Barely moments after National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser announced the results for the premier's election, Pakistan's Twitterati began congratulating Prime Minister-elect Imran Khan and his party the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed extended a simple message of congratulations to the nation.

The PM-elect's right-hand man and party stalwart Jahangir Tareen also extended his congratulations to his 'kaptaan':

"'We may encounter defeats in life, but we must not be defeated.' This quote is the biggest takeaway from IK's remarkable journey that started from scratch in '97 and has culminated in a massive success today. Congratulations Pakistan. Congratulations Wazire Azam Imran Khan."

Former MQM-MNA Syed Ali Raza Abidi, tongue-in-cheek, tweeted: "Congratulations PTI (176 votes). Say thank you to MQM (7 votes). Required 172, now don't forget our favour to you."

Pak Sarzameen Party leader Raza Haroon gave the PM-elect a reminder on the occasion of his election:

"Every citizen’s well being is now your constitutional responsibility as Chief Executive of the country."

Chairman Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Tahirul Qadri asked Khan to "do everything possible to fulfil expectations by addressing the issues of the people".

PPP leader Nabil Gabol also extended his congratulations and shared a picture of himself with the PM-elect from back in the day:

Journalist and rights activist Marvi Sirmed had something to say to all the major parties:

"Dear PPP, you will be remembered for this bow down.

Dear PML-N, your hesitation to take lead and bring all parties together against the masterful political engineering and election rigging, has inflicted irreparable damage to democracy.

Dear PTI, welcome to a bumpy ride. Good luck."

Prominent columnist and author Nadeem Farooq Paracha had some advice for the PM-elect:

"Congratulations Imran Khan for being elected as the 22nd PM of Pakistan. Stay firm, but tolerant; be decisive, but progressive; and stay clear of sycophants. Best of luck."

Journalist Hamid Mir also extended his congratulations for a "well-played" contest and said the PM-elect faces the challenge of "engaging the opposition".

Fellow cricketer and teammate, Waqar Younis, prayed for his "skipper's" safety and expressed his solidarity with the PM-elect:

"May God keep you safe, skipper. Congratulations Imran Khan on becoming the 22nd prime minister of our beautiful country."

Musician Rohail Hayatt tweeted his hope for the "change" to come to Pakistan soon:

"Congratulations to @ImranKhanPTI on becoming the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan. Praying for the much needed change in Pakistan."

Actor and die-hard PTI loyalist Hamza Ali Abbasi also expressed his immense joy over Imran Khan's win with the following tweet:

"'They plan & Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best planner'. Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan."

Musician and actor Farhan Saeed was confident that good times are coming:

PTI on its official Twitter account said: "The Journey is the reward. And what a journey it has been to this point. Prime Minister Imran Khan wins with 176 votes in his favour. Congratulations Pakistan. An upwards journey from here on *InshAllah*!"