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Most major Western leaders to skip China's New Silk Road summit

Updated Apr 18, 2017 03:18pm


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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. ─ AP
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. ─ AP

Only one leader of a big Western country is attending China's most important diplomatic event of the year, a summit next month on Chinese President Xi Jinping's New Silk Road strategy, as China's foreign minister denied it had been snubbed.

Xi has championed what China formally calls the “One Belt, One Road” or OBOR initiative to build a new Silk Road linking Asia, Africa and Europe, a landmark programme to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure projects including railways, ports and power grids.

China has dedicated $40 billion to a Silk Road Fund and the idea was the driving force behind the establishment of the $50 billion China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Diplomatic sources in Beijing said China had hoped for at least some senior Western leaders to attend the summit, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, to burnish the plan's international credentials and make it less China-centric.

But a list of attendees announced by Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday included only one leader from the Group of Seven (G7) industrialised nations, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who took over in December after his predecessor quit following a crushing defeat in a reform referendum.

Wang confirmed the presence of the presidents of Russia and the Philippines as among 28 leaders coming, along with the Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Serb and Polish prime ministers and Swiss and Czech presidents.

“This is a positive, cooperative agreement, and we don't want to politicise it,” Wang told reporters when asked if China was upset at the absence of most major Western leaders.

“This is an economic cooperation forum, an international cooperation platform that everyone is paying attention to, supports and hopes to participate in,” he said, adding representatives of 110 countries would come.

British finance minister Philip Hammond will come as May's representative, while Germany and France are having elections at the time and will send high-level representatives, Wang said.

“They have explained to us many times, France has elections in May, as does Germany about then, so their leaders originally were really willing to attend. This is not a platitude, it's the real information we got.”

China is sensitive to any suggestion that what it sees as its benign intentions do not have a receptive global audience, especially in Western capitals.

China was privately upset in 2015 after most Western leaders rebuffed invitations to attend a big military parade through Beijing marking 70 years since the end of World War Two.

Western leaders were unhappy that the guest list that included Russian President Vladimir Putin and wary of the message China would send with the show of strength.

Global friend

While China has portrayed the New Silk Road as a genuine effort to share the bounty of China's economic development and to fund infrastructure gaps, many Western countries are concerned about a lack of detail and transparency in the project and are suspicious about China's broader political intents.

Diplomatic sources said the presence of Putin and other leaders from countries with dubious human rights records, like the Philippines and Central Asian states, had contributed to a reluctance among Western leaders to attend.

“What Western leader wants to sit on the same stage as Putin?” said one senior Beijing-based Western diplomat who is familiar with the planning for the summit, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Still, at a time of uncertainty about the US place in the world following President Donald Trump's pledges to put America first, China sees an opportunity to become more of a global leader and has found a receptive audience for its New Silk Road.

Leaders from countries that would appear to have little, if any, connection to the plan are coming to the summit, including Chile and Argentina.

“Everyone wants to be China's friend now with Trump in office,” said a senior Asian diplomat in Beijing. While China says the New Silk Road is not political, it has run into opposition from India due to a section of it in Pakistan, known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, where some projects run through the disputed Kashmir region.

Wang dismissed those concerns, saying the Pakistan project had nothing to do with the dispute and India was welcome to participate in the New Silk Road.

A senior Indonesian government official said China was aiming for a “spectacular” summit.

“The Chinese are gunning leadership so I think this OBOR summit is going to be huge,” the official said.


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Comments (206) Closed

Naveen Apr 18, 2017 11:58am

No major economies participating then what will cepec do

doshi h k Apr 18, 2017 12:10pm

The various countries has little confidence in motive of China as their neighbor countries in South China sea area are facing threat . In addition China has not accepted International Court order on South China Sea matter. Their initiate of OBOR is not mutually beneficial to other countries but more beneficial to China itself for selling their cheap products to other countries which may cause unemployment as well as destruction of local industries in other countries. In addition as China is main promoter & financier in OBOR ,naturally overall control in their hand & could be misused by their military for expanding their terrytory . It appears that China has not followed normal system for setting International Cooperative Projects as done by EU & USA.

sodawaterbottleopenerwala Apr 18, 2017 12:11pm

India is not joining silk route hence,others are following the new emerged leader it seems .

Saif Zulfiqar Apr 18, 2017 12:24pm

Does China needs the support of Western countries ? So far China has achieved everything on her own without any support or help from the West and has became the second largest economy of the world behind US.

M.Saeed Apr 18, 2017 12:35pm

Silk is not a sword. The word 'Silk' itself is descriptive enough of the intent behind the initiative. Already, China is a much different world destination and its development in a very short time is baffling. All those who join hands in the initiative would ride the Silk carpet to flying progress.

DeepaK NZ Apr 18, 2017 12:46pm

So its called as China Silk Road not just CPEC.. CPEC is just a part of it

Rehan Apr 18, 2017 12:48pm

OBOR will lead to a large scale closure of local industries whichever countries it will pass through. The slowing Chinese economy is forcing its government to trap the neighboring countries into entering into this agreement, all in the name of regional economic cooperation. OBOR once implemented will give a big fillip to dwindling Chinese exports and the local products from other countries will never be able to compete with the low-cost Chinese products. Only those nations which are hoping to resolve all their problems with the Chinese OBOR or in other words countries holing to turn their fortunes overnight will surely fall in this Chinese trap!

Li-En-Ja Apr 18, 2017 12:50pm

Its a proposal to augment only Chinese business interest and that the reason world leaders are not interested.

Imran Apr 18, 2017 12:55pm

They can't see anyone else progressing.

Muhammed asim Rao Apr 18, 2017 12:58pm

This project would change the world Economic balance and west is afraid of it - but cant do anything. Trade to and from China would grow exponentially in coming years/decades to come.

i believe in our life time (in next 20 years) - it would be starting to show it full might .....

lets see what time tells

MJ Khan Apr 18, 2017 01:15pm

The Silk road was viable during ancient times because there were no large ships. In modern day logistics, maritime trade is the most economically feasible means. Land route is far too costly. That's why 90% of world's trade occurs by sea. Why will Europe want to trade through expensive land routes?

Padmakar Apr 18, 2017 01:28pm

There exists nothing like Iron brothers, silver brothers, Coal brothers in international diplomacy..Only interest matters.

avinash Apr 18, 2017 01:33pm

good luck

M. AsGhar Apr 18, 2017 01:40pm

The presence or absence of some of the Wesern leaders cannot diminish the basic significance of the New Silk Road Conference that represents forcefully the face of the new world order away from the West.

From Heart Apr 18, 2017 01:48pm

Big loss for India due to non participation. They should recognise China as the new power in the world

Zak Apr 18, 2017 01:59pm

No one paids heed to india. It has become irrelevant by isolating itself by occupying IOKashmir as Kashmir is pending UN plebiscite, which india itself is obstructing. Russia's presence is key and Italy wants first mover advantage. Sooner or later when the CPEC juggernaut moves, others will rush in to join.

Hinna ansari Apr 18, 2017 02:01pm

Business runs by innovation, dedication not by fooling next block of people after another.

Vectra Apr 18, 2017 02:01pm

Cpec a part of silk route otherwise called OBOR is nothing but a huge trap of debt.I will straight talk realistically.In my opinion China cannot fulfill its objective s through CPEC alone.For CPEC to succeed and fully achieve its objective, it needs other nations in it as well and like it or not seems Pakistan's neighbour India stands among top of the list of those nations whose outright presence in CPEC will change the face of CPEC and perhaps that is why China is too eager to bring India in among other nations too.

Hinna ansari Apr 18, 2017 02:11pm

It's not true that countries are not seeing America as major power any more in future and that China will lead the world. All they want to get the cheap daily need stuff from China like America got it in 80-90s. Now automation is transforming America first and no one needs all such items in there anymore but other countries do still. It was initially not available to them because America was huge market for China. These countries now get the same items in less price and will save money for turnout towards becoming advanced. Then China will left with nothing.

Vectra Apr 18, 2017 02:12pm

So Mr Wang giving justification of rejection on behalf of France,Germany and UK despite being a FM of PRC?? BTW India would anyway would have attended both for 2 reasons.1-Italy is formally facing bankruptcy due to slow growth and 2- It is a part of UFC which oppose UNSC expansion and in which Pakistan and China are also part of.

lafanga Apr 18, 2017 02:15pm

UK, France and Germany are just being cautious as usual specially because it is China hosting it. They are sending their senior level reps anyways to gauge what this is all about. They would come around at the end. They have to. They cannot ignore China and OBOR.

FYI to the Indians. If you quit playing Pakistan centric politics with everything you would be sitting at the head table with China at this summit.

Punit Apr 18, 2017 02:16pm

without India no economic summit is complete.

Saba Apr 18, 2017 02:20pm

So these are the "fair and square" western powers? When things are not going their way, they just don't show up.

Fawzia H Apr 18, 2017 02:24pm

China shouldn't worry too much about the west. It's a classic case of 'sour grapes'. Once the infrastructure is up and running then watch them clamouring at China's doorstep.

kuNAL MAJUMDAR Apr 18, 2017 02:27pm

Let's see who all join in.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 18, 2017 02:31pm

The so-called Western leaders are in fact afraid of China's dominance in the global world of business and trade especially since last three years when China became the second biggest economy of the world surpassing Germany. Furthermore, they are not sure if they can win the next elections in their own countries. That's why most of them have decided to skip China's New Silk Road summit.

M. Emad Apr 18, 2017 02:35pm

Many Western leaders might attend India's Cotton Road summit.

Iftikhar Husain Apr 18, 2017 02:40pm

This century is belongs to China and now it is shining. The is worried about this but they can not do any thing against it. Good luck China.

HIBISCUS Apr 18, 2017 02:40pm

If no major countries participate in OBOR, then the Chinese will construct a long road to all the countries and increase their GDP as they have been constructing Ghost cities to show they are developing. When it comes back to bite, it bites hard.

Optimist Apr 18, 2017 02:43pm

Good oportunity for pakistan to develop..

TC Apr 18, 2017 02:47pm

Opening your doors to OBOR means exposing your own markets to cheap Chinese products complicating the employment and industrial situation in your own country. Which sensible country would want to do that?

Alka Apr 18, 2017 02:47pm

@Naveen Yes. If the flagship project of China OBOR which is much more grander than CPEC have no major takers then what hope is there for CPEC? Of course CPEC is meant to serve different purpose so Chinese will not be worried about it.

m arif Apr 18, 2017 02:49pm

The world is changing and new powerful economic zones will emerge as a consequence of the Chinese efforts. Hats off to the Chinese people and their leadership. People who are skeptical about such efforts know in their hearts the writing on the wall but what matters is the good of a vast majority of the countries and their people and not necessarily the interest of some of the big powers...This world is always on the move because it is dynamic and not static. Those who do not move with it will be left behind.

nabil Apr 18, 2017 02:50pm

Revival of Historic Silk Road will benefit many countries in Asia & link Europe for economic trade, whereas USA & trump is a threat to world piece & continue war mongering. Where in the world have they built Silk road apart from corruption.

Abhishek Lokhande Apr 18, 2017 02:52pm

@Saif Zulfiqar China needs western support. Major Chinese goods are purchased by the west. Without them factories will stop closing down and also effect its economy

splash Apr 18, 2017 02:58pm

@Saif Zulfiqar china has grown only because of its export around the world, if that stops china will collapse

rdm Apr 18, 2017 03:00pm

OBOR is a ploy to dump made in China products. Some countries are attending the summit to please the Chinese, but their relevance to OBOR is irrelevant.

AMAR Apr 18, 2017 03:01pm

@Saif Zulfiqar

If China doesn't need western market, why they are opening trade route all the way to London via train ?

Concerned Apr 18, 2017 03:10pm

@Saif Zulfiqar really? If USA stops trade with China then their economy will collapse like deck of cards. Chinese economy is built on U.S. industries

Jagajatt Apr 18, 2017 03:16pm

Just google ghost cities of China, Chinese are known to build infrusture and then Abondon it. There is no follow threw with the Chinese , no vision

Sandeep Apr 18, 2017 03:18pm

Blatant disregard for others sovereignity has ensured low participation. China will have to engage big economies and make some compromise if it wants any return on these investments. Else its building roads to nowhere.

Hasmat Khan Apr 18, 2017 03:22pm

The distrust of China is so high that no one except the poor and despearate countries want to be the part of their projects. That is why China even after spending billions has not gained the respect of the world.

John Apr 18, 2017 03:24pm

@Iftikhar Husain - "This century is belongs to China and now it is shining."

All leading research institutes like Citi group, PwC etc are telling one truth - this century belongs to India. Depending on best and worst case scenarios, 4 possibilities emerged. In 3 out of 4, India was shown as a World leader.

CHAUDHURY Apr 18, 2017 03:27pm

China will be more accepted in the world as a leader when it will change it's domestic political system. If China continues to grow eventually it has to become democratic.

Balaji Apr 18, 2017 03:31pm

@Saif Zulfiqar You really believe China became a economic powerhouse without the help of any other country !? Whom do you think they are exporting their products to, Aliens !?

KRana Apr 18, 2017 03:35pm

@M. Emad This is time for cotton no silk is out of fashion

vectra Apr 18, 2017 03:44pm

As for silk road also called OBOR,China wants to bring India in because China hopes by bringing democratic India in, other fellow major democratic Western nations will also come in and latter China can show it to the world,it as being a recognition to its OBOR initiative as world wide initiative rather than China centric initiative as it is perceived worldwide currently.The Diplomats tone as said in the above article also hints towards it.

Devendra G Apr 18, 2017 03:44pm


China has said that CPEC has “no direct link” with the Kashmir issue and New Delhi was welcome to participate in the ‘One Belt One Road’ project. If China desires India to join CPEC then Pakistan will have to accept it without choice.

Zak Apr 18, 2017 03:53pm

@Naveen Russia, Italy, Turkey, Iran , are major economic drivers, but the biggest is China the largest economy in the world. What more does one need. Others will come as the project picks up. Losers will be left pooling for US as a babu and talking themselves into believing they are what they can never be. Just too poor.

Vijayakumar Apr 18, 2017 04:19pm

@Zak Now only you are realising that US is not a super power... what about past 50 years?. Two roads will never change the economy of a country. If it is then it shows how weak the country economy is. Nobody stop day dreaming. Wish you all the best for your understanding of world economy.

cool Himalayan lama Apr 18, 2017 04:26pm

Anyone who has a slightest of knowledge about threat to domestic economy ,importance and challenges wont allow china on its soil

VECTRA Apr 18, 2017 04:30pm

Let's see who wins in long run,a aggressive and more public visually OBOR or slow, silent and away from public glamour PROJECT MAUSAM

zahiduddin Apr 18, 2017 04:32pm

@sodawaterbottleopenerwala India should not be even invited to this forum.

Sameer Apr 18, 2017 04:33pm

Westerners are just being stubborn. They need to realize powers have shifted...

CPEC Apr 18, 2017 04:34pm

Still is there anyone in doubt of the power of INDIAN DIPLOMACY!!!

Yakub Apr 18, 2017 04:43pm

Well China is a huge manufacturing based company,that barely imports anything and has surplus exports,South China sea issue has created a slowdown in their economy which showed the vulnerabilities of exports getting stuck,this is the exact reasons why China is stressing on OBOR on fast pace. But biggest drawback is emerging economies are aware that OBOR will only help China and damage local markets, for countries that are not even in G20 like Pakistan or Nepal OBOR is a ray of hope while to Nations such as India,Brazil who have their own domestic markets, staying away from OBOR is good for their own economies.

W Shaikh Apr 18, 2017 04:44pm

@MJ Khan Please get some education before embarking on making a comment on issue of this magnitude.

BAXAR Apr 18, 2017 04:45pm

@vectra "China wants to bring India in because China hopes by bringing democratic India in," Actually they are impressed with the Indian cricket team, this is why they want India in!!!

Observer Apr 18, 2017 04:52pm

A reality check for those who say China is a super power.

Jawad Apr 18, 2017 04:54pm

@Saif Zulfiqar China's wealth is only due to States.

Observer Apr 18, 2017 05:05pm

@Sameer May be China needs to realize it is biting more than what it can chew.

AMAR Apr 18, 2017 05:08pm

@zahiduddin This is Chinese project . China will decide whom they will invite or not. Not the other states .

Sachin Apr 18, 2017 05:11pm

I think OBOR is positive for entire region. I respect and happy with China.

AMAR Apr 18, 2017 05:16pm

@Zak The so called economy drivers ( Russia , Italy, Turkey , Iran ) has combined nominal GDP of $ 4.3 trillion.

India, Japan , South Korea have combined GDP $ 8.3 trillion .

And US is still miles ahead of China as largest economy in world.

Prateik Apr 18, 2017 05:16pm

OBOR is just a gain for China. No one else benefits from it.

ghaznavi Apr 18, 2017 05:19pm

@Padmakar "There exists nothing like Iron brothers, silver brothers, Coal brothers in international diplomacy..Only interest matters."

How do you explain US interest in Israel?

Neo Apr 18, 2017 05:28pm

@Zak market of 100 plus billion doesn't matter?wher r u from dude..?

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Apr 18, 2017 05:36pm

@Li-En-Ja We love and stand with China. Don't worry Pakistan will stand by Chinese brothers always and always. Praying for friendship of all our beautiful neighbors of the region like Pak, China, Ind, Russia etc., Come on guys solve our problems and become power house together.

Sino-Pak Iron Brothers 4 Life!

ali Apr 18, 2017 05:41pm

@From Heart ...not at all. India is not losing anything. As you know India already has INSTC which is connecting to Chabahar port. North South coridor is already on dry test....

dHEERAJ Apr 18, 2017 05:54pm

@Yakub Thanks and appreciate for your concern... First check what china will get back from you...

anurag Apr 18, 2017 05:56pm

China has no real friends in the western world. That is the fact.

PKS Apr 18, 2017 05:59pm

China now understood that one way trade won't work out. It may work out for poor countries for few years as china also gives immediate money in the form of loans. Lack of jobs and disappearence of local manufacturing will bring new leadership in those countries against china.

SAEED MASOOD Apr 18, 2017 06:01pm

The Grapes are sour ... American and European economies are dying...come now or never, China will not stop in the next decade the whole ball game will be played by China and its allies...

sajed syed Apr 18, 2017 06:05pm

A very interesting article on China's rise.

My views on China drifting into Japan's rise and recession story of 80s are well-known. Notwithstanding those views and analysis, this article is a good one to appreciate China's journey to Economic Rise.

HZR Apr 18, 2017 06:13pm

leaders from countries with dubious human rights records...nations with dubious human rights records see something in common with China and so will gladly attend this function

PKS Apr 18, 2017 06:15pm

Except for electronics manufacturing, India is not dependant on China. India is 15 years behind China for now but that is changing quickly as Chinese companies also started moving manufacturing to india as their local market shrunk. 70% of Smartphones sold in India are now manufactured in India. Apple is moving manufacturing to India in 2019. From pen to missiles to satellites to premium cars india manufactures.

Sachin Apr 18, 2017 06:15pm

I feel Fellow Indians misunderstand Chinese. China should run a PR campaign in India to turn public opinion in favor. China is neither soft generous and nor dual faced treachorous. China is a hard business minded country and will try to negotiate everything hugely in their favor but they will also respect if India proposes counter negotiations.

Biswajit Apr 18, 2017 06:16pm

@Zak - India will move on her own . You want to ignore her . Good for her .. every country knows what India is capable of . Good luck with your OBOR .. but without the participation of the 3rd largest economy .. I guess it would be a damp squib

HZR Apr 18, 2017 06:16pm

@Saif Zulfiqar check the facts.Whatever China is toady is by exporting to the BIG BAD WEST and why would they attend a conference which will be like committing Hara-Kiri.They have woken unto the sinister potential of this OBOR

HZR Apr 18, 2017 06:17pm

@Li-En-Ja China is not a philanthropist to spend vast sums of money for others to thrive.

RONNy Apr 18, 2017 06:20pm

@Zak My answer to you is "Read the article title again".

HZR Apr 18, 2017 06:21pm

@Hinna ansari Have you noticed how high cost manufacture from China is now shifting to nations like Vietnam,Cambodia,Bangladesh etc.How long can the China bubble last...and more so hevily export dependent economies

sambath Apr 18, 2017 06:33pm

@From Heart Not necessary.

DIL Apr 18, 2017 06:36pm

@sodawaterbottleopenerwala you didn't read the news completely European leaders aren't attending due to their elections particularly France and Germany . stop portraying India as world power you are not even close in this race .

Oommen Apr 18, 2017 06:43pm

Only client states are interested. (debt trap) Even US wants to manufacture on their own and export worldwide .

Raj KUMAR Apr 18, 2017 06:46pm

@Saif Zulfiqar is China a consumption driven economy or export driven?if export than where is the majority of export going?you know the answer.So there is dependence on west. However all the best to China and its partners for this summit.

Gurpreet singh Apr 18, 2017 06:50pm

Without the participation of Western countries, India & Japan, China's "One belt one road" will be a flop as these countries' proportion of the world's economy is more than 70%.

Raj KUMAR Apr 18, 2017 06:54pm

@Punit yr comment is too far fetched,everyone has the right to think what is best for them and their country,so if we are not a part of it, bettar watch it from a distance and enjoy others prosperity.

reader Apr 18, 2017 06:55pm

@M.Saeed, for those who join the travel through silk road, it will be slippery slope

Raj KUMAR Apr 18, 2017 07:05pm

@Yakub agree with you.

Honestly Apr 18, 2017 07:16pm

@From Heart , I wish you all the best brother. We are doing absolutely fine and progressing oragnically. Our national interest is our own and not copied from China or changed for anyone's sake for that matter. but Thank you ! peace out.

Akhil Apr 18, 2017 07:22pm

@Saif Zulfiqar Labour costs rising in China, the competitiveness of the products coming down. Why is Pakistan so obsessed with Chinese success. Time for Pakistan to celebrate their own successes.

Mustafa R. Apr 18, 2017 07:38pm


CPEC never depended on the goodwill of the West, to have West's goodwill we have to have India's goodwill which is an impossibility for Pakistan.

Indian Apr 18, 2017 07:39pm

@From Heart ok thank you for enlightening us

Mustafa R. Apr 18, 2017 07:45pm


Very well said.

Mustafa R. Apr 18, 2017 07:46pm

Any change encounters resistance from the status quo.

Mustafa R. Apr 18, 2017 07:48pm

Four decades ago the West mistook a baby tiger for a cat and fed it, now the tiger has grown and the West is tying to put it in the cage.

salman Apr 18, 2017 07:54pm

China must move on irrespective who is coming along. Later they will regret since no one can stop Chinese to become world power. Its a matter of time..

Akhil Apr 18, 2017 07:55pm

@Mustafa R. Nothing is impossible. People of India and Pakistan do not hate each other. They get angry with each other after any specific event. Pakistan primarily because of Kashmir, and India because of terrorism. After sometime it become normal.

Mustafa R. Apr 18, 2017 07:55pm


'Why is Pakistan so obsessed with Chinese success.'

Because China overcame the biggest obstacle Pakistan faces, the animosity of the status quo. Of course Iran faced the same obstacle, but Iran has not made the same progress as China, and it's progress is not well understood in Pakistan. Pakistan has it's own parochial reasons to not highlight Iran's progress.

GroundReality Apr 18, 2017 08:01pm

@Saif Zulfiqar

Please update your knowledge. China has achieved by not being working in isolation. They used to be a export oriented economy which heavily derives from North America and Europe. They reaped the fruit of globalization. If you say China has developed on its own and they don't need anyone, then you're totally wrong.

Akhil Apr 18, 2017 08:15pm

@Mustafa R. Agree. My point is about Pakistan. Today western countries are not eager to take even thousands of refugees, may be exception of Germany; but Pakistan has probably millions of people from Afghanistan even when financially western countries are richer. Am not sure whether leaders in Pakistan has highlighted this great achievement properly around the world. Taking care of people is much bigger achievement than selling products cheap. To some extent Indian PM Modi is helping marketing India well.

Gurpreet Singh Apr 18, 2017 08:19pm

For those who are saying that China can survive without the west, the reality is that China is nothing without the West, Japan & India as 80% of China's exports are to the US, EU, Japan & India. If those countries start imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, China's economy will collapse within no time. Interestingly the only countries interested in China's "One belt One road" are those trapped in Chinese debt & countries which export to China.

IqbaL Apr 18, 2017 08:28pm

China needs "BUYERS" for it's products and everyone joining the initiative is coming with the notion of being a "SELLER" so that their economy develops. The "BUYERS" are missing in this initiative as a result China will be SELLING to participating nearly bankrupt or poor economies like Pakistan, Greece etc.

With Britain officially out of EU the low end European economies are looking for jobs for their citizens and not importing cheap Chinese goods.

Chine needs G12 nations because they are the big "BUYERS" otherwise OBOR Roads will be good long drive roads.

Well good luck to everyone, I personally don't see this as anymore promising as the ginger lying next to me.

canadian baloch Apr 18, 2017 08:31pm

@Saif Zulfiqar Oh Yes, China is a manufacture hub and their export is mainly to the west. Their economic growth is mainly due to that, so they did not grow by herself

Kris Apr 18, 2017 08:32pm

China wants to export its way to prosperity and OBOR is just another way to get there. They want to export capital, labor and products. Unfortunately that model of development doesn't work for the world today. Every country needs capital. But nobody needs free import of products or labor.

SHARARAT Apr 18, 2017 08:50pm

@Saif Zulfiqar this guy knows nothing about china's development, it seems.

Saif ZulfiqaR Apr 18, 2017 09:10pm

All the comments against China are by Indian trolls.

Raja Apr 18, 2017 09:13pm

@Saif Zulfiqar that has to be to most ignorant statement I have heard in a long time. China is were it is because of western investment. Were do you think the western world produces its goods?

abhi Apr 18, 2017 09:36pm

@Saif Zulfiqar indeed she needs western support. As they are the one countries which have greater GDP

kumar Apr 18, 2017 10:10pm

OBOR is all about engaging Chinese Infrastructure companies which were contributing 50% of Chinese GDP. With slowing growth in China (after exhausting infrastructure in China -many ghost cities) they came out selling OBOR, requesting other Countries to join\finance part of it. Obviously no one showed interest as any day cargo by sea route is cheaper and it will be a wasteful expenditure.

PKS Apr 18, 2017 10:35pm

In CPEC, We only hear chinese workers getting better/high paying jobs. Low skill jobs don't add value to pakistan's national income and GDP. Is this what Pakistan wanted? Every project pakistan gives to china only chinese intelligence will increase leaving more and more unskilled labour force with pakistan. Tell me how many research, technical,design, engineering and management jobs pakistan got from CPEC?

jayesh Apr 18, 2017 10:56pm

@Saif Zulfiqar where will china sell it cheap products, if western countries do not join cpec. apply brains. china is manufacturing country and need markets for its products.

jayesh Apr 18, 2017 11:11pm

@Concerned correct.

Not your supporter Apr 19, 2017 12:04am

@M. Emad what will india export on that route? Illegal immigrants seeking jobs?

jamshed Apr 19, 2017 12:06am

@doshi h k As matter of fact China progressed at a neck break speed in spite of all odds through its 40 years of progress. Today China is a dominant economic power and an emerging military power and stability to peace and prosperity in the region and world at large. In reality China is fast replacing and eroding US political and military influence in South China sea and across the world and it shows and there is no stopping.

Deep Apr 19, 2017 12:08am

@Saif Zulfiqar China is Standing in US economy

jamshed Apr 19, 2017 12:21am

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad You are right on the money. China and India are in different leagues. One(India) is barely a regional power while China is an economic power on global scale and in last 15 years from net importer of military hardware has become third largest exporter of arms after US and Russia. India on the other hand is now the largest importer of arms in the world and this situation is not going to change in foreseeable future and will become more and more dependent on US, France and Russia etc. West and India are truly afraid of China. Today Indian gdp is about 1/5th of China and the gap is widening even China growth has slowed down to just recently announced 6.8%.

Make sense Apr 19, 2017 12:30am

We must realize the fact why India or other Major Economic powers are not joining OBOR. They want to become self reliant and do not want China dumping their growing markets with cheap goods/products which will have a direct and catastrophic impact on their markets.

OBOR's main objective is to expand China's outreach to sell its Trillion Dollar worth of CHeap and low quality products which sells like hot cakes in poor/developing nations surrounding China. Its a Smart move by a self-centered country. Nothing is there in OBOR like regional development its only meant for China's development. Wait and see...

Niran Apr 19, 2017 01:00am

Rest assured, they wont be dorely missed & neither will their abscence chsnge anything!

PKS Apr 19, 2017 01:26am

All low economy countries will join OBOR because they need some money to boost the Infrastructure. China is the only country now with excess money and they give loans and also take projects. In net terms, china gives money and then takes it back through different chinese companies.

For example, China invested billions in CPEC but they did not buy raw materials and machinery from pakistan companies. They did not even partnered with local companies for R&D, engineering, manufacturing and design work. Except for Sand, brick, tar and cement every other tender was taken by chinese companies directly. The electric cables, components, steel all have direct China connection. Net profit for the host country is minimum except for some low skill employment in the form of truck drivers, crane operators, earth movers, mason and plumbing work. Did CPEC address the load shedding happening daily?

Rizwan Apr 19, 2017 01:37am

There could be a political advantage for China in building Silk Road. However, at the same time these projects could be beneficial for those countries and its people from where it is passing. Therefore China should be appreciated for taking up this project.

Tamilselvan Apr 19, 2017 01:53am

Western leaders will not support a nation which has no inclination of changing to a democratic system. They should not allow a nation of 1.25 B people to be tied down with no freedom. Here is a nation which does not even allow a section of their population to grow beard, fast for a month and also has a section (Tibetans) of the population enslaved and is termed an occupier. Yes, with China they would do business as its a two way street but having them to lead the western world in trade is a pipe dream

venkob Apr 19, 2017 02:14am

@Vectra The ball is still in China's court. First clause of any consideration on Indian side is to have China declare that area is disputed territory and India is the legitimate owner. China tried with other bargaining chips like permanent membership but they pretty much know India will not budge. Ultimately China has to choose to either loose 60 billions and forget silk route along with One China or avoid interfering in Indian matter with its neighbors

Khalid Apr 19, 2017 02:40am

Western countries can not survive without Chinese goods ...which are going to reach Europe and rest of the world via an alternative rout, bypassing South China Sea where China is facing increasing US presence.

Big countries absolutely resent growing Chinese influence hence "Boycotting" OBOR.

Mind u, so called Chinese 'human rights' records r not Western concern 'cause if it was, they wouldn't sell arms and deal billions with Saudi Arabia.

Like it or not, Western aliances including Europe and Nato are dying. US, Germany, Italy, UK all experiencing rise in nationalist populism which is disrupting free trade and migration. In these circumstances, reliance on 'out of area' trade partners like China is inevitable.

Mindshare ,tx Apr 19, 2017 03:21am

"Wang confirmed the presence of the presidents of Russia and the Philippines as among 28 leaders coming, along with the Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Serb and Polish prime ministers and Swiss and Czech presidents."

Only Germany and France seems missing which doesn't amount to say "MOST" are missing. Attendance by 28 leaders is reasonably good support.

DEV Apr 19, 2017 04:06am

@MJ Khan You nailed it

JODH Apr 19, 2017 04:35am

China's business with West, Europe including UK would be better and cheaper by sea than by railway because of robbery, breakage of rail and trains and the weather. Good luck to China to spend so much on Railways. It is much better by oil and planes and boats. Khuda will help all be it Chines or the countries that rail will traverse.

Dr. Ramesh Sharma Apr 19, 2017 06:28am

@SAEED MASOOD Who are the allies?

Dr. Ramesh Sharma Apr 19, 2017 06:31am

@From Heart India will if it thinks it is in her interest. For the time being enjoy the party and good luck.

Dr. Ramesh Sharma Apr 19, 2017 06:44am

@zahiduddin Good idea. India is not interested in holding the bag.

Shah Apr 19, 2017 07:59am

China is World power already. Supplying most of world manufacturing goods. All the western alliance falling apart. All western powers will follow through in no time, just wait and see.

Allan Puttaiah Apr 19, 2017 08:29am

Lets face it, China though economically a power in the world it has to go long way to become World leader like US. China do not know how to communicate with other countries. They only how to bully. They have not set up diplomatic centres and no skills yet required to become world leader. It also does not obey international court decision, how can you expect other countries to follow it

AMAR Apr 19, 2017 10:14am

@jamshed Yes it is true that China has grown at tremendous speed in last 3 decades which is unheard in history. But comparing China to US is silly . US has been largest economy for century & it will remain .

Because USA invent technology . All the major invention are still being made in US not in China. China copy the technology or do reverse engineering & mass produce at cheap rate which is not sustainable . Now major economy are feeling the effect of cheap Chinese product on their domestic market & are taking steps to protect their local manufacturer . It will hamper Chinese globalization ambition or OBOR project .

fengqing&proud Apr 19, 2017 11:29am

Western leaders have been asking China to lead for years and when China finally comes out to lead, they become unhappy and snub.

peace advice Apr 19, 2017 12:10pm

@Saif Zulfiqar Yes China achieved its present destiny single handedly by utilizing other countries resources and its now time to give back china the same dose..all countries will stand together to make sure China fall to its knee in coming 10 years.mark 4 important key words H.K,Taiwan,Tibet,xinjiang

PK Apr 19, 2017 12:24pm

Most of the western world including India who top the list of consumer markets are not attending this event. I don't want to call this a summit as top leaders are not attending. This puts a question mark on the viability. After all China is building all these roads for accessing these big consumer markets.

AMAR Apr 19, 2017 01:17pm

@Mindshare ,tx Look at the top 10 economy in world.

US,China , Japan, Germany, UK,France, India, Brazil, Italy , Canada .

Only Italy state head is participating in the submit. If indeed OBOR is globalization 2.0 , why these countries are not participating .

S Bara Apr 19, 2017 02:07pm

@Saif Zulfiqar The advanced western counties had made a mess of their environments due to coal burning to run their factories. To clean up their environments, they transferred with incentives their industries to China which China gladly accepted. China has also been accused of advanced technology theft from the west. Lately, there there have been accusations of China even stealing latest bathroom designs and technology from UK exhibitions. So, the next supposedly superpower did not do it by themselves.

Raghu Apr 19, 2017 02:19pm

Its a great Idea & Project. How much its intent will be met depends on changing realities and technology.. by the way, thinking behind this is create route to reach its produce to markets across.. and in the process create a legacy for Mr. Xi.

All the Best China

kevin Apr 19, 2017 02:30pm

@fengqing&proud When was that western powers asked China to lead ?.

Irfan uk Apr 19, 2017 02:36pm

@sodawaterbottleopenerwala Don't worry mate India will fall so hard that it will not know what hit it.

dax Apr 19, 2017 02:37pm

ASk any Pakistanis in foreign countries if they have made any Chinese friends ever as compared to indians .... answer will be no. simple reason is lack of trust and Chinese don't like brown skins.

DSK Apr 19, 2017 03:36pm

@MJ Khan , Rightly said Mr. Khan. Europeans are not dumb heads like.... hope you get the point

adventurer Apr 19, 2017 03:38pm

Some countries such as Philipines presence even though they are facing a major dispute with China. Does n't it sound strange. Sure Philipines has some thing in mind to get in to know whether it includes the disputed territories. In that case it will be a nay.

DSK Apr 19, 2017 03:39pm

@From Heart , Its no Big Loss for India as India is Pursuing to be a Big Boss in near future.

DSK Apr 19, 2017 03:40pm

@dax , So very True.

adventurer Apr 19, 2017 03:42pm

@M.Saeed Nothing to be baffled about, China at the cost of its citizens could compete in the world with the cheap labour cost and which obviously attracted all the major countries to flock in and get their products manufactured at low lost.
Now they regret because that way China managed to get hold of the technology and in turn became their competitors.
But now the Chinese citizens have awakened.

BAXAR Apr 19, 2017 04:01pm

@DSK " India is Pursuing to be a Big Boss in near future." A big boss only exist in the present or the past, in the future it is called Sheikh Chilli.

BAXAR Apr 19, 2017 04:04pm

@dax "ASk any Pakistanis in foreign countries if they have made any Chinese friends ever as compared to indians" Please tell that to BJP loud and clear, when you're casting your votes.

Sunilsm Apr 19, 2017 04:11pm

@BAXAR sir have u ever heard and practised words like, aspirations, think big, go getter, plan for the future, or when u aspire for something do u console urself not to do that, thinking about Shaik chilli?

Indian Apr 19, 2017 05:30pm

Chinese are failure. Everybody know what they did in Sri Lanka. Wake up Pakistan

skumar Apr 19, 2017 05:35pm

@AMAR - Globalization has turned full circle. .. Now , Politically , it is back to localisation in all nations.., protect local jobs , and markets. ..

Gautham Apr 19, 2017 06:32pm

@M. Emad: Perhaps you may want to remind yourself that precisely cotton (khadi) is what delivered freedom to both India and Pakistan from colonial oppression .

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 06:45pm

@doshi h k
Very true in what you saying but Has India accepted UN resolution on Kashmir Or has USA accepted UN resolution of Iraq no it did not and invaded it and destroyed it murdered millions of innocent people When you say China benefiting which country does not look at it's benefit first ?

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 06:46pm

@Muhammed asim Rao Very true and long term center of gravity will be in Asia

LL Apr 19, 2017 06:48pm

Comments by Indian readers are amusing. Just hilarious;)

Usman Apr 19, 2017 06:50pm

Europe and North America conduct their trade through oceans, the US Navy controls international trade, CPEC by restricting trade to land routes and littoral waters is not hostage to the US Navy, so why would the US or any other European satraps want to become part of CPEC?

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 06:51pm

@Hinna ansari You are 100% correct but USA need China despite of automation Rules and regulations in USA makes even automation non cost effective

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 07:07pm

@Vijayakumar So called USA if you say was a super power then it was because of barrel of gun And blackmailer nobody wants to friends with USA

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 07:11pm

@AMAR It depends on how you do the calculations and adjustments

S Balu Apr 19, 2017 07:19pm

Those are lame excuses reality is the elections in the west are rigged and the Countries are governed by administrators IE civil servants Political leaders are just a facade

Anwar Sadiqque Apr 19, 2017 08:09pm

None of the Western countries are joining China. This should get a intelligent thoughtful person to question why that it is.

Muzaffar Ali Apr 19, 2017 08:18pm

"There is Nothing Permanent, Except Change".

Like it or not.....participate or not....change will happen..... this is a timeless, universal Law of Nature.

How you see the CHANGE, will determine your destiny.....

Boo ali Apr 19, 2017 09:04pm

even then China has every potential to become the number one economy of the world.

Armaan Apr 19, 2017 09:42pm

Much ado about nothing. China is still building roads, the West has moved on to bigger better projects like Hyperloop One. So much for Asian tigers, China is at least a hundred years behind US, France, England and Germany.

Faisal FAruqi Apr 19, 2017 09:45pm

Italy, Greece and Spain are attending because they have seen the European Union's crumbling ability to spur the economic growth in Europe. These countries are now looking at China to help them rescue their own national economies.

kevin Apr 19, 2017 10:20pm

Lot of Pakistanis are working with me in UAE. Most of them are Pathans, Karachi and Lahoris. Pathans are very good people and not only good most of them are very innocent. They are less educated but very much interested in Driving. Karachi and Lahore are educated and they were working in steel companies and electric companies but lost their job and came here. Everybody saying Pakistan market is flooded with Chinese cheap goods and all the industries and manufacturing are closed because of Chinese goods. Lot of constructions are going on now and none of them are getting any jobs because all people are from China and they are using only chinese material. Every body worried about Chinese invasion in Pakistan.

jamshed Apr 19, 2017 10:27pm

@Gurpreet Singh If China is nothing without US / West then India's status or future prosperity hangs in balance without US? The fact is that in 21st century economies are some times tightly interconnected.The case in point is China/US trade relationship. US needs Indian defense market and India needs US more than ever for its IT pool to work for US companies without that what is future of H1B program? And don't lump India with Japan (or other Pacific Rim) countries as Japan has its own political dynamics and issues with China and US. Japan fifty years ago started doing the same to US (in trade) what China is doing to US today but as you should know India is not yet there to repeat what Japan, South Korea and China has done. Looking at Indian general state of industrial capacity ability and discipline India may never be able to do thus a diminished political and economic role !!

jamshed Apr 19, 2017 10:44pm

@AMAR Forty years ago the last US generation (the so-called baby boomer) who are in their 60s and 70's said sillier things about China.They mocked China laughed at Japan about the quality their automobiles but things are entirely different today. BTW China boasts the largest manufacturing base in the world and US is net importer of all goods from China and rest of the world. Yes, US is still the leader but in patents and research papers China is number 3rd after US and Japan and India is distant 26th.To stay innovative you need manufacturing to put money back into research and that is what China is doing !!

SID Apr 19, 2017 10:44pm

@S Balu The calculation is very simple.

Countries can't replace Indian software & Chinese hardware in near future. There is no immediate solution available with these countries.

JAVED Apr 19, 2017 11:01pm

@Muhammed asim Rao Nope. Beware of Technology and do not make such predictions.

Technology has and is showing the potential of eliminating production lines and even substituting cheap labor with even cheaper robotics. And China has its own internal issues which will come out.

Add to that, the growing protectionist policies in the world, exports are going to be even tougher. Exponential growth is a distant dream.

King Apr 19, 2017 11:01pm

Who will China export their products to??

JAVED Apr 19, 2017 11:04pm

@Zak It must be feeling great inside your head there. A different world exists there.

Ind Apr 19, 2017 11:56pm

Roadways are in general 5 times costlier than transportation by Sea. Only a land locked or difficult to navigate country will opt for OBOR.

China is the only country which will benefit

jamshed Apr 20, 2017 01:13am

@AMAR India's economy is a little over $2.00 T . South Korea around $.1.00 T ( with only 45 million people) and Japan with 140 million people around $5.6 T although stagnated for years. India with 18% of world population with only $2T? China? check the number it will surprise you !! Second largest and about 5/6th of US and growing at 6% may reach or surpass US in 5 years or so. But what is your point linking or comparing Indian economy with Japan and S Korea that are much advanced and sophisticated than India with fraction of population.

Dr. Rsking amesh Sharma Apr 20, 2017 04:38am

@S Balu Oh really, have you been to any country in the west? If you would have ever visited any of the western country then you would not been saying this but asking our countries to learn from them what really democracy is and how it works,

Yakub Apr 20, 2017 05:45am

my two cents. I have been working in shifting of my companies product manufacturing out of china ( own factory) to Vietnam, Turkey and even India. Costs are going up in china and so production in china is becoming less competitive. On top of it under Trump, US is now looking inwards and is pushing for made in USA. what most people are not aware is Russia is Europe focused, due to sales of gas and oil via pipeline and receipt of manufactured goods in return. I have really worked with my Russian counterparts to get them to shift to china as a source but lot of resistance. ( this is a minuscule example but shows trends) It is right that China is pushing for OBOR because this can help access to new markets and also reduce costs for Chinese companies. China needs to reach out to all the nearby countries as a friend similar to what is extended to us. Suspicion and downright hostility will only delay this grand plan.

shahid siddiqui Apr 20, 2017 11:06am

China becomes number economies in the world after completion of silk route in modern style, best of luck for China and Pakistan.

Sans Apr 20, 2017 11:35am

@jamshed How long did it take China to where it is now. Definitely not overnight.

Sun Tzu Apr 20, 2017 12:08pm

Silk route does not make sense because everyone has to wear kevlar for their own safety on silk route.

Natarajan Ramachandran Apr 20, 2017 12:28pm

China is no more a growing economy, they are dwindling economy. The future belongs to India as for as world economy concerns.China may remain in 2nd position till it is overtaen by India, Russia, Japan,UK in coming years.

SID Apr 20, 2017 12:29pm

@jamshed Ignorance is bliss . As per IMF, India GDP for the year 2017 is expected at $ 2.45 trillion & South Korea is expected $ 1.45 trillion.

Second China has GDP of $ 11.75 trillion & USA has GDP of $ 19.4 trillion . So the ratio is only 60% ( not 5/6th as projected by you ) .If China maintain 6% growth & USA remains stagnant ( zero growth ) , China will need 15-20 years to overtake USA .

Ok . India is poor . But how far is China ?? Japan, UK, Germany, France have combined GDP more than China, but their population is only 25 % of China . What do you say about China now ?

sky Apr 20, 2017 12:33pm

Chinese have worked hard to reach this position and should be respected. Fact is that West have now started their strategy in alternate sources of these commodities coming through cheaper manufacturing hubs. The change is happening and will take time in showing effect. The reaction quoted in this article is a sign of times to come.


@SID genius bhai just genius . great one thanks

venkat Apr 20, 2017 01:30pm

@Saif Zulfiqar they have been cheating western companies all the time hence many are now a days moving away from China choosing other destinations. it is a matter of time China is going to lose due to shortage of work force like EU US Canada Japan and so on. the work force should be educated and creative which no first world country can get for now. China's fall started already. it is matter of time it will be buried.


chinese reserves were 3.5 trillion last year and will be less by 750 billion this year that is true but sad economic recession china and its top economists have accepted but many deny here .

Amir iqbal Apr 20, 2017 01:47pm

@Saif Zulfiqar China did not achieve its growth "on her own". Most of their exports are to western countries. That is why they have such a tremendous forex reserve. And now that West is becoming more protectionist...China is finding it difficult to sustain that growth & is trying to become a consumer driven market. Things have changed in the world & for China.

Brad Apr 20, 2017 01:53pm

@Saif Zulfiqar China rose to to such heights only because of Western cooperation. It is an export oriented economy and heavily depends on the west. If Western companies invest in other emerging countries then the Chinese economic bubble will surely burst.

S Balu Apr 20, 2017 02:12pm

@SID Very true but two things do not make GNP of country

James Apr 20, 2017 03:34pm

@Saif Zulfiqar Everything that China produces is consumed by the West, even China exports more to India than its imports from there. China primarily imports raw materials and commodities, for manufacturing goods. Without access to the Western and Indian markets, Chinese economy would collapse.

Chirag Patel Apr 20, 2017 04:19pm

@Saba they dont like to waste time on projects which are not profitable

Manoj Sharma Apr 20, 2017 08:38pm

@Rehan you Nailed it....this is it !

jamshed Apr 20, 2017 10:22pm

@SID This is how you look at thing and "feel good" but linking India with other advanced economies is your wishful thinking and a sign of ignorance. If India is $2.45T, it is still nowhere near China even with slower growth of 5% China will add more than $2.T to her GDP in just 6 years. Bragging endlessly about Indian economy does not make India in league with China by any yardstick. Just one economic indicator (gdp/per capita) would be enough to see the reality. BTW Indians pretend they are now very much "like" US and Pakistan is Mexica but remember the living standards of India and Pakistan are not very far off and you have lot more people (equal to rest of the world's poor) under poverty. Self glory has no recognition.

oricle Apr 20, 2017 10:29pm

@Faisal FAruqi Yes, but China wants money from them to build,the Chinese now realize that it will cost over $46b and they want to rope all these poor countries and fleece them like they did to Sri Lanka. They dare not invite India.

ROHIT PANDEY Apr 21, 2017 12:16am

India's "hard power" is probably 20% of China's-economic, financial and technological.

Since India presents much more benign face as an open society its "soft power' fills in where hard power does not and has an international audience.

Temper tantrums by China frequently over issues like South China Sea or Arunachal Pradesh is going to work to China's liability than for it.

Zak Apr 21, 2017 02:31am

@doshi h k india has not implemented UN kashmir resolution for 69 years. So stop talking about others.

Zak Apr 21, 2017 02:39am

@JAVED truth hurts eh! Start by using your real name in your head. Don't be ashamed of who you are.

Zak Apr 21, 2017 02:44am

@Neo Assuming you are referring to the poor country India. The population of which is 1.1 billion , not 100 plus billion. The 'market' you refer to has 90% living below poverty line and can barely scrap one meal a day forget about spending money. Which fantasy land are you living , dude? Must be Bollywood syndrome.

Zak Apr 21, 2017 02:55am

@ROHIT PANDEY sad you all are taught childish education. Indian attrocities in IOK are deemed worst by UN human rights. The world is focusing on it and is moving away from india. China is a super power in waiting.

jamshed Apr 21, 2017 04:58am

@James There are large markets outside of Europe and US for China. South America for one the ME the petro-rich countries. India's consumer market(at least for now) share is nowhere near or comparable to these markets in $$ value but once India allows its market to open you will be opening floodgates of Chinese products into India. So far the trade imbalance of $52.00 billion (in China's favor) is because of Chinese value-add products such as telecommunication, power plants machinery etc;

chowmein Apr 21, 2017 09:27am

@M.Saeed Sometimes silk can be dangerous than sword " depends what the motives are" All that glitters is not gold. It may be good for China, not necessarily for Pakistan.

indian Apr 21, 2017 09:46am

@Zak brother india is not a small country which will easily get manipulated. Its worlds fastest growing economy now china. India already have much bigger trade pacts than cpec with other countries.most countries don't believe on china due to its selfishness. Srilanka also gave its land on lease to china for construction of development projects now facing debt on its side. India is moving ahead in every area.mere 1 project can't decide our future

IqbaL Apr 21, 2017 09:59am

@jamshed Is' OK if Indians are bragging about their $2+T economy. What are we bragging about? Richness which we are yet to see? Richness for which we have already started paying the price to China? Or the Richness of spending money on security force to protect CPEC route? I am confused which one it is?

Rao Apr 21, 2017 12:00pm

@King ...To the future populations in MARS & MOON

Rao Apr 21, 2017 12:07pm

@Naveen Pakistan will help China to export to future populations in Mars & Moon through CPEC. Pakistan will open logistics hubs in both these places, stock the goods and wait for Russians, Americans & Europeans to land and use these cheap resources