Dawn under cyber attack

22 Jan 2017


KARACHI: In keeping with the principles of a free and independent press, it is necessary for us to inform our readers and place on public record that Dawn has come under sustained cyber attacks over the last two weeks. A statement issued by dawn.com says the origin of these attacks is unconfirmed as yet.

“We are working to protect our data and infrastructure against these attacks and are confident that any attempts to hack into our systems will remain unsuccessful,” Chief Digital Strategist and Editor Dawn.com Jahanzaib Haque says. “Despite numerous malicious attempts, no data has been compromised, nor leaked so far.”

Dawn is working to further shore up its systems and networks with Google and Facebook also engaged in the investigation.

The statement says that once the origin of the source is confirmed, Dawn may take necessary action against the perpetrators in accordance with law.

Published in Dawn January 22nd, 2017