ISLAMABAD: At least 70 people were killed Monday in a bomb attack on mourners outside a hospital in Quetta.

Here is a list of major attacks against civilians by militant groups in the country since 2007:


  • October 18: Bomb attacks targeting former premier Benazir Bhutto kill 139 people in Karachi as she returns to Pakistan for the first time in eight years.

  • Bhutto herself died in a gun and suicide attack on December 27 later that year.


  • August 21: Twin suicide attacks kill 64 people outside country's main weapon factory at Wah near Islamabad.

  • September 20: Sixty people are killed when a suicide truck bomb destroys part of the five-star Marriott hotel in Islamabad.


  • October 28: A car bomb rips apart a market in Peshawar, killing 125 people.

  • December 7-9: At least 66 people die in four attacks at a market in Lahore.


  • January 1: A suicide car bomb kills 101 people at a village volleyball game in Bannu.

  • May 28: Gunmen and suicide bombers storm mosques belonging to the Ahmadi religious minority in Lahore, killing 82 people.

  • July 9: A suicide bomber kills 105 people in a busy market in Mohmand.

  • September 3: A suicide attack kills 59 at a Shia rally in Quetta.

  • November 5: A suicide bomber kills 68 people during Friday prayers in Darra Adam Khel.


  • April 3: Fifty die after two suicide bombers attack a Sufi shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan.

  • May 13: Two suicide bombers kill at least 98 people outside a police training centre in Charsadda.


  • January 10: A double suicide attack on a snooker club kills 92 in a district of Quetta populated by Shia Hazaras.

  • February 16: A bomb at a market at Hazara Town, a Shia neighbourhood near Quetta, kills 89.

  • March 3: A car bomb explodes in a Shia neighbourhood in Karachi, killing 45.

  • September 22: Eighty-two people die when two suicide bombers attack a church in Peshawar after a Sunday service.


  • November 2: Fifty-five people are killed by a suicide bomber at the main Wagah border crossing.

  • December 16: Taliban insurgents storm an army-run school in Peshawar, killing over 140 people, most of them children.


  • January 30: Sixty-one people are killed as a suicide bomber hits a Shia mosque in Shikarpur.

  • May 13: The first attack officially claimed by the Islamic State group in Pakistan kills 45 Shia Muslims in Karachi.


  • March 27: Seventy-five people are killed and hundreds injured in an explosion that targets Christians near a park in Lahore.

  • August 8: At least 70 people die and dozens are wounded when a blast tears through mourners at a hospital in Quetta.


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