LAHORE: A senior officer of Pakistan Railways has refused to work under Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the new minister in-charge of the department, declaring him “nonprofessional and ill-mannered.”

Chief Commercial Manager Muhammad Hanif Gul, a BS-20 officer, on Sunday requested the railways chairman to grant him two-year leave with full pay.

“With due respect, it is submitted that the attitude of the new Minister is extremely nonprofessional and ill-mannered. As an honorable member of the Civil Services of Pakistan, it is not possible for me to work under him. The minister is fully entitled to work with a team that shares his vision,” reads the letter addressed to the railways chairman. The officer seeks 730-day leave.

A senior officer of Pakistan Railways told Dawn that during a meeting at the PR headquarters in Lahore on Saturday, the minister admonished Ashfaq Khattak, the head of railways team supervising the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

“Mr Gul had objected to the way the minister behaved with Mr Khattak who had served as general manager and on other senior positions in the railways and enjoys respect among the officials. Mr Gul left Saturday’s meeting in protest. We somehow pacified Mr Gul but the minister again continued misbehaving with senior officers on Sunday,” said the officer while seeking anonymity.

Published in Dawn, August 27th, 2018