PML-N will resist selective accountability: Shahbaz

26 Sep 2018


PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif.— AFP/File
PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif.— AFP/File

PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday criticised the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led government and made it clear that his party will resist what he called "selective accountability".

Sharif, who was talking to reporters in Islamabad, made it clear, however, that the PML-N will support accountability if it will is carried out after due process.

Talking about the opposition, Shahbaz said that the entire opposition wants a joint course of action.

"There were some divisions on the elections of the premier and president, but the opposition is united now," he claimed, adding that difference of opinion is the beauty of democracy, but the opposition and treasury benches are united on national issues.

The leader of the opposition in the National Assembly also said that the opposition wants to maintain a consensus on issues pertaining to foreign, interior and national security.

"I myself will head the Public Accounts Committee. The norms and customs should prevail," he said.

He said that the opposition had communicated on almost a daily basis, but rejected reports that PPP supremo Asif Ali Zardari was approached by his party for help.

"I am not aware of any contact with PPP to seek help," he added.

Talking about the presidential elections, he alleged that "a market was set up for the sale and purchase of lawmakers, but the PML-N doesn't believe in such markets."

"Everyone knows how the PTI purchased aircraft packed with lawmakers," he stated.

The PML-N stalwart a;sp said that talks about rolling back the 18th Constitutional Amendment are premature.

He also criticised the government for the rising prices of various commodities and "dropping an inflationary bomb" on citizens.

"Parliament can make or break anyone," warned Sharif, saying that the opposition had the right to initiate a motion of no-confidence against the incumbent government. However, he added that such talk was premature at this point and the opposition would work for the nation's stability.

He also warned against tampering with the bureaucracy, saying that the government itself would suffer if it was subjected to the whims of those in power.