)

October 5, 2019: Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to be launched soon in Sialkot: Punjab housing minister (read more)

September 11, 2019: Foreign firms’ interest shows their trust in PM Imran’s policies, says minister (read more)

September 5, 2019: Govt to provide all incentives to investors in construction sector: PM (read more)

August 6, 2019: 8400 kanal land identified for construction of 12,000 housing units in KP: PHA (read more)

August 2, 2019: LDA asked to find land for Naya Pakistan Housing Project. (read more)

July 31, 2019: Govt housing scheme will lead to economic recovery, hopes PM Imran. (read more)

July 28, 2019: Naya Pakistan housing authority ordinance to be presented in National Assembly. (read more)

July 15, 2019: PM Imran launches second phase of registration for housing scheme. (read more)

July 11, 2019: PM Imran opens housing project for general public. (read more)

June 8, 2019: The govt will reserve 1pc quota for differently-abled people in the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, says Dr Sania Nishtar. (read more)

May 17, 2019: NPHS being ‘expanded to three more districts’ (read more)

May 27, 2019: Naya Pakistan Housing Project: Private sector to be involved in housing scheme, says minister (read details)

May 3, 2019: Punjab cabinet okays Rs5bn for Naya Pakistan housing project. (read more)

April 26, 2019: Low-cost houses to be constructed in different districts of Punjab, says CM Buzdar. (read more)

April 21, 2019: PM Imran announces soft housing loans for the poor. (read more)

April 17, 2019: PM Imran Khan launches Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. (read more)

April 15, 2019: Cabinet approves change in land use for two sectors for PM’s housing project. (read more)

April 9, 2019: 135,000 apartments to be built in first phase of Naya Pakistan Housing project: Fawad Chaudhry. (read more)

April 2, 2019: PMRC to loan Rs4.8bn for low-cost housing. (read more)

Mar 29, 2019: Naya Pakistan housing project set to be launched next month. (read more)

Mar 11, 2019: PM Khan says the government's ambitious plan to build 5 million low-cost housing units in five years would not be possible unless a case regarding foreclosure laws is concluded by the Lahore High Court. (read more)

Mar 4, 2019: Provincial government tasks the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) with constructing the five million houses under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. (read more)

Mar 3, 2019: Punjab govt decides to launch NPHS under the supervision of the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency. (read more)

Mar 1, 2019: PM Khan asks Punjab not to use farmland for housing projects. (read more)

Feb 18, 2019: MoU signed for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme in Peshawar. (read more)

Feb 1, 2019: The scope of Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will be expanded to the rural areas, says Mahmoodur Rasheed. (read more)

Jan 28, 2019: Scheme gain momentum with new registration forms. (read more)

Jan 27, 2019: Private sector can play a vital role in the construction of five million housing units, says senior minister Aleem Khan. (read more)

Jan 12, 2019: 500,000 houses will be constructed for the poor as promised by the PTI government, says Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry. (read details)

Dec 31, 2018: The draft of the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority to be presented before the federal cabinet.(read details)

Dec 29, 2018: Govt forms Punjab Taskforce for Housing (read details)

Dec 19, 2018: Naya Pakistan Housing Programme: Construction work in six districts to start from January (read details)

Nov 28, 2018: 40 firms offer to provide land, build units under housing scheme, PM told (read details)

Nov 25, 2018: EAC approves a grant of Rs5 billion for Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (read details)

Nov 5, 2018: Nadra begins accepting applications for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme. (read details)

Oct 22, 2018: Nadra begins accepting applications for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme. (read details)

Oct 10, 2018: PM Imran announces Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (read details)

Sept 10, 2018: Imran wants action plan for 5 million houses in two weeks. (read details)