DACCA: Chairman Mao Tse-tung, the great Chinese leader, has sent one mango each to all the important industrial concerns of his country out of a gift of a basket of mangoes which he received from Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mian Arshad Husain during the latter’s visit to China, it was learnt today [Aug 11].

Mian Arshad Husain, who returned to Dacca yesterday night after a visit to China, had taken a basket of the famous “Langra” and other mangoes for the great Chinese leader. The Chairman, on receipt of the gift, sent one mango each to all the big industries of his country.

The gift of mango from their leader created great enthusiasm among the workers and they celebrated the occasion. In Shanghai, about 3,50,000 people held a rally to celebrate the occasion and thank Chairman Mao for sending the gift which he had received from a friendly country.

The visit of the Pakistan Foreign Minister also provided a rare opportunity to the Chinese people to see the latest picture of their beloved leader. They were delighted to see Chairman Mao in perfect health in a photograph with Mian Arshad Husain.

Published in Dawn, August 12th, 2018