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PML-N weighs options in case of ‘adverse’ verdict

Updated Apr 19, 2017 03:23pm


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PML-N leaders erect flexes in the city on Tuesday to lend support to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ahead of Panama verdict. — Dawn
PML-N leaders erect flexes in the city on Tuesday to lend support to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ahead of Panama verdict. — Dawn

LAHORE: As the Supreme Court is going to announce the much-awaited Panama case verdict tomorrow (Thursday), the ruling PML-N weighs the option of early election in case of an adverse decision while Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf expects disqualification of the premier.

“The option of early election (this year) is being discussed by the leadership in case the apex court’s decision affects Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,” a PML-N insider told Dawn on Tuesday.

He said there had been two points of view in the party in case of adverse verdict; one supporting the option of going into early election so that the PTI could not exploit the situation. This camp believes the party can easily retain its present position in next polls.

The other group in the PML-N is against going for early election. “We should complete our tenure no matter what the decision is. The party should go for the option of replacing PM Sharif as early election will not be a good option,” he said, adding the top leadership had sought the views of all those party stalwarts who mattered.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah who is a close aide to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said the party was quite optimistic that apex court’s decision would not affect the prime minister since his name was not in the Panama case and there was no evidence of wrongdoing against him. “However, in case the decision somehow affects the premier I am of the view that we (PML-N) should go into the polls as per scheduled in 2018,” Sanaullah told Dawn.

He said Nawaz Sharif would be “1,000 times more powerful” sitting outside the prime minister’s house. “Nawaz rules the hearts of the people. Imran Khan has no chance (to win) neither in early nor in 2018 elections,” he said

Meanwhile, PML-N legislators have displayed flexes in favour of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the city.

The wording chosen by Khawaja Saad Rafique, Yasin Sohail and Mian Naseer Ahmed is quite suggestive. “Qauid tera aik ishara hazir hazir lahu hamara (Chief we are ready to shed our blood on your call).

Different PML-N hawks want the apex court give ‘clean chit’ to their leader in the Panama case. They say the people will not accept the court decision if it is against their leader.

A PML-N official told Dawn that his party would not give the field to the PTI to cash in on the Panama verdict. “Though we are sitting silent right now, we have our plans to deal with the post-Panama verdict situation,” he said.On the other hand, PTI, the main petitioner in the Panama case, said it was very excited and hopeful that PM Sharif would be sent home on Thursday. “We are expecting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification in the light of evidence presented against him in the court,” PTI Secretasry General Jehangir Tareen told Dawn.

He said except the Qatari letter which also had no legal value the family of the premier could not present anything substantial to defend itself in the Panama case that revealed the off-shore holdings of Nawaz Sharif’s children.

“Hudabia case of money laundering will also be re-oponed in the wake of the apex court’s verdict,” Tareen said, adding the PTI might hold a series of public meetings and rallies after the decision.

“The party leadership is holding an important meeting on Wednesday (today) to discuss its post-Panama verdict strategy,” he said and added the decision would have a far reaching impact on the country’s politics.

Jammat-i-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq said the Panama case decision would result in a “major change” in the country. “It is hoped that the decision will help stamp out corrupt system. April 20 will be remembered for the apex court’s land mark decision,” he said.

Published in Dawn, April 19th, 2017


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Comments (98) Closed

ALI RAZA MEGHANI Apr 19, 2017 10:47am

Early election or on time election . mater is nto this .. Main thing is if he disqualified and will he able to run the next election . thanks

ihtesham ali Apr 19, 2017 10:57am

Change is about to come. Pakistani society is changed now. Traditional goons and thugs still believe in the old tactics but there is no place for such nefarious designs.

Mohammed Sattar Apr 19, 2017 11:02am

We are all holding our breaths. May justice be seen to be done.

Saf Zulfiqar Apr 19, 2017 11:03am

Nobody should be spared.

The end is near Apr 19, 2017 11:04am

Back to London or Dubai Palace.

Akil Akhtar Apr 19, 2017 11:04am

They should consider for once respecting the law of the about discussing that option.

Pakistani Apr 19, 2017 11:14am

The senior management of PMLN will be trying to out do each other by exemplifying and issuing bold statements in favour of NS. There must be a scoring system and a prize for the winner.

sherryaar Apr 19, 2017 11:20am

no matter what the verdict would be , i think it will be a win win situation for opposition and will be a disaster for PML-N.. even the govt and the Pm knows it !!!

Abrar Apr 19, 2017 11:36am

NS has become PM thrice...but he failed to learn form his past mistakes!

jawaid Apr 19, 2017 11:51am

In case the PM is disqualified, isn't there any competent person in the party who could become PM or whether the PM would accept a person of his party occupy this position.

u Mallick Apr 19, 2017 12:15pm

Corruption should enda There is no other choice!

syed Apr 19, 2017 12:27pm

running away from pakistan. another option.

Gerry dcunha Apr 19, 2017 12:29pm

Our gallant arm forces should take their positions in every part of the country from Wednesday night for any untoward incident after the verdict of the supreme Court to save the life and property of the people.

Falcon1 Apr 19, 2017 12:29pm

To be, or not to be - in London, by tomorrow. That is the question...

Whether 'ts nobler in the mind to enjoy millions and billions of outrageous fortune...abroad.

IAB Apr 19, 2017 12:35pm

The show will go on after the verdict too ...........

Riaz Ahmad Apr 19, 2017 12:39pm

In case of adverse verdict? There is no possibility of the verdict not being adverse, it is simply a matter of how adverse. No matter how many posters they display, it will be of no avail, SC justices have taken their time in tightening the noose, fully realising their responsibility, to uproot the current cleptocratic autocracy dressed up as democracy, and the hegemonic strangle hold of the status quo of loot and plunder, to rescue the country from an impending social, economic and political implosion.

afnan Apr 19, 2017 12:41pm

i think PML n is near to enter in dead end street.

Parveez Apr 19, 2017 12:47pm

If Pakistan wants to move forward. These politicians must get real justice.

on FLIP SIDE Apr 19, 2017 12:52pm

.... either country will be cleaned from corrupt leaders or corrupt leaders will be cleaned in the country. I'm hoping against the hope.

Omer Apr 19, 2017 12:59pm

Early election strategy didn't work for N in 93, so they should not try that again. It'll be interesting to see what PTI will do in case verdict goes against them, another dharna??

Shaikh Apr 19, 2017 01:00pm

They are so damn confident that no matter how much corporation NS do, he will be re-elected with more power. Such a sorry state of affairs that corrupt leader is expecting to be PM again and people will surely fulfill his wish...

Khawaja Apr 19, 2017 01:05pm

thank you Lord for gifting us so wonderful and loyal politician

abubakar Apr 19, 2017 01:21pm

pti is a legendary party. we supporter of pti will accept verdict of court. we believe on our supreme court. they will scrutinize the good and bad.

khanman Apr 19, 2017 01:21pm

by posting such slogans, Mr saad rafiq is giving message /threat to Justice system of pakistan, and for any country justice system is the foundation, i wonder why these people have double standards and why they take word democracy all the time to bluff people.if they are really care about Pakistan and its people, they should not put this message on street.

Sid Apr 19, 2017 01:23pm

Good luck Pakistan

CURIOUS MIND Apr 19, 2017 01:29pm

The banner reveals the whole story from the decision to reaction. But I don't think he should even try create unrest in case of the decision came against him.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 19, 2017 01:30pm

What else can they do to stay in the limelight?

Muhammed asim Rao Apr 19, 2017 01:45pm

it is my gut feeling that the verdict would NOT be in favour of Nawaz Sharif and would be written in a way that he would be obliged (ethically) to resign and choose someone else as PM.

But generally our (Pakistanies) ethics are low - so you never know - they still may stick with POWER

but it would still be interesting to see - HOW we as nation are evolving ...

Sarai alamgir Apr 19, 2017 01:49pm

Nothing will happen, when people like Dr Asim walk free after there being evidence of them being involved in corruption, Sharjeel Mamon having looted sindh of billions, moves to Dubai, lives a lavish life and then comes back, what hope does Pakistan have.

Mo Apr 19, 2017 01:50pm

Sadly nothing will happen

DJ Apr 19, 2017 01:52pm

Whole nation is waiting for verdict.lets pray to God that the verdict bring goodies for pakistan and we get rid of corrupt mafia of politicians.

iqbal aswani Apr 19, 2017 01:58pm

Whatever the decision of Panamagate Scandal is, my appeal to all compatriots, please stay at your homes tomorrow as much as you can. Whoever will be the loosing party, will cry foul and anti Pakistan elements will take full advantage of the situation. As per history, there can be riots, looting, killings (God forbid). Please stay at homes tomorrow, and if possible, even a day after.

Kesar Apr 19, 2017 02:14pm

Whatever the verdict, it will have no bearing who rules the country; Pakistani people are not yet ready to join the other progressive countries. Nothing is too low for them. Sind will always be ruled by the Zardaris, Punjab will again elect the same corrupt N league. The real problem facing Pakistan is not the corrupt leadership but it is the people.

S. Daniel Apr 19, 2017 02:16pm

Today they (N-league) are thinking about this, all credit goes to Imran Khan. He proved himself as a solid wall against corruption.

haseeb Apr 19, 2017 02:18pm

2 minutes silence for ppl seeking the change; do u know Mr.Tareen son also named in Panama as Mr. PM son.

Peace Apr 19, 2017 02:21pm

@ihtesham ali what about ordinary thugs in the society. You have to eliminate corruption from its roots. People of Pakistan needs to change, become good human.

Ali_khan Apr 19, 2017 02:23pm

We should remember that this case is not a win or lost fight on the part of IK & Sharif. This is about our future and all along with it. I pray may this verdict streamline the future of Pakistan.

Talha Apr 19, 2017 02:27pm

If the verdict is not in favor of PMLN leadership then instead of doing everything to ensure everything to stay in power, all the PMLN politicians should instead feel ashamed of the kind of leadership they were defending! They should introspect and then either quit politics or instead seek apology from the entire nation.

SajjAD RazZA Apr 19, 2017 02:28pm

I believe the chauvinistic voters are the real issue here. Be it PPP or PML N, they will not change their mindset.

The dilemma is that after all this insult in Panama case, PML N has won in Tala gang polls yesterday.

Ali Asghar Apr 19, 2017 02:36pm

9000MW power shortage. If these corrupt leaders are not going to be dealt with then expect more or less of the same mismanagement.

Ali_khan Apr 19, 2017 02:37pm

It would be much appreciated if Apex court also draw outline about politicians promises/manifestos these politicians make while begging votes from public and also judge their promises viability and transforming of it into reality. declaration of their and their blood relatives assets before coming into power and after leaving government.

Israr khan ismail Apr 19, 2017 02:55pm

Thank you IK for fighting against these corrupt mafias. For showing Pakistani people that a corrupt person can be held responsible even if he is the sitting PM. Thanks for showing us that we are not a bunch of animals owned by these looters and crooks. Thank you.

ARsalan Aftab Apr 19, 2017 03:08pm

Nothing will happen!!!!!!!!!

Azmeen Apr 19, 2017 03:14pm

Whenever Pak economy is ready to take off, some miracle happens to stop it. Let us wait for the decision tomorrow while keeping gingered crossed.

Bilal khan Apr 19, 2017 03:15pm

Whatever the verdict will be. Thank you Imran Khan for taking the most richest and powerful person in Pakistan to the courts for accountability. Will love and remember you IK forever!

Syed Apr 19, 2017 03:23pm

Its now or never. Please dont give freehand to these corrupt politicians anymore. They must be ousted forever

Ali_khan Apr 19, 2017 03:24pm

@Kesar: you are right brother. We ourselves are responsible for our misery. Why we vote for PPP/PML-N or Other corrupt parties. But one more thing.... Democracy is best for an educated society; and not for Pakistan like state where ignorance prevails and emotionality and Shaksiat Parasti rules... This harsh reality.

SHER SINGH INDIAN Apr 19, 2017 03:28pm

We dont think Nawaj ji is wrong. He has contributed his entire life for the welfare of this country. It appears he is being conspirated by the opposition. But Nawaj will come out victorious as usual tomorrow.

Azmeen Apr 19, 2017 03:35pm

@Ali_khan Democracy is the best governance system for Pakistan as well. Don't disrespect your own people bay saying that ther are not educated. Y

Xiamen Apr 19, 2017 03:35pm

Let's hope the descision will have positive impact on the people of Pakistan.

Owais mangal Apr 19, 2017 03:35pm

Ya Rub. May the courts show courage and help correct the corrupt system.

BAXAR Apr 19, 2017 03:38pm

@Azmeen "Whenever Pak economy is ready to take off, some miracle happens to stop it." When was that? Did I miss something?

Gerry D'Cunha Apr 19, 2017 03:45pm

Our Hon five judges will create history if the verdict is against the sitting PM for his corruption and will be remembered for a long time by the poor people of Pakistan and its future generations.

BAXAR Apr 19, 2017 03:46pm

@haseeb "Mr.Tareen son also named in Panama as Mr. PM son." IK said PTI would accept the verdict. Either Tareen will be saved or NS will go, either way PTI wins!!!

Athar sherwani Apr 19, 2017 03:51pm

@Bilal khan IK did not take NS to court. It was NS who himself volunteered to offer himself for accountability! and waved his fundamental rights. When has IK done that. He usually hides behind adjournments for one reason or another. Election Commission can tell you all about it.

Saqib Apr 19, 2017 03:54pm

Mian Sab won't be able to complete his third term in office like previous two.

Raja Thakur Apr 19, 2017 03:57pm

"Qaid tera aik ishaaraa", even this slogan is a theft/plagiarize from a Sindh based party !

Asfhaq Apr 19, 2017 04:03pm

I think the court will not let this one pass but most likely it will form a commission to fully authenticate the evidence. This is my view

Mahrukh Apr 19, 2017 04:03pm

One Line description for all Parties in Pakistan:

PPP: Corrupt , Motto: Khao or kahne do JI: Not Corrupt but Hypocrite PMLN: Corrupt & Hypocrite PTI: Honest but incapable

Now what's your choice?

Sarai alamgir Apr 19, 2017 04:04pm

@haseeb His Tareens son did not loot any money from the public funds, as with NS and his sons, how did they become CEO's at the age of 13, and amass a property portfolio in the most expensive neighbourhoods of London. I am from a wealthy land owning family of punjab, and even I cant afford to buy in these neighbourhoods, so the argument that they come from money should be out to bed.

Iftikhar Husain Apr 19, 2017 04:05pm

The verdict will be with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The corruption of the few families will be exposed and that is the winning point.

Realist Apr 19, 2017 04:12pm

PML-N is 'Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz'. If there is no Nawaz in the party, there will be no PML-N.

vikas Apr 19, 2017 04:17pm

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad "What else can they do to stay in the limelight?"

Who Doctor? The "movers and shakers"?

sherryaar Apr 19, 2017 04:19pm

@Azmeen do u know the meaning of economy???

Ali_khan Apr 19, 2017 04:24pm

@Azmeen: Dear Azmeen....Firstly, for your correction please refer to our country literacy rate- very Low compare to developed nations. Secondly democracy is best for people who keep good decisive minds rather than emotional hearts.

Allam Iqbal defines democracy in these words:

Jamuriat main logoon ko gina(count) kertain hain tola-(weight) nehe kertain (It means democracy is about wining hearts by making of fake promises and manifestos)

Surely democracy would be good for us if our population litracy rate is over 95% and our leaders integrity rate would be 100%

Kash Apr 19, 2017 04:26pm

I feel a snap election coming up in Pakistan

BAXAR Apr 19, 2017 04:28pm

@Mahrukh "Now what's your choice?" Off course if you omit the natural choice, there is no choice.

javeed Apr 19, 2017 04:35pm

What a joke is that! If corruption of PM Nawaz is proved & verdit is given aganist him! I wonder which hearts will he rule,

javed Apr 19, 2017 04:42pm

Oh, come on! Do you want us to believe the govt. does not know already. This is Pakistan.

shoaib Apr 19, 2017 04:59pm

@javeed - "What a joke is that! If corruption of PM Nawaz is proved & verdit is given aganist him! I wonder which hearts will he rule, "

Hearts of corrupt people!! we have many in the country!!!

shoaib Apr 19, 2017 05:01pm

Early election would expose the drama of democracy. If I am not the PM, let us start all over again.

Ayub Apr 19, 2017 05:12pm

The most important thing is to end all types of corruption and nepotism and merit and merit must prevail in Pakistan.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Apr 19, 2017 05:13pm

After reading all 70 comments on the news posted here by different people up to now I very much wonder and ponder as to why none posed even one question what to talk of more which I am going to ask now, if not annoying? (a) What will be the punishment for Imran + Rasheed and Siraj in case if PM Nawaz is declared as an innocent person? May be 'mitty paow' (b) Who takes over as Prime Minister incase if PM Nawaz is disqualified? Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

Zia Apr 19, 2017 05:24pm

@SHER SINGH INDIAN what welfare? Do you even know what he has done? I don't think you have any idea about what you are saying? It's better to read than write without knowing the facts.

ALI Apr 19, 2017 05:32pm

The government will complete its term.

Gerry D'Cunha Apr 19, 2017 05:33pm

In my humble opinion the verdict of the Panama case against the PM will be neutral,not to the expectations of the people of Pakistan and this could lead Pakistan into another crisis in the coming years.

Akhtar hussain Apr 19, 2017 05:52pm

Tomorrow's 2pm will be a game changing pm, pm will hold its office or pm will drive smoothly the office.

Ms Apr 19, 2017 05:52pm

There may not be any elections before a complete clean up of the system under a care taker setup. In any case if people want change then they should change each and every member of both lower and upper house and all proventional assemblies.If they elect same then expect more of same for an other long period of time.

Panama Apr 19, 2017 06:55pm

“Qauid tera aik ishara hazir hazir lahu hamara"

PMLN looks like MQM's hey day version!

Habib A. Zuberi -- send Apr 19, 2017 06:57pm

Corruption is the name of the game. I think there are few good things that have happened during Nawaz Sharif's current term as P M, but no person is indispensable. If he resigns, another member of his party will replace him as long as the Party enjoy majority in the Parliament. The Party may choose to have an early election...see what is happening in U.k. This is the way to go. There should be no riots or imposition of will by those who have arms in their possession.

Mushahid Apr 19, 2017 07:20pm

What is disturbing about the whole episode is that there is no feeling of guilt...wrong doing...conflict of interest!

anony Apr 19, 2017 07:30pm

Finally, it's time for Nawaz Shareef to face the music and corruption charges.

Ali Apr 19, 2017 07:34pm

PM Nawaz Sharif should have the moral decency to step down, since his family was implicated in undeclared wealth, money laundering and shady deals to acquire expensive properties in London. British PM Cameron as an honorable leader respected by the world, stepped down when his father's investment was mentioned in Panama dealings. The people of Pakistan demand accountability as no politician or his family can be above the law. We demand justice.

Yuvr Sharma Apr 19, 2017 07:48pm

@Ali_khan yes Sir... it's The Moment For Pakistan.. More Important is how people of Pakistan responds After verdict Best wishes From

Talha Apr 19, 2017 07:48pm

@SajjAD RazZA These wins can only be attributed to PMLN having entire election system under its control and a sad mindset which encourages voting for those who are already in power. In reality the entire Pakistani nation is badly frustrated with PMLN.

Syed ahmed, canada Apr 19, 2017 07:56pm

Whatever, he had been lying in the parliament, the court and everywhere.

SHER SINGH INDIAN Apr 19, 2017 08:05pm

@Zia u c truth tomorrow every Indian is hoping retention of Nawaz reign tomorrow. Morover he was only prime minister who initiated development in Pakistan. Maintaining relationship with afghanistan and India. He is an expert diplomat, a wise politician and a successful prime minister.

CHARLIE Apr 19, 2017 08:22pm

PMLN's self-deception on display for all to see.

CHARLIE Apr 19, 2017 08:23pm

@jawaid PMLN and competent can't be used in the same sentence.

Ash20 Apr 19, 2017 09:04pm

It seems most people had made up their mind guilty verdict for NS and won't accept any other verdict and they will be shocked with actual verdict.

Jamil Apr 19, 2017 11:38pm

@Pakistani There will be a stiff competition between Danial Aziz, Talal Chaudhry and Saad Rafique. But I feel Danial Aziz to be the favourite to win this coveted title.

News analysis Apr 20, 2017 12:55am

Yes fresh elections after election reforms,like invoking Propportional Representation, and cleansing of bad guys from all political parties. No extra ordinary spendings on election campaigns. No smeared or tainted politicians be allowed to contest. Full powers to Local Governments.More powers to NAB Ombudsman FIA,and other anticorruption agencies.There should be cuts and sealings on perks,pays,expenditures of ligislatures.No protocol or security from state or tax payers money. Either arrange self private guards or if still felt unsafe,better leave the post. No VIP or VVIP culture should be tolerated. Art 25 of Constitution says all citizens equal before law.Austerity measures be imposed & final on all legislatures.

Tunio Apr 20, 2017 01:53am

@The end is near No this time he should be forced to live in a slum area to see how he has not done anything for the poor!

M Wasim K Apr 20, 2017 02:10am

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi The Govt to be dissolved in case of the verdict against and a CEO to be put in place by the establishment. I do not want to name names but Gen. Mushraf will be the best choice with his 8 years experience in power. Till elections are held.

The leaders (complete families) of the 2 largest parties to be put behind bars and the looted wealth to be retrieved by any means necesssry, and to be pumped back in the economy of the country. There is no other way of saying, but in a true Islamic rule the verdict of looting the wealth of the country is death not once but many, many times over.

IN case if the verdict in favor - that is a scanerio that should not happen.

Lahori kid Apr 20, 2017 02:47am

We the people of Pakistan just might be celebrating on every 20th of April from this day forward.

J. Niaz Apr 20, 2017 03:02am

@Gerry D Fully agree.

Ill Apr 20, 2017 03:56am

Long live PM Sharif.

zainab danish alvi Apr 21, 2017 02:42am

Good News for us Pakistani Patriots. Change is coming and it smells so good. Smells better than my grandmother's nihari.