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Advice: Strive for success

September 01, 2018


In this world, we meet people who are successful and who we look up to for our success as well. We are inspired by these personalities and we hope to somehow reach up to their level. And then there are others we come across who regret not being successful, and they remain regretting without realising that they didn’t even make the effort to be successful.

We must keep in mind that each and every successful person has his own definition of success, which inspires him to strive for his goals, but before inspiring others, he inspires himself. To be successful, you don’t necessarily have to be rich, nor do you need to have studied in an expensive school. Your success does not require these options — what success actually requires is belief in yourself, a faithful heart and a focused mindset.

To become a successful person, you have to believe in the possibilities of achieving your goal rather than thinking it is too much or too hard for you. You must believe that your goal is the only thing you have to aim for and that you shouldn’t care about opinions other than yours, and develop a positive belief for achieving your goals. Think about the things that you can do to reach to your goal instead of thinking about the things that are stopping you from reaching there.

Success requires belief in yourself, a faithful heart and a focused mindset

Success requires a positive mind and self-motivation, motivate yourself everyday to realise your purpose and reason for why you want to achieve your goals. Create your own definition of success and live up to it rather than living up to somebody else’s definition. Your definition of success must be your inspiration that defines your passion.

To some people, success means to have everything you ever dreamt of, some say that success means to have a happy life. This explains that everybody has their own words to inspire and motivate them. It is seen that these days people look forward to being motivated by either reading quotes on the internet or listening to inspiring lectures, without knowing that real motivation lies within their own heart. Your own words have the actual power to motivate and inspire you throughout your life.

Success can be achieved in millions of different ways and success comes in different forms. Success is when you’re happy with the test you passed at school, success is when you have survived the problems you had a hard time facing. The world is yours, it can change only if you change and if you have the will to. You were meant to be successful since you were born. We all deserve to be successful, we all deserve to see the highs of life but that doesn’t mean we’ll get rid of the lows of life. This is a part of life, if you see highs you have to see lows too, as this also defines your passion to be successful.

If you fall, that’s not a problem. What the actual problem here is how bad you want to get up and make your way to the highs. Every successful person has faced lows in their life and these people inspired others when they lifted themselves after facing hardships, they chose to keep on striving for the highs no matter how many times they were dragged down.

This was their story of success, they were once strangers and today they are leaders. They were once unknown and today they are successful. Now you’ve been given a chance too and the choice is up to you — either let the world know you existed as a leader or live like a stranger.

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 1st, 2018