Is the PPP finished in Punjab?

Updated 15 Jun 2018


Although the PPP has desperately been trying to revive itself in Punjab since the last election, a Dawn report today suggests that defections of electables ─ mainly to the PTI ─ have put it in a tight spot with barely a month left before the country goes to the polls.

A senior PPP leader in Lahore claims that party leaders joined the PTI "not out of love for Imran Khan or his party" but because they lost hope "and realised that the PPP is getting weaker and weaker with every passing day".

Unable to field suitable candidates for the polls, it appears the PPP put off announcing its Punjab candidates (although it has already named election hopefuls for the NA and other provincial assemblies), in hopes that PML-N and PTI dissidents may approach it for tickets, sources say.

The PPP's official stance, however, is that the party has been unable to finalise its list of Punjab candidates because of a large number of applicants in almost every constituency.

Guess we won't know for certain until the results are in. But while you'r here, check out this unexplained 2014 apology from Bilawal to party workers:

If you are considering to switch over to another political party, please act discreetly. Do not punish Pakistan or its democracy for my shortcomings. Please do not support undemocratic party or a party appeasing extremists. Pakistan has right-wing parties which support dictatorship and appease the TTP.

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