PESHAWAR, Aug 9: The Mazdoor Kissan Party has called upon the military rulers to get rid of the United States imperialism and its exploitative wings, reshaping the political structure of under-developed countries, and attain Pakistan’s political independence.

Speaking to the participants of the ‘float march’ started on July 31 from Lahore, MKP President Afzal Khamosh said the present rulers had mortgaged the political will of the people and economy of the country to US imperialism.

The military rulers, he claimed, were carrying out the US geo-political agenda in this part of Asia and betraying the aspiration of their people.

The march was jointly organised by the MKP, the Democratic Students Federation and the Inquilabi Jadojehd Pakistan to educate the people about the exploitative role of multinational companies and other international financial institutions, destroying the economies of the countries of Asian and African continents.

The march, which started from Hashtnagri chowk, after passing through G.T.Road, Khyber Bazar, Shoba Bazar and Saddar, culminated into a protest rally outside the Peshawar Press Club.

Mr Khamosh urged the democracy-loving forces to come forward and play their role against the growing global supremacy of the US and its imperialist allies who were forcibly occupying the sovereign states.

The MKP, he further said, was opposed to the dictations of the World Bank, the IMF and the World Trade Organisation, but the unpopular ruling factions were carrying out imperialist policies in Pakistan.

He said the US and its lackeys in Pakistan were trying to root out the political culture from the country. Feudalism was the biggest impediment in the way of real democracy, but, ironically, it were the feudals who were leading the so-called democratic movement in Pakistan, he added.

Mr Khamosh urged the genuine political forces to form a united front against the political hegemony of US imperialism. The rulers, he said, had turned the country into a US satellite and the people had become captive in the hands of “US lackeys”.

The participants also torched the US flag. Later, carrying placards and banners, the protesters moved to the old city area.