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Chief justice takes notice of Mashal Khan's lynching

Published Apr 15, 2017 10:40pm


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Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday took notice of the lynching of a university student in Mardan over allegations of blasphemy.

The notice by the chief justice was taken on a news story published in the media containing details of the incident.

Justice Nisar also instructed the inspector general police of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to submit a report on the incident in the next 36 hours.

On April 13, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan student Mashal Khan, 23, was shot and beaten to death by a violent mob on university premises.

Read: Mardan university student lynched by mob over alleged blasphemy: police

The mob had also wanted to burn his body before police intervened, a senior police official had said. He had been accused of blasphemy by fellow students.

Another student, Abdullah, was beaten bloody before police managed to rescue him from his attackers. An eyewitness said he was accused of belonging to the Ahmadi faith and forced to recite verses from the Holy Quran, then beaten savagely even though he repeatedly denied the accusation.

No case had been filed against the two students prior to the incident and police had not been investigating the two on blasphemy charges.

The mob instead seems to have been incited by rumours circulating among the university's student body.

Nonetheless, the university said it would investigate three students, including Mashal and Abdullah, for alleged blasphemous activities and ordered them rusticated and banned from the premises of all campuses of the university.

The notification, dated April 13, did not mention any details of the incident or a condemnation of the student's killing, even though the university's provost, Fayyaz Ali Shah, said it had been issued after the lynching.

Mashal Khan.—Facebook
Mashal Khan.—Facebook

However, Khyber Pakhtun­khwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on Saturday told the KP assembly that no evidence had been found to suggest that Mashal Khan had committed blasphemy.

"The mobile phone record of the victim has been checked by the police but there was nothing against Islam," he told the province's lawmakers.

“Since the occurrence of the incident, I have been in contact with the inspector general of police; so far, no evidence has emerged to show that blasphemy was committed by the victim,” he said, adding that such brutality would not be tolerated.

A judicial inquiry has also been ordered into the case.


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Comments (39) Closed

Rohail Apr 15, 2017 10:52pm

Good move.

flipflop Apr 15, 2017 10:59pm

To give justice, I would say; arrest all people who were involved in it, even the person who recorded it and people who were standing there and watching all of this and didn't even flinch a muscle to stop these barbarians. They are an accomplice and are involved as much as the people who took an innocent life.

Harmony-1© Apr 15, 2017 11:02pm

Very good development this - bravo CJ.

Saif zulfIqar Apr 15, 2017 11:28pm

Many people have been killed in the name of religion. Some higher authority must do something.

Parvez Apr 15, 2017 11:34pm

.....and what difference will that make ?

Hassan Apr 15, 2017 11:45pm

It is make or break point. I implore Supreme Court to do some real service to this country for once.

Ayaz Ahmad guru Apr 15, 2017 11:55pm

Supreme Court can instruct the government to review the blasphemy law for its misuse and can effface it from the Constitution as it violates basic human rights.

PAtriot Apr 16, 2017 12:20am

Strong steps need to be taken to stop this nonsense and inhuman acts

Ghani K Apr 16, 2017 01:06am

I am afraid someone in higher authority will twist the facts, accusing deceased of insulting Islam. Does n't matter how you slice it, mob took the law in its hand and brutally murdered the young man . Chancellor of the university has lot to answer.

imran khan Apr 16, 2017 01:46am

lets hope justice is served and the perpetrators are made an example for the masses. let Ppakistan be a country of rule of law and not where madmen roam the streets ever ready to perperate barbaric crimes in the name of religion. RIP Mashal khan.

salman Apr 16, 2017 01:46am

When the political leaders keep mentioning the topic of blasphemy in terms of restrictions on internet freedom etc, they are indirectly encouraging members of the public to take action on perceived violations of the blasphemy law themselves.

M. Siddique Apr 16, 2017 02:01am

Everyone of those 100s of criminals must be held accountable. Anyone who has instigated those criminals must also face justice. There should no mercy for anyone, please.

Habib Apr 16, 2017 02:09am

Please don't delay like Panama case do it fast and bring the culprits to justice.

amir khan Apr 16, 2017 02:13am

Lynching of innocent goes on. Yes millions took notice but what difference does it make?

Logic Apr 16, 2017 02:59am

Culprits must be awarded deserved punishment. Its really shame that such brutal incidents happen iñ the broad daylight.

Rizwan Apr 16, 2017 03:37am

I am really shocked. This is out of order. If this would have happened in a village then I would not be shocked. These people suppose to be highly educated. Why they have taken law in their own hands??? I request the authorities investigate the matter and punish the criminals. So it wouldn't happen again inshaAllah.

Amadeus Apr 16, 2017 03:39am

Taking notice ? Does it mean he is going to do something about it ?

javed Apr 16, 2017 03:50am

These atrocities will continue to happen, until the underlying causes are rectified.

Gharial Apr 16, 2017 04:04am

So, is it that Blasphemy Law is there to provide some protection to Islam? First of all if Islam is so pure then why it is feeling so much of insecurity?

Ajay Apr 16, 2017 06:11am

So what he will /can do?

Patriot Apr 16, 2017 08:45am

Why is the KP government trying to allude to the blasphemy evidence or lack thereof? Even the blasphemy should not give the right to mob to kill the alleged persons.

Ranjit Haripur Apr 16, 2017 08:53am

Justice must be served quickly. The murderous mob must be held accountable.

Fazal Karim Apr 16, 2017 09:09am

Speedy justice please, delay means influence and man-over.

Azad Apr 16, 2017 09:13am

I hope that the highest court notice will address the basic issues i.e. miss use f blasphemy law

oricle Apr 16, 2017 09:40am

How come every one, on paper seemed to be worried about this cold blooded murder. However many past ones seemed to have disappeared from the media and Court list. I am of the view that the Judiciary should stay out of it otherwise the accused persons my not get fair and impartial trial. We know that the issues in KP is boling.

Muhammad Arshad Apr 16, 2017 09:46am

Such a sad incident, no one should be allowed to take law into their hands.

Jeevan Apr 16, 2017 10:26am

If there was proof that these poor souls did say/do something which is blasphemous, will the lynching be justified then ?

Khalid Apr 16, 2017 10:29am

May the perpetrators of this crime be brought to justice & i pray that such incidents never make the headlines in this country again.

Ashutosh Apr 16, 2017 11:30am

I bet that nothing will happen to the killers except condemnation. All of them will examine weather this was a case of blasphemy or not. If they find an iota of blasphemy which is easy to find, then everybody will become deaf and dumb.

Muslim Apr 16, 2017 11:41am

Everyone especially the university is concerned if there was a blasphemy. No one is concerned that hundreds of students took law in hand and became cold blooded brutal murderers.

Wiq Apr 16, 2017 01:08pm

University is meant to explore new ideas and challenge the norms. Rusticating a deceased Mashal is akin to burning the body after lynching.

Az Apr 16, 2017 02:15pm

Mashaal Khan was murdered because he was protesting about corruption in the college, he was even interviewed two days prior to his murder by a tv channel. Staff at the University are responsible.

HUMAN Apr 16, 2017 02:39pm

I don't understand why the authorities are even inquiring or investigating whether an act of blasphemy was done by Mashal. It makes no difference. He was tortured to death by a mob and they should be punished. Nothing can justify the action of our so-called promising youth at the university and I have no words to describe that horrific act.

I lost hope after the Sialkot incident and it's just getting worse. Alhumdullilah there is a day after this world ends when all these people will be brought to justice.

Aslam Khan Apr 16, 2017 03:12pm

Hope the court will punish the culprits speedily to set an example. This is time to act to uproot ill-mind set and extremism.

DJ Apr 16, 2017 04:03pm

One newspaper from Karachi already proved him sad without jumping into details how can you conclude if he is guilty or not.If you will interview the attackers only then definitely they will provide one side of story.

vikas Apr 16, 2017 04:14pm

In Pakistan people and authorities "note" a lot of of things. Like game changer, it also seems to be one of the favourite words of the nation.... the PM 'takes note' of lots of things as so do the CMs, the army chief, the Chief Justice, The peon, the driver, the joker, the salesman, the cricketer, the chairman - every one loves to 'note' everything. Can anyone please explain this to a non-Pakistani, please?

yasin Apr 16, 2017 04:18pm

Mashal family must ask international community for help, they will never ever get justice from pakistani courts.

Abdulla hussain Apr 16, 2017 04:25pm

Thank you sir, this inhumane act deserves all attention.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 16, 2017 04:57pm

Too little, too late.