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India launches record 20 satellites in single mission

Published Jun 22, 2016 03:49pm


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ISRO satellite is launched. — AFP
ISRO satellite is launched. — AFP

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday successfully launched a rocket carrying a record 20 satellites as its famously frugal space agency looks to grab a larger slice of the lucrative commercial space market.

Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) CARTOSAT-2, along with 20 satellites from India, US, Canada, Germany and Indonesia on board the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C34), is launched. — AFP
Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) CARTOSAT-2, along with 20 satellites from India, US, Canada, Germany and Indonesia on board the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C34), is launched. — AFP

The rocket blasted off from the southern spaceport of Sriharikota carrying satellites from the US, Germany, Canada and Indonesia, the most in a single Indian mission.

Most of the satellites will enter orbit to observe and measure the Earth's atmosphere, while another aims to provide service for amateur radio operators.

"Each of these small objects that you are putting into space will carry out their own activity, which is independent of the other, and each of them will live a wonderful life for a finite period," Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar told the NDTV news network.

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The business of putting commercial satellites into space for a fee is growing as phone, Internet and other companies as well as countries seek greater and more high-tech communications.

India is competing with other international players for a greater share of that launch market, and is known for its low-cost space programme.

Among the 20 satellites launched on Wednesday were 13 from the US, including one from a Google-owned company and two from Indian universities.

The highest number of satellites launched in a single mission is 37, a record that Russia set in 2014. The US space agency Nasa launched 29.

Kiran Kumar Rao, ISRO chairman, gestures as he addresses the media after the satellite launch at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. — AFP
Kiran Kumar Rao, ISRO chairman, gestures as he addresses the media after the satellite launch at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. — AFP

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Indian government officials and scientists were present at the launch facility in the Andhra Pradesh state as the rocket carrying the 20 satellites took off, reported the BBC.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the 20-satellite record as a "monumental accomplishment."

"Our space programme has time and again shown the transformative potential of science & technology in people's lives," Modi tweeted.

Last month India successfully launched its first mini space shuttle as it joined the global race to make reusable rockets.

See: India's positioning satellite aims to serve South Asia

The shuttle was reportedly developed on a budget of just one billion rupees ($14 million), a fraction of the billions of dollars spent by other nations' space programmes.

Bystanders watch as the ISRO satellite is launched. ─ AFP
Bystanders watch as the ISRO satellite is launched. ─ AFP

India in 2013 sent an unmanned rocket to orbit Mars at a cost of just $73 million, compared with NASA's Maven Mars mission which had a $671 million price tag.

The successful mission was a source of immense pride in India, which beat rival China in becoming the first Asian country to reach the Red Planet.

Modi has often hailed India's budget space technology, quipping in 2014 that a local rocket that launched four foreign satellites into orbit had cost less to make than Hollywood film Gravity.


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Comments (291) Closed

Tamil Guru Jun 22, 2016 04:00pm


satya7077 Jun 22, 2016 04:01pm

Great job is to congrats!!!

Vikram Jun 22, 2016 04:02pm

Kudos !! way to go !!

Tintin Jun 22, 2016 04:02pm

This is called achievements. Congrats ISRO, India.

A Pakistani Jun 22, 2016 04:04pm

Congratulations dear Indian friends! Pakistanis don't realize that military is not the only institution which need funds and attention; education and research too!

Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) Jun 22, 2016 04:03pm

Wish Pakistan also said we will launch 30 satellites next week to beat India.

Mohibullah Khan Jun 22, 2016 04:05pm

Congrats India - well done.

Atul Jun 22, 2016 04:06pm

Good achievement. This has a potential of multi billion USD that India can try to get for the development and prosperity. With this main industry, a service industry also be built which will add to further jobs creation.

Harmony-1© Jun 22, 2016 04:07pm

Good achievement...communications satellite is is growing market.

Kedar Jun 22, 2016 04:08pm

Dear Pakistani friends,

Thank you for your wishes.

Dipesh Jun 22, 2016 04:08pm

Congratulations to ISRO and all Indians for successful launching of 20 satellites .

Touseef Jun 22, 2016 04:09pm

Kudos to thy neighbor, we don't need an arms race but to compete in making the lives better for our citizens and humanity as a whole.

Indian Jun 22, 2016 04:08pm

Congrats to ISRO for its 34 consecutive successful launch. Maybe one day India and Pakistan can jointly launch a rocket from Pakistan.

Deepu Jun 22, 2016 04:08pm

Congratulations ! Your smart work and Modi's vision will make India the most prosperous , powerful and peaceful country.

Sr Jun 22, 2016 04:09pm

Great achievement. Need to win more market as it would be a huge revenue earner

Indian Jun 22, 2016 04:09pm

Congratulations ISRO...

VEN Jun 22, 2016 04:10pm

Great achievement! It takes incredible effort to make it happen on a shoe string budget! I wish it other neighboring countries will try to emulate this & make science and technology exciting for their curious young minds. It provides jobs and improves the economy!

cabayan Jun 22, 2016 04:10pm

well done isro....pride of the nation....engineers and scientis ts.... u are indirectly helping millions of people acriss countries....Respect!

cabayan Jun 22, 2016 04:10pm

well done isro....pride of the nation....engineers and scientis ts.... u are indirectly helping millions of people acriss countries....Respect!

Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) Jun 22, 2016 04:10pm

This a proudest moment for the entire 1.3 billion Indians today.

A message to the world - "You may deny us an entry in NSG but we are destined to reach the top, no matter what."

justanindian Jun 22, 2016 04:15pm

ISRO & Modi are making India more proud day by day in front of the whole world. Salute

SB Jun 22, 2016 04:14pm

Great. Record Setting feast. Congratulation to India thanks to Dawn for covering this developement amist NSG confontation

Timeto stopthis Jun 22, 2016 04:15pm

Another fantastic achievement by India which will improve the lives of the ordinary people.

Brijesh Jun 22, 2016 04:17pm

Intresting thing is there are 2 satellites from Indian universities Satyabhama chennai and another one from pune .this is even bigger achievement our young leaders are ready for future .Congratulations Isro you made us proud once again

Kaly Jun 22, 2016 04:18pm

@Indian - Why to drag Pakistan into it?

Mian sahab, Panama Jun 22, 2016 04:18pm

Congrats ISRO scientists. Watching this spectacular launch Live from my London home.

Kaly Jun 22, 2016 04:19pm

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) - Great word Salman...

Krana Jun 22, 2016 04:21pm

We will progress fast and bring back our ancient glorious days, proud to be an Indian.

Tamilselvan Jun 22, 2016 04:22pm

Congratulations to India for achieving this feat and for countries like Indonesia, Canada, USA and companies like Google to us this vehicle to launch their satillites.

Timeto stopthis Jun 22, 2016 04:23pm

Living proof that not all of Indias budget goes for military spending. Education is a priority in India as these scientists have shown.

peace for all Jun 22, 2016 04:24pm

i am fan of DAWN and always read it for its news is refreshing and different from rest. i am from india and wish peace prevail and we compete each other for the education and prosperity of its people and be happy for each others achievements in this sectors.

Tamil Guru Jun 22, 2016 04:24pm

Two of the satellites are from students in Indian universities.

SHIRISH MUMBAI Jun 22, 2016 04:24pm

13 from the US, including one from a Google-owned company and two from Indian universities.


Global Peace Jun 22, 2016 04:25pm

Pakistan never tries to compete with India in good thing its really sad !

seeker Jun 22, 2016 04:25pm

@Kaly Agree with you buddy. No need to drag Pakistan in this. Appreciate positive comments posted by many level headed Pakistanis readers. There is still a long way to go as ISRO will face competition from agencies like SpaceX. Need to go fast on re-usable vehicle.

ramesh Jun 22, 2016 04:24pm

Dear Pakistan Humble request to you, Plz forget NSG just compete here if want development and progress

Ashima Khatoon, Lucknow Jun 22, 2016 04:30pm

Congrats ISRO!!!!...feeling proud.. its an achievement!!!..

Mawlana Jun 22, 2016 04:30pm

India is a role model for the region. Kudos, Indians.

Depressed Pakistani Jun 22, 2016 04:31pm

Dying to hear from our so-called leaders "we will send Satellites to Mars even if we have to eat grass". i wonder what has happened to Pakistan and her people what sort of problems we are dealing with while our neighbors are moving in the right direction, we still are hearing lawlessness news from our big cities.

Hussain Haqani,Gwader Jun 22, 2016 04:31pm

Great news & well done Isro.

atheist Jun 22, 2016 04:31pm

13 satellite from US, others from Canada , Germany, Indonesia and india. Wow.. Congratulations ISRO scientists, you are just unbelievable.. Keep rocking and keep motivating us for building the nation India.

hitman Jun 22, 2016 04:33pm

extremely proud of my nation . jai ho!!

Depressed Pakistani Jun 22, 2016 04:32pm

Hearty congratulations to India for this great feat. Kudos.

Harmony-1© Jun 22, 2016 04:34pm

@Ramesh - Not necessary to "compete" at everything and drag Pakistan here. Countries like Germany, Canada and Indonesia are not competing here either...they are using Indian launch facility too.

Essaki Jun 22, 2016 04:34pm

Our next achievement will be entry into NSG.

PAKFIRST Jun 22, 2016 04:34pm

Indian universities manufacture there own satellites and launch them with ISRO. They are seriously moving ahead, time for our govt to take a look into this and follow there lead

Secular Jun 22, 2016 04:37pm

You can block India's entry to NSG and UNSC but how can you block India's growth and development. Congratulations to ISRO.

Uday Kulkarni Jun 22, 2016 04:38pm

Congrats to ISRO and its team

Irad Jun 22, 2016 04:45pm

India has few islands of excellence and ISRO tops that list. Big greetings to scientists of ISRO.

Krana Jun 22, 2016 04:46pm

Meanwhile "Pakistan is selling nuclear materials to N Korea and China knows it, US sources say" sOURCE: TIMES OF INDIA

IndianR Jun 22, 2016 04:46pm

Congratulations ISRO....

ripan Jun 22, 2016 04:49pm

this is how you commercialize space market,people used to say india is a poor country and should not waste money in these fancy stuffs,well now we are earning out of it

Dan Jun 22, 2016 04:48pm

@Touseef great spirit ...

Freedom Fighter Jun 22, 2016 04:49pm

@A Pakistani I agree with you both nations can join for space cooperation

Uday Kulkarni Jun 22, 2016 04:49pm

@Krana . So well said. We did our schooling in India in early 70s and those who studied in 70s and 80s in Indian schools will remember the history taught to us that India was one of the most sought after trading partners by the world countries in between 13th-20th century and traders from West used to flock India and even Columbus set out to discover India and landed in America. Last year on my visit to India ; I found a far lot more foreigners in India in metro cities like Mumbai , Delhi , Bangalore; and at Indian airports who were apparently on a trade visit apart from regular tourists that we used to see in 80s or 90s. It is after 70 years of independence that India has started on the right path to regain its lost glory.

Akram Jun 22, 2016 04:50pm

We should compete with India on space technology and IT services not on nuclear weapons..Upto 60's India and Pakistan were on the same footing instead we were ahead of India in many aspects but during 70's India started moving ahead and we started going into chaos socially as well as economically .Since India started its liberalization process in 90's its now miles ahead of us.India is making great progress in space technology and IT services.Congratulations to India for this tremendous achievement..

HZR Jun 22, 2016 04:51pm

@Secular Science,technology and intellectual power cannot be blocked by any nation.There in lies the strength of the nation,not in its armies or armaments.

Desi Dimag Jun 22, 2016 04:51pm

A Proud moment for us Indians. Keep pouring the positive news, it generates the energy. love to see India is competing in every field with global powers.

Zak Jun 22, 2016 04:56pm

Salutations and a tip of the hat to India and their space program. Credit should be given where it is due. We need to emulate India in such fields.

Kumar Jun 22, 2016 04:58pm

@Desi Dimag, its good achievement by ISRO. But we are few decades behind NASA.

Rahul Jun 22, 2016 05:01pm

Congrats Isro. West and China know that if India and Pakistan become allies then there is no stopping of the two to become world's greatest countries. Thats why these countries are conspiring against us and unfortunately, both sides trust them to mistrust each other.

V K Das Jun 22, 2016 05:01pm

@Deepu It was Nehru's vision that established ISRO and BARC which made it possible for India to become a nuclear as well as a space power.Such things are not achieved in two years rule of a party.

DV Jun 22, 2016 05:01pm

ISRO is doing nice job and Modi is best energizer too. INDIA has gained real pace from last 2 years and hope will keep same growth in each sector.

سے Shaam (Hanafi) Jun 22, 2016 05:03pm

Pakistan should compete in this area with India...Hope to hear from Sir Sartaj/Nisar, that Pakistani space too, is launching satellites for other countries.

JC Jun 22, 2016 05:04pm

One of the satellites is developed by students of my college - College Of Engineering Pune. The satellite would test efficient technology for Satellite Attitude control.. Proud of these kids.. I am sure India's future is bright in the hands of our next generation :).

Naxalite Jun 22, 2016 05:06pm

While the common people do not have clean drinking water even...

Abhi Jun 22, 2016 05:06pm

Congrats India and I feel proud to be a Indian. A more to come to watch for the world to recognize the super power of world

Sameer S. Darwhekar Jun 22, 2016 05:06pm

Was desperately waiting for Dawn's coverage...Thank you Dawn, Thanks Pakistan !!

Karma Dorji Jun 22, 2016 05:06pm

India has arrived and how! Congratulations ISRO, you make us proud.

nikus Jun 22, 2016 05:07pm

What are we (Indians) achieving by this? Some money!!!!!!!!!The failure to deliver payload at GTO orbit (by ISRO) is getting sidelined by this type of events. ISRO is very cunning.

idea! Jun 22, 2016 05:09pm

Also the technology to launch multiple satellites into multiple orbits with one launch vehicle has been tested with this mission by starting and stopping the last rocket stage multiple times to achieve this. Only US, Russia and India can do this now!

Sunil Jun 22, 2016 05:13pm

@A Pakistani Many Indians are studying astrophysics to become space scientists.

KUNAL MAJUMDAR Jun 22, 2016 05:13pm

Going through all the comments from Pakistan, I'm delighted to see the maturity and level-headed observations. Respect. But why doesn't your govt display an iota of such virtues? Beats me!

Basit Ali Jun 22, 2016 05:13pm

20 Satellites launched at one time! Wonder how much money it generated for India. I can not recall when we launched one of our satellite recently.

Sunil Jun 22, 2016 05:13pm

US, Canada, Germany have sent their satellites through this Indian space mission. And from US Google is one of them.

shubs Jun 22, 2016 05:15pm

@justanindian "ISRO & Modi are making India more proud day by day"

ISRO was set up in 1969, built its first satellite in 1975, and launched the SLV-3 in 1979. Where was Modi then? Getting schooled in RSS ideology, which is about as far as you can get from science, technology and facts. You know who was instrumental in setting it up? Jawaharlal Nehru.

Hamesh Jun 22, 2016 05:16pm

Dear friends across the border, we share same dna and i assume we have same intellectual level. Then where is the problem. It is time for you to introspect.

No Comments Jun 22, 2016 05:19pm

wow from Pakistan

Indian Jun 22, 2016 05:19pm

Feeling proud of this wonderful achievement!!!

bloggernat Jun 22, 2016 05:26pm

These are the real Kohinoors for india. The Chandni Chowk and Kohinoor can be with the queen. Mind boggling figures and as always, at a fraction of the cost. Im quite sure India is preparing a Blueprint to take other skills like Aeronautics, Space Exploration and now even manufacturing to go the IT way. That would absolutely make india an absolute powerhouse

ROHIT PANDEY Jun 22, 2016 05:29pm

This is the THIRD highest number of satellites put into space at one time.

In 2014, Russia launched 37 satellites at one go,and the US' NASA launched 29 at one go.

India is turning out to be a big player in the global market.

Hope one day, the Indian space industry will dominate the global space industry much like the IT industry from India does?:)

AKKS Jun 22, 2016 05:29pm

ISRO has become the third space agency in the world to launch maximum number of satellites in a single mission! I'm really proud of ISRO!

Abdullah Jun 22, 2016 05:29pm

And the Pakistani SPARCO needs to launch 30 satellites soon......wake up Govt........this is a lucrative business which Pakistan should join......launching satellites....

Anudeep Jun 22, 2016 05:29pm

@Naxalite I'm common man...From india....Not only me....entire my town of one lakh have drinking water....24x7 power...very Gud sanitation.....hundreds of toilets.....constructed....recently an old theater turned to Imax style....24 banks....lots of development.....I'm watching.....just 15 years.....U will see different india

Shakeel Jun 22, 2016 05:31pm

Good job.

congo Jun 22, 2016 05:32pm

congrats....masters of space. but no NSG approval period

Zak Jun 22, 2016 05:33pm

I dont find anything impressive in this..

SidSingh Jun 22, 2016 05:40pm

I think India and Pakistan both should sign a treaty to leave Kashmir and border disputes a side for 10 years and do all the business, education, health, space, science & technology agreements. We need cultural exchange to understand each other better and may be after 10 years when ice will be melt and dependency will be formed, we will reach to some conclusion.

Shobhit Jun 22, 2016 05:42pm

@Zak Who wants you to get impressed ?

Faisal Jun 22, 2016 05:44pm

Great job indians

AKKS Jun 22, 2016 05:49pm

@Zak , "I dont find anything impressive in this.."

India is not doing this to impress you! We are doing it for our own sake!

Samrat Jun 22, 2016 05:52pm

@Basit Ali atleast in millions of dollars.

aslam shaikh1 Jun 22, 2016 05:52pm

This is something our politicians should aim for. It cannot be achieved in one day. We need heavy investment in education, get rid of corruption and invest in high tech field. It is achievable but there needs to be someone with a strong will.

@expat Jun 22, 2016 05:57pm

Enviable achievement.

Vivek (Indore) Jun 22, 2016 05:58pm

Here we are with our tallented geniuses making the country proud! Thank you ISRO

Vineeth Jun 22, 2016 05:59pm

@nikus If you were referring to GSLV, you weren't following the news lately. GSLV-II with its indigenous cryo engine has already been operationalized with two consecutive successful launches, and its bigger brother GSLV-III is on track to be tested by the end of the year. Building rockets that lifts tonnes of cargo into precise orbits isn't child's play, you know.

Anil Jun 22, 2016 06:00pm

@Akram Thanks for your compliments and soothing comments. I sincerely hope a day will come, when we will start complimenting & celebrating one another achievements.

Khwarezmi Jun 22, 2016 06:01pm

Pakistan should invest nuclear submarines and ICBM which can be fired from them soon as possible. India's first nuclear submarines Arihant based on russian design is already deployed with 4-5 more to be followed.

Shiraj Jun 22, 2016 06:02pm

Pakistani people also have lots of potential only if they are directed in right direction.

Ghaznavi Jun 22, 2016 06:01pm

No big deal. India is getting help from the US and other advanced countries. Otherwise the news used to be about their rockets falling into bay of Bengal.

SK Jun 22, 2016 06:03pm

@Abdullah Absolutely. Positive competition is good.

SK Jun 22, 2016 06:06pm

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) Hey not worry India will get into is not if but when and it will not take too long

Kim Jun 22, 2016 06:08pm

Congrats India. Love from Pakistan

sudhanshu swami Jun 22, 2016 06:08pm

Great news and even more encouraging is that one sattelite is of Indian college students . we have bright future.

Shan Jun 22, 2016 06:09pm

Many Congrats from Pakistani to Indians. Keep moving and developing yourself :) Good Luck India

mission 4 work Jun 22, 2016 06:10pm

i will tell one sentence for Pak.. "change Pakistan's science & curriculum book as natural without any politics influence" all Pakistan problem resolved. might be it will take a decade but definitely get resolved all problem.

Analyzer Jun 22, 2016 06:12pm

Excellent .Proud to be an Indian.....

Arjun Jun 22, 2016 06:12pm

fantabulous :)

N.Sid Jun 22, 2016 06:18pm

Heartiest congratulations to India and to ISRO, a giant leap for India in space, the final frontier. From a Pakistani, hope Pakistan space agency will rise to the occasion and wake up from her slumber and start doing something.

mission 4 work Jun 22, 2016 06:22pm

I remember in 90s everyone laugh about Indian space Research... they don't have fund even no talent... but our missile Man Abdul keep faith and make India such level to achieve all heights. Most important all ISRO ppl are very normal collage engineering ppl and delivering best of best. Now ISRO tree grown all branches & ready to eat fruits.

India First Jun 22, 2016 06:23pm

@congo same for you, keep waiting.

BK Jun 22, 2016 06:26pm

Great achievement.

Rajeev Jun 22, 2016 06:31pm

Thanks DAWN for providing space to this Indian accomplishment and my gratitude to citizens of Pakistan for showing respect towards this.

I am an Indian and a Hindu and I must tell that there are lot of comments from my fellow countrymen which appears to be tom toming about India and it’s achievement.

Friends, this does not go well with Indian ethos of humility. Let us be gracious and respectful when we achieve something good.

mirror Jun 22, 2016 06:35pm

the real achievement

Clean View Jun 22, 2016 06:36pm

One important missing information is the launch of the main payload of the mission which is the Cartosat - 2 satellite. It is an earth observation satellite weighing 680 kgs and having an amazing accuracy of 65 cms of earth surface. Way to go!

Optimist Jun 22, 2016 06:36pm

@Naxalite very true!!! Let ISRO also earn some money from launching satellites. As you know well ISRO is a government organization and that money will surely go towards developing the country's infra structure. These are also important steps in achieving they the GOAL will be met at the earliest once India become a rich nationyou have mentioned.

Anuj Jun 22, 2016 06:37pm

@Ghaznavi any proof genius?

Ashish Jun 22, 2016 06:39pm

@shubs Nehru died in 1964 i.e. 5 yrs before ISRO was setup

Asif Jun 22, 2016 06:44pm

Ohhh dear !!! India is acting like a champion these days.. Day after day, one after another achievements.. Such a great country.

chandler Jun 22, 2016 06:49pm

India is the only country which had a successful launch to Mars in its first attempt.

N_Saq Jun 22, 2016 06:49pm

Now how come Pak is not competing with India in science and technology? Where are Dr Sartaj Aziz comments :)

Voice of Reason Jun 22, 2016 06:49pm

When Britain and France collaborated - they produced Concorde. I wish India and Pakistan as a confidence building measure look to develop something in say agriculture or some other technology that will help the poor of both nations. It will help show each country that the majority of the other side is made from people just like them.

N.Sid Jun 22, 2016 06:56pm

@Voice of Reason Sensible and pragmatic advice, 'Concorde' literal meaning is accord, agreement and collaboration. About time two countries embark on a journey of collaboration and cooperation and turn a new leaf. Can India and Pakistan do that, let's be positive about it.

SK Paul- NE India Jun 22, 2016 06:57pm

Thanks all of open minded Pakistani friends for your Congratulations!!!

joe Jun 22, 2016 07:02pm

And important thing is that women scientists form a large part of ISRO talent. Great going ladies.

Imran Jun 22, 2016 07:04pm

Is it very difficult to live in peace and prosper and give our children a better future. There is an opportunity that we have to have friendly relationship with all our neighbours.

Sampath Jun 22, 2016 07:10pm

Thanks DAWN once again for putting this positive India report and the many Pakistani commenters for appreciating ISRO's effort. Some of the indian condescending comments are a bit jarring. Let us remember India as a country has a long way to go in every field and we are in no position to gloat about anything. Also I am very saddened by the death of the Qawwali singer in Karachi. How can you they take the life of a singer who gave joy to people ???

pkp Jun 22, 2016 07:16pm

Our focus is in development. The very concept of Indian psychic is India first. We have our cultural ethic's which guide us to do best towards people welfate. We are very flexible peoples always have tendency to change with the time. We don't belief in rigidity. We change with the time. That is why we are successful in every fields.

TQ Jun 22, 2016 07:22pm

Great Job.

Talkn Parrot Jun 22, 2016 07:30pm

Science and technology more than religion has the potential to make our lives better. Amazing things are waiting to happen if we put our minds to it.

brar Jun 22, 2016 07:31pm

@Harmony-1© Not every thing but good things id there any harm in doing so, if India can earn some thing from this will kit be harmful ?

xyz-Indian Jun 22, 2016 07:33pm

@Ghaznavi :- Not really, Base may be Russian friend , you can say India is getting best of the world, not only US,

abdul latif Jun 22, 2016 07:32pm

Congratulation ISRO. Wonderful India. Simply awesome .

Abhishek Jun 22, 2016 07:36pm

Congratulate ISRO

XoF Jun 22, 2016 07:38pm

Congrats to India..

Ranjan Jun 22, 2016 07:39pm

@Naxalite, Dear friend. Naxal movement is not for clean water... and no longer it is clean...

Tamil Guru Jun 22, 2016 07:40pm

This is the result of India's Education policy. Every Indian child irrespective of his or her Religion, Caste, Language, Ethnicity or Background is given equal opportunity in every field including Education.

Abhishek Jun 22, 2016 07:39pm

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) You are right bro.

Ghaznavi Jun 22, 2016 07:39pm

@Anuj "@Ghaznavi any proof genius?"

For one membership of MTCR. Secondly the defence cooperation with Israel. Third cosy relationship with the US.

BD Jun 22, 2016 07:43pm

I feel happy for India. At the same time it is great to see so many Pakistanis congratulating India and wishing to have same achievement for pak. Wish pak all the success. I remember when India launched mars mission many people said what is the need when so many people below poverty line, but I am sure they will realise that now India is able to genrate more money for its citizens by getting business. Spend money wisely. Not on destruction but construction.

rehnuma Jun 22, 2016 07:50pm

I think Pakistan should also focus and engage itself in space programs and compete India.It's time for them to invest in space and research programs rather than nuclear proliferation and Overly budget allocation to defence

Ahmed Jun 22, 2016 07:55pm

There they go..into the space as competitors and that too without ' China k taawun say'. What's our SUPARCO doing.. Anything in the offing ??

Rohit Singh Jun 22, 2016 07:55pm

Nice work..Education is the way forward..100% literacy and high per capita income should be the goal..China and India realise it and are busy achieving this goal and are not letting their territorial disputes come in between..Can ind and pak do the same and simultaneously meet as many times possible to resolve all their differences..I can visit Lahore at will and karachite can visit Mumbai like anything

np Jun 22, 2016 08:02pm

@shubs "ISRO was set up in 1969, built its first satellite in 1975, and launched the SLV-3 in 1979. Where was Modi then? Getting schooled in RSS ideology, which is about as far as you can get from science, technology and facts. You know who was instrumental in setting it up? Jawaharlal Nehru"

Nehru died in 1964 before 1969 when you say ISRO was set up.

Indian Jun 22, 2016 08:02pm

I would like Pakistan to grow and prosper like India If there is peace in the region India would agin be the glory of the world and Pakistan would be its closest cousin.

ali (CA) Jun 22, 2016 08:04pm

Congrats to India for succeful launch

Riaz M M Jun 22, 2016 08:03pm

Unless civilian scientists in Pakistan are financed properly and allowed to work independently of the establishment ,the space age is not going to dawn in Pakistan.

Sam Aurelio Jun 22, 2016 08:03pm

@shubs Have u ever been to a RSS school? Dont talk non-sense. RSS schools probide good quality education. A muslim student from an RSS run school recently topped Assam board. Nearly 70k Muslims too are studying in those schools. You may not be aware but RSS is the largest provider of robust and affordable education after Govt of India. Every year 1000s of RSS school students go to institutions like IITs, NITs and medical schools. Check ur facts before commenting.

deepak Jun 22, 2016 08:05pm

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) True friend , wish in future Indians & India will achieve success in every field to make the world a better place to live.

lafanga Jun 22, 2016 08:07pm

Typical sub-continent mentality. I include Pakistan in this. Collectively there are probably 800 million people living in abject poverty all across the sub-continent yet we celebrate sending few satellites into space or jarring who gets into NSG or who has the biggest and baddest nuclear armed missile.

Haider Ali Jun 22, 2016 08:07pm

Sir, I am a Muslim from Aligarh (India) and today I am so proud to be an Indian first. I have 2 sons, both are studying science and will one day make my homeland (India) proud. Headlines in India are of this magnificent achievement,

Mahendra Singh Jun 22, 2016 08:07pm

@Akram you right brother, we wish that hardcore elements gets dismantled in Pakistan and the resources goes in proper direction.

PUNE- India Jun 22, 2016 08:08pm

To all Pakistanis do competition with India on Satellite, Education system, Movie making and Trade-Business but not with Anti Ballistic missile, submarines,

Justwasif Jun 22, 2016 08:12pm

Great achievement

Mukul Jun 22, 2016 08:14pm

Great job ISRO....It's better to compete in development race than arms race...arms & wars will only do worse for the citizens...India and Pakistan should compete to reach $10000 per capita income...then see there will b no hatred...hatred is result of no money, no education, no work.

Tamil Guru Jun 22, 2016 08:15pm

A direct result of India's successful education policy. Every Indian child irrespective of his or her Religion, Caste, Language, Ethnicity or Background is given equal opportunity in every field including Education.

ANT Jun 22, 2016 08:23pm

@JC , I am a proud COEP alumni too. In fact was a member of the HAM club for a while there.

shubs Jun 22, 2016 08:22pm

@Ashish "Nehru died in 1964 i.e. 5 yrs before ISRO was setup"

INCOSPAR (Indian National Committee for Space Research) was set up in 1962. It grew into ISRO in 1969. A little research would have told you that.

Wariss Jun 22, 2016 08:22pm

Great.. I love my country and PM

kp Jun 22, 2016 08:24pm

Its PSLV, and successfully tested 27 times.

prashanth Jun 22, 2016 08:25pm

@lafanga we are not celebrating, its just some daily routine. Every month one or two such events are taking place in India.

SId Jun 22, 2016 08:25pm

Great achievement. India has become a superpower. Will soon become Permanent member of Security council.

Sankar Iyer Jun 22, 2016 08:29pm

As a member of the Editorial board of a scientific monthly for High School students of India, published by a non-profit organization, all my attempts to encourage leading scientists across the LoC to join our efforts to enthuse the kids of Pakistan have fallen on deaf ears. It is a great pity!!!

Chacha Jee Jun 22, 2016 08:32pm

I love the picture... cows and space vehicle. It is India

sam Jun 22, 2016 08:39pm

More happier at some Pakistani good wishes than any thing else if genuine!

S.R. Jun 22, 2016 08:42pm

Another feather in the cap of India's scientific achievements!

Super Jun 22, 2016 08:44pm

WOW ,simply too good ! I mean 1 , 2 or even 5 satellites at one go can be understandable but 20 is really good and takes lots of expertise ! Now Isro is second to none when it comes to launching sats !

Nabeel Ahmed Jun 22, 2016 09:01pm

Some times it feels we have lost the plot. We try to compare with India on every possible front. We try to drag them down on every foot but fail to realise that if we grow ourself only then we can command the respect that we often beg for. World respects power and knowledge. I dont know about power but India certainly has knowledge. A front we are seriously lagging behind.

The End is Near Jun 22, 2016 09:03pm

Congratulations my Indian friends for this great achievement. Keep it up. Pakistan must learn from you.

Love from Pak.

Sunilbdk Jun 22, 2016 09:35pm

Congrats India /ISRO !!

mo Jun 22, 2016 10:38pm

Well done India, we are proud of you in Pakistan. Now lets resolve the Kashmir issue !

Thames Jun 22, 2016 11:04pm


Sundar Jun 22, 2016 11:08pm

Indians & Pakistanis are brothers. Both can be proud of each others' achievements. That day is not far off when both the countries will shed all their differences and will be closer to each other. Satellites built by Pakistani students will be put into orbit by Indian rockets and vice versa.

Javed Jun 22, 2016 11:38pm

Sincere congratulations to India on this great achievement by ISRO are in order.

saleem Jun 23, 2016 12:07am

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) well said we dont fight when its needed

Indian Jun 23, 2016 12:31am

@Haider Ali

Sir, I am a Muslim from Aligarh (India) and today I am so proud to be an Indian first. I have 2 sons, both are studying science and will one day make my homeland (India) proud. Headlines in India are of this magnificent achievement

Sure, our kids has bright future. Please give my best wishes to your sons :)

ROHIT PANDEY Jun 23, 2016 12:40am

India snubs China over the NSG issue.

We are behind you China right now, but we are catching up fast in many an area including an accelerating economic growth.

You might succeed in keeping us out of NSG now, but certainly not forever?:)

Ashok Jun 23, 2016 12:58am

What good is doing us. Not sure.

hasan Jun 23, 2016 01:11am

Good going India ! Proud of you !!! Nation that invested in Education proved it!!

Elim Jun 23, 2016 01:13am

@lafanga, you do know that India made profit in this satelite launch. Technology and science reduces povery, religious madrasas do not.

Sattar Gopang- Canada Jun 23, 2016 01:36am

So happy for India and our Indian friends.

Sajid Syed Jun 23, 2016 01:56am

@Indian , Amen Amen brother (And Amin, Amin as well). That is the spirit and the ultimate goal of children of same Mother, Indus Valley Civilization. I hope it happens in my life time.

jamshed Jun 23, 2016 02:09am

A class act by India.

arunkum1 Jun 23, 2016 02:16am

India has had success in low earth 200 miles polar orbits but does not have rockets powerful enough for the 35,000 mile geo synchronous orbits.

The reality Jun 23, 2016 02:15am

Meanwhile poverty issues continue in India and remain one of the countries suffering from basics - lack of clean drinking water, low human development, high infant mortality rate amongst others. Investing in welfare and basic needs should be priority for a third world country as opposed to high profile space launches

Truthtruth Jun 23, 2016 02:30am

Hope pak will learn something from India.

Robert Jun 23, 2016 02:41am

@np Jawahar Lal Nehru had already died way beforo ISRO came into existense.

@mit Jun 23, 2016 02:42am

@shubs Well said but bhakt will never understand.

Ahsan Jun 23, 2016 02:41am

Learn something, Pakistan

Ramki Jun 23, 2016 02:52am

@Naxalite Are you talking about Pakistan or India?

schal Jun 23, 2016 03:11am

@Nabeel Ahmed Better late than never. The young generation of Pakistan knows the right way to channel their smarts, energies and talents. They have to try and prove to themselves first that they are no less to anyone. Resources and appreciation will find them automatically.

schal Jun 23, 2016 03:16am

@aslam shaikh1 Why some one? Why can't it be you? Nobody can do it alone but some one has to take the initiative. I am sure there will be hundreds to support and help you even at the start. Thousands will join later.

Krishnan Jun 23, 2016 03:42am

@Haider Ali Excellent. Wish you all the best.

Gemaliel Jun 23, 2016 04:07am

@satya7077 Lets give credit where it is due. Modi is taking credit for everything Manmohan Singh did in his tenure as PM. Its upto Modi to take it forward.

Indian Friend Jun 23, 2016 04:18am

I like the picture with stray cows in background. It really talks a lot about India and its diversity. BTW, Thanks Dawn for the coverage.... our paid media didn't cover it the way you did. Also, thanks my Pak brothers for best wishes.

Raj Jun 23, 2016 04:21am

big achievement!! thanks Dawn for covering this.

oracle Jun 23, 2016 04:35am

I wish to thank the successive Indian Governments after a great struggle by them and their scientists they have achieved great feat. It is a day to be proud but not smug. I am sure that the Indian Government will in the near future will help to launch Pakistani satellites.

Ayub Jun 23, 2016 04:38am

Great achievement. Congratulation.

Kashmiri Pandit Jun 23, 2016 05:03am

@Zak "I dont find anything impressive in this.."

My point exactly. How can this be more important than quibbling about "Who is a true muslim?". Talk about misplaced priorities.

Jai Hind Jun 23, 2016 05:09am

Thank you Dawn for publising it.

Jasmine Jun 23, 2016 05:19am

@mo Sure. Accept LOC as border and move on.

Friend Jun 23, 2016 05:24am

@mo my friend, India doesn't have a Kashmir problem, but pakistan does. We have to resolve the Kashmir issue on our own, won't get anything from India

SA Jun 23, 2016 05:35am

@A Pakistani You said it. But.....

SA Jun 23, 2016 05:51am

@shubs But definitely not Modi!

Urmi Jun 23, 2016 06:04am

Indian two engineering colleges have manufactured satellites and ISRO has sent it, one is from Pune and other is Chennai .

Jawad pakistani Jun 23, 2016 06:14am

Congratulations to india. Pakistan should learn from india.

Cricbuzz Jun 23, 2016 06:19am

The lesson to be taken here is that good technology in the hand of good country brings happiness.

Ray Jun 23, 2016 06:22am

@Brijesh the other college from Pune is my graduation college...feeling so proud today

Mallik Kathmandu Jun 23, 2016 06:37am

I am a Nepalese Madhese and today I am proud of being Indian origin.

Myview Jun 23, 2016 06:50am

@lafanga In case you don't know,17 out of 20 were launched for other countries thus earning revenues to India.

Ali K Jun 23, 2016 06:53am

Why so silent on Pakistani side? Usually a title for tat if it was military adventure. Wish we also competed on forward thinkibg peaceful research and development projects with the same spirit and fervour.

Well done to India on this one.

Qamar Malik Jun 23, 2016 07:01am

For God sake Pakistan Army & Politics should think now of bringing Pakistan in competition with Indian at least in some field some way to justify our dignity....

deven Jun 23, 2016 07:13am

Very proud of ISRO. Congratulations.

P Datta Jun 23, 2016 07:47am

Come on! Let us work together because together we stand, divided we fall. Sooner we realise it, better for all.

Abdul p Jun 23, 2016 09:19am

@shubs Nehru died in 1964 and ISRO was set up in 1969

kumar Jun 23, 2016 09:23am

@mo Yes and that will solve all your problems.

Man Enough Jun 23, 2016 09:27am

@Tamil Guru Please tell us more about it as it is another exciting news that you told.

Deepak Jun 23, 2016 09:28am

I love my Mother......... INDIA

Himanshu Jun 23, 2016 09:37am

@Nabeel Ahmed :- Nabeel sb soon you will feel that its every time.

schal Jun 23, 2016 09:51am

@Ashok for you?

K.M.Narendran Jun 23, 2016 09:59am

@Ghaznavi Are you getting news papers of 1960s during these days?

Kumar Jun 23, 2016 10:20am

@Nabeel Ahmed, after many months i have seen great comment in the Dawn.

Kumar Jun 23, 2016 10:31am

@lafanga, Even USA has poverty and it cannot be eradicated by distributing money, it can only be tackled by providing education and employment. Human curiosity to explore, innovate and discover new things in all dimensions of human life is the biggest employment creator.

Gagan Jun 23, 2016 10:34am

@Naxalite and ISRO is not responsible for the same but the government and local authorities!!!

shiva Jun 23, 2016 11:31am

@Ghaznavi Remember how many times you must have fallen before learning to walk on your own two feet?? It all depends on how you pull yourself up and resolve to learn from your mistakes without giving up!!

vikas rawat Jun 23, 2016 11:30am

@A Pakistani _well say bro...

vikas rawat Jun 23, 2016 11:32am

well say bro..

diwakar Jun 23, 2016 11:40am

@V K Das .Nehru's "vision" also gifted UNSC seat to China.

diwakar Jun 23, 2016 11:50am

@shubs .You may be glad to know that same Nehru gifted UNSC seat to china.

ravi Jun 23, 2016 12:02pm

not only 20 sat at a time, but also more important news is that COEP (college of engg. pune) students satellite made it to grt heights...

rgds regular dawn reader - contents of dawn and tribune more professional than TOI . Ravi Nagare

sourav Ghosh Jun 23, 2016 12:03pm

@Ashish He set the foundation with the IITs, IIMs public sector and most importantly laid the democratic foundation of this country

Kumar Jun 23, 2016 12:08pm

@Ghaznavi Bro do you really understand what your are talking!? Read articles of greats like Pervez Hoodhboy , might just help clear your doubts on India's great space programmes. Heart Burn to no end!

Bored Jun 23, 2016 12:24pm

@Zak Terrorists are never impressed with scientific, human, social, medical or technological developments

SKS Jun 23, 2016 12:36pm

@mo - Leave the Kashmir or Kashmir issue for a decade, certainly you will progress rapidly.

ZAFAR Jun 23, 2016 12:38pm

@Naxalite ??? Its an industry. You get paid huge sums of money to launch these satellites.

Bikram Singh Jun 23, 2016 12:42pm

@A Pakistani Standing Salute to your comment.

Manoj Jun 23, 2016 01:04pm

I seriously believe that Pakistan should join hands with India in such efforts so that Pakistani citizens can also get benefits in future.

Asif Ahmed Jun 23, 2016 01:06pm

Great Work! India and Pakistan need to look at the levels of education, science and technology and the ways to eradicate poverty instead of a stalemate on a piece of land that will do no good to the common people on either side.

rahul1 Jun 23, 2016 01:27pm

@سے Shaam (Hanafi) ISRO scientist are passionate about space programs . Many European space programs want to compete with ISRO. Welcome Pakistan to that club of healthy competition

Bamboodoor Jun 23, 2016 01:54pm

@Zak Come on dear. Let's give credit where it is due.

Ash Jun 23, 2016 02:01pm

@Naxalite that is why we are launching settelite to predict rain and draught accurately.

magesh Jun 23, 2016 02:08pm

Wish pakistani policy makers decide to compete on these. They always want to compete with India on missiles, nuclear warheads, etc. But simply ignore the scientific and economic fronts.

jamor Jun 23, 2016 02:37pm

@np Nehru formed the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) in 1962 with help of close aide & scientist Vikram Sarabhai .This organization was later superseded by ISRO

Subu Jun 23, 2016 02:40pm

@Ghaznavi : why did you find any?

Javed Jun 23, 2016 02:54pm

And from these 20 satellites. two(2) satellites are developed by two respective Colleges.(Students)

See our enemy is doing enormous development. Today i felt very bad about my country. Now we should leave Kashmir and instead concentrate on Our Pakistan's development.

Monsieur S Jun 23, 2016 03:11pm

@Naxalite and the Dalits don't want to give up their status as dalits either .....

South Indian Jun 23, 2016 03:16pm


"Well done India, we are proud of you in Pakistan. Now lets resolve the Kashmir issue !"

Why not definitely....

Vikram Jun 23, 2016 03:26pm

@diwakar True...but that was probably because he was more of an academician than a politician. He could never comprehend Chinese ill will. Give him his due credit for his good deeds at least.

Vikram Jun 23, 2016 03:31pm

You mean US helped us launching Mars mission within 73 million while they themselves spent 671 million ? And then they are helping us to eat their own market share in this sector ?? Doesn't it sound a bit weird???

Roy Jun 23, 2016 03:38pm

as the cartosat is a satellite which maps the routes / paths on terrain.. so it is much significant for the military!

pak sarzameen Jun 23, 2016 03:50pm

did we send such scientific mission. did we send prob to mars and moon. still we have poverty. you develop or not in space missions or knowledge , poverty is not tackled . its a separate issue. kudos to the fraternity

Pra aksha Jun 23, 2016 03:51pm

@Anudeep We cordially invite you & all those always talking negative without knowing & seeing recent India!

Kaly Jun 23, 2016 03:58pm

@Javed - Buddy neither India or Indians are your enemy...just remove this thought from your mindset.

You need to understand India is your ancestor....and we do want peace and progress in your country...


Kaffir Jun 23, 2016 04:32pm

@arunkum1 wrong , its launch weight is a mited to less than 3 tons , not position in space . There is little resistance in space .

ROHIT PANDEY Jun 23, 2016 04:31pm

@Vikram @Ghaznavi You mean US helped us launching Mars mission within 73 million while they themselves spent 671 million ? And then they are helping us to eat their own market share in this sector ?? Doesn't it sound a bit weird???

ROHIT PANDEY Jun 23, 2016 04:37pm

@Haider Ali I am sure there are millions and millions of Muslim students in India, boys and girls, who have talent and enormous potential to contribute to India in many ways.

I wish your family all success in educating them to maximum possible extent, and I hope millions of Muslim parents think on same lines as you.

Your post put a big smile on my face!:) Good luck:)

Truth Jun 23, 2016 05:14pm

@The reality This is the reason you are in a situation where you are and we are progressing way ahead of you. This satellite launch was purely a commercial one for yourself several satellites from US , Canada Germany and so on..Isro has launched and we have made millions of $s.This is how we are trying to come out of poverty.

KT Jun 23, 2016 05:41pm

Its an opportunity where asian countries can launch their satellites at less cost. More TV channels, better facilities at affordable rates. Best advantage is other countries satellite are at stake so less chances of launch failures.

desidude Jun 23, 2016 05:53pm

US and Russia cooperate on space exploration. It would be wonderful if India and Pakistan joined forces for peaceful uses of space and rocket technologies.

Sunil Bhartia Jun 23, 2016 05:55pm

@Depressed Pakistani Don't be depressed Mate. Force your politicos and Commanders to spend on and develop Knowledge and Tech based economy. Just one positive turn can take entirely different dimensions. After all we are same gene-pool !!

Muhammad Ali Jun 23, 2016 06:10pm

I am happy for India and I hope Pakistan to collaborate and work with India rather then wasting money in Panama

Ekansh Singh Jun 23, 2016 06:41pm

@A Pakistani bro if money is spend on education sector than their votes & politics will become flop and failed.

sahil Jun 23, 2016 06:52pm

india and pak and bangladesh should come back to become one country like before it will resolve all our problems and make us the strongest in all areas how can brothers live apart from each other..

Arun-KS Jun 23, 2016 07:44pm

Thanks to all well-wishers. Thanks to ISRO for making us proud.

A Jun 23, 2016 07:48pm

@nikus It was successful last year and now ISRO is developing Mark-III.

Indian Jun 23, 2016 08:00pm

@Sampath Do murderers have any logic or rationale? It baffles me how can someone kill such great people who gave so much happiness and joy to their listeners, so much to music, to Pakistan India and the world, ones who have no enemy.

Ravi Jun 23, 2016 08:02pm

@shubs Nehru died in 1964!

Indian Jun 23, 2016 08:10pm

@arunkum1 After 2 successful GSLV-II launches, GSLV-III of higher payload capability is being readied.

Baku Jun 23, 2016 08:14pm

@Myview And even the Indian satellite CARTOSAT weighing more than 700Kgs, is one of the very few most advanced mapping satellites in the world with 25cms mapping resolution.

R YEGYA NARAYANAN Jun 23, 2016 08:26pm

@Haider Ali Dear Ali, I appreciate your sincerity and warmth. I am sure your children will rise up to the occasion and fulfill your dreams. Be sure India is a country that would embrace all its citizens. May the God Almighty bless you!

gknatarajan Jun 23, 2016 09:09pm

congratulations to ISRO" ! how i wish pakisthan also join with india,in the space research,leaving aside its negative perception of enmity with us, and south asia, compete with developed nations in space research and use for peaceful purpose!

gunjan Jun 23, 2016 09:52pm

Proud of you ISRO!

pathanoo Jun 24, 2016 12:55am

Great Job, ISRO. Great Job, India. I hope and wish that our Pakistani friends would compete with India in peaceful space race and even win. But not priortize the military superiority only. That doesn't help either country. Love to see a very healthy and vigorous competition between the two countries in all spheres except militarization.

Sridhar Jun 24, 2016 01:54am

@desidude what will Pakistan have to offer in space exploration?

Kharavela Jun 24, 2016 12:04pm

@Zak This is first time im seeing zak appreciating india . anyways thanks brother.

Gnanesh Jun 24, 2016 12:48pm


GSLV-Mark III would be launched next year to place GSAT series 19 communication satellite in geosynchronous orbit. This comm satellite is part of the INSAT system which has a constellation of several high power sats, all made by ISRO. Till now most of these sats used to be launched by ESA's Ariane 5, but the Mark III is now ready after successful test flights.

The Mark III would also be used for ISRO's manned space mission in a few years from now. Last year the capsule for carrying astronauts was tested for launch and recovery. This massive launch vehicle incorporates India's own cryogenic engine; which was successful after a few failures and delays.

ajay sachdeva Jun 24, 2016 01:18pm

@Akram well said

Vish Jun 24, 2016 02:12pm

@sahil But who will listen this lone voice dear...

Umesh Jun 24, 2016 02:22pm

@Salman (Kashmir, INDIA) ...well said salman

sam Jun 24, 2016 02:46pm

yahooo we are rock it

Anis Jun 24, 2016 04:37pm

Would love Pakistan to compete on this with India.

shyam Jun 24, 2016 04:37pm

"Dawn ,we salute you to publish this great news and you are the best in whole world for you unbiased and add free news"

Tejaswi Sharma Jun 24, 2016 07:47pm

We will beat China everywhere.. we are 10-12 year behind China. We are going to run faster.

Myview Jun 24, 2016 09:27pm

Why do comments always seem to take nationalistic turn on almost every news? Both Indians and Pakistanis,love your countries but have the self image to always give credit where it belongs. Do more for your country rather than trying to pull the other down.Grow up!

ROHIT PANDEY Jun 24, 2016 11:25pm

@sahil india and pak and bangladesh should come back to become one country like before it will resolve all our problems and make us the strongest in all areas how can brothers live apart from each other.

GREAT sentiment, and maybe, someday, one day, it might just come true?:)

tony Jun 25, 2016 12:03am

Congrats India.

Lakhans Jun 25, 2016 12:20am

@Javed , either you realised this truth, asap otherwise neither you will get solve Kashmir issue, nor will get development.

Indian Perspective Jun 25, 2016 12:53am

You guys keep going in circles and wonder, look, validate and set up committees on moon sighting while we launch satellites, and land at moon and beyond.

You keep inventing new ways to justify your hypocrisies while we educate our masses, enlarge our middle class, improve our economy and solve our problems.

You keep demanding Kashmir without giving basic human rights to the populace you already have and we take advantage of your leader's mistakes and take advantage of the treaties (so called Indus Water Treaty) they willfully signed giving us enormous rights on your natural resources (water).

I say good luck to you. One day we will be able to welcome your citizens with "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

A friendly reminder.

Political Science Jun 25, 2016 02:27pm

Spending billions on rockets,satellites,and space technology ,while poor people living on pavements,sleeping under bridges,begging for food and clothing,no sanitation,no medical treatment,babies born on streets,dieing on streets,no bathrooms for poor,no water,no power,first priortties should be social security,the funds spent on space,are at not proportionate to these spending in incredible India.

Sunil Jun 25, 2016 03:33pm

@Ghaznavi do you know rocket science never shared by any country and agencies. Whatever ISRO achieved its by their own. I hope Pakistan also able to do it. But government needs to focus on education and science.

Sunil Jun 25, 2016 03:48pm

@Gemaliel you are wrong, modi gave it's credits to all the scientists. Please get the information first before pointed finger to someone.