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Serial 'knife attacker' targeting working women in Rawalpindi arrested

Published Aug 12, 2016 02:14pm


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A sketch of the suspect. ─ Photo by author.
A sketch of the suspect. ─ Photo by author.

RAWALPINDI: A knife attacker suspected of targeting working women in the garrison city was arrested by police and other law enforcement agencies during a combing operation late Thursday, along with four suspected accomplices.

Muhammad Ali, 24, allegedly attacked 17 women, one of whom succumbed to her injuries, police sources said. Police earlier called the attacker 'a crazy man'.

Two of the four suspected accomplices ─ identified as Siraj, Asad Ahmed, Afsar Masih and Ilyas ─ previously served prison sentences at Adiala jail, police sources said, adding that the men allegedly carrying out the attacks were inspired by films and targeted the women 'for fun' in order to spread panic.

Muhammad Ali allegedly attacked working women over a period of about two months at night during loadshedding hours, sources said. The suspected accomplices facilitated him in the knife attacks.

On Sunday night, Ali allegedly stabbed a nurse of Fauji Foundation Hospital to death and injured two others in the span of one hour in Morgah.

The five men will be presented before a court for remand, police sources said.

Last year, three men were arrested for a series of similar attacks in Sahiwal that targeted women 'moving independently' in public spaces.


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Comments (47) Closed

Anarchist Aug 12, 2016 02:17pm

Police should share evidence with public. We must be sure they caught the right guy and are not using this person as a scapegoat.

AHA Aug 12, 2016 02:17pm

Brainwashing, misguiding...

Harmony-1© Aug 12, 2016 02:20pm

What a deranged mind!

anum Aug 12, 2016 02:25pm

@Anarchist do you ask this question when the military hangs 'suspected terrorists'? or is this benefit of doubt only reserved for those who attack women?

Tuluka Kudi Aug 12, 2016 02:27pm

Lack of proper education could also lead to gender inequality.

CyberLaw Aug 12, 2016 02:33pm

Good job police.

cynical Aug 12, 2016 02:42pm

this ill man and his accomplices need to face the same treatment they meted out those innocent women!

Shazia Aug 12, 2016 02:46pm

This shameful act must be punished in an exemplified way to deter others.

timetostopthis Aug 12, 2016 02:50pm

Products of a sick society. Since they dont interact with women, they treat them as objects to be abused and humiliated.

Nitin Saini Aug 12, 2016 02:52pm

He is not mad but he is brainwashed guy, who think men are superior than women. people like him and people who inspire him should be jailed for say 100 years without parol.

sadia Aug 12, 2016 02:54pm

welcome to pakistan. no country for women.

Sabir Aug 12, 2016 03:01pm

Crazy people doing crazy things.

apathy Aug 12, 2016 03:03pm

Punjab is full of such things

Tayyab Aug 12, 2016 03:04pm

And he said "he was inspired by films". Let me name it for you, "Aik Villain". No no i'm not against films at all. I'm just pointing out that had he said he was remotely inspired by some religious thing, everyone would have started bashing religion. And here no one dares say a word.

timetostopthis Aug 12, 2016 03:10pm

Such sick people should be jailed for life. Not fit to be released back into society.

apathy Aug 12, 2016 03:13pm

@sadia Our sisters n mothers live here honorably, pak is for all genders and everyone is respected here.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Aug 12, 2016 03:16pm

First of all thank you for police to arrest the person. Secondly police should announce through tv, newspapers and magazines asking the women folk to come forward and lodge complains about knife attack on them so that the accused can be rightly punished. However, police is to ensure that all those women who report shall be protected by police and their particulars will not be made public.

Sympathiser Aug 12, 2016 03:18pm

Case of psychopath looks like.... He should be immediately booked before he does more harm..

AHA Aug 12, 2016 03:31pm

Some really sick minds.

anas Aug 12, 2016 03:32pm

The country is going to the illiterate

San Aug 12, 2016 03:37pm

@apathy really? then why always women are being killed in the name of honor every other day? why we haven't heard a single time that a family member killed a male? we will never get out of this mentality that we are being brain washed since childhood. women are equally responsible in this. Mothers tell their sons not to cry like a girl. Boys are strong. Men are the head of the family no matter how badly they treat their families.

San Aug 12, 2016 03:42pm

Last year, three men were arrested for a series of similar attacks in Sahiwal that targeted women 'moving independently' in public spaces.

Don't we know that its a crime for women to be human in this patriarchal society? Only men have the right to do what ever they want. Women should be domesticated.

tj Aug 12, 2016 03:46pm

@apathy yes mothers and sisters live here but your mother is only your mother and mine is mine as well as of the whole country. this is the mindset here

ali Aug 12, 2016 03:47pm

@sadia Even in UK saudi girl were stab to death Ms Sadia.

Kamal Pasha. Aug 12, 2016 03:50pm

@Anarchist, Join the police force and you won't have to ask question like this.

M.Jamal Aug 12, 2016 04:00pm

Case must not be delayed and hearings to take place on daily basis and judgement to be announced within 90 days so that the nation is kept updated with this gruesome case.In case if negligence found on police/investigating agencies/prosecutors for any reason they must be taken to task.

SAEED MASOODa Aug 12, 2016 04:04pm

On this sketch no one should be arrested, this is a cartoon sketch not a human. How can this be approved..

noshin Aug 12, 2016 04:08pm

they should be awarded lifelong punishment ..

Asim Rao Aug 12, 2016 04:18pm

This is a good news that they are finally arrested. Put them behind bars for maximum time. Here i would like to add that Police alone can not stop these kind of crimes - everybody has something to contribute in it. We all should come together and if we SUSPECT anything/Anyone - Immediately take action.

Ali Khan Aug 12, 2016 04:19pm

These people are animals..targeting innocent people for fun. These movies and dramas can't motivate a person unless someone is crazy.

Anarchist Aug 12, 2016 04:22pm

@anum Talk about prejudice. What made you think that I am uncritical of military? And what does my comment have to do with gender of victims?

Orly Aug 12, 2016 04:29pm

This attacker is a complete sicko

Ali Aug 12, 2016 04:42pm

He needs to be punished but more importantly the individuals that perpetrated his thinking should be brought to book. This really is a fair case of guilty by association.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 12, 2016 04:59pm

Good news.

The End is Near Aug 12, 2016 05:25pm

Let the severe punishment Fit the heinous crime. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Baaligh Aug 12, 2016 05:26pm

""Last year, three men were arrested for a series of similar attacks in Sahiwal that targeted women 'moving independently' in public spaces." What happened afterwards is not reported. Perhaps still waiting to be prosecuted. Similarly, how long it will take for the prosecutors to prove crimes against these current arrested men is any body's guess.

Abraham Haque Aug 12, 2016 06:00pm

@Harmony-1© I thought these things only happened in the USA

Hamaad Aug 12, 2016 06:06pm

Parents must work hard in raising good sons. Just giving birth and providing food and shelter is not enough. Parents must become true role models for their children.

Picasso Aug 12, 2016 06:16pm

Pathetic.. Lack of education, poverty, joblessness, increasing gap between poor and rich, these are basically the factors that are playing important role in continuous increase of aggression and impatience in our people specially in youth. As when talent adopts negative rout it wreaks havoc to all people blindly...

ZAFAR Aug 12, 2016 06:43pm

No humanity left in that country

karthik Aug 12, 2016 07:09pm

@anum Wah ... I just Loved your Retort.. hats off

SR Khan Aug 12, 2016 09:32pm

He was 'attacking women for fun'. That is where we have come as a society, the narrative of violence and hatred, advocated through all available medium has brought us to this point. Any society which does not respect women can not be called a civilized society, we are far away from respect we can not give them security.

larka Aug 12, 2016 09:44pm

Good Job Punjab Police

Kamal2 Aug 13, 2016 03:59am

@San if you know something report them. silence doesn't help.

Well meaning Aug 13, 2016 04:21pm

another TTP inspired terrorist I guess

Indoaryan Aug 13, 2016 10:31pm

Lack of job opportunities will drive any one mad. Indian sub continent is over burdened with jobless humans, it is imperative that either we reduce our population or create millions of jobs every year. One child per family , any takers ? Think not.

James Johnson Aug 14, 2016 01:52am

@Well meaning