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VATICAN: Minister for  Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael and Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yusuf meet Pope Francis on Wednesday.—APP
VATICAN: Minister for Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael and Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yusuf meet Pope Francis on Wednesday.—APP

LAHORE: Pope Francis has accepted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s invitation to visit Pakistan this year, according to a message received here on Wednesday from the Vatican.

The invitation was extended by Ports and Shipping Minister Kamran Michael and Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yusuf.

The highest Catholic priest also offered special prayers for Pakistan and the Pakistanis who have fallen victim to terrorism.

Published in Dawn, March 3rd, 2016

Comments (48) Closed

Abbas Mar 03, 2016 07:45am

Welcome Pope Francis, We are Pakistanis with open heart and brain. Welcome to Pakistan. Our Christian Brothers and sisters definitely deserve to pray with you. God bless every one.

Saeed Mar 03, 2016 08:26am

Good for Pakistani Catholics to enjoy the blissful company of their Pope and will improve Pakistan's image in the world

YezB Mar 03, 2016 09:07am

Wonderful indeed. The whole world prays for Pakistan to deal matters sensibly.

Just Thinking Mar 03, 2016 09:11am

Such invitations should also be extended to prominent Hindu scholars and Priests ....

gul Mar 03, 2016 09:15am

His Holiness' visit will bring blessings for the people of Pakistan.

Hashim Mar 03, 2016 09:23am

Good for Pakistan.

Sarfraz Mar 03, 2016 09:35am

Very good

Karachi wala Mar 03, 2016 10:04am

That is amazing. Pope Francis truly is an inspiration for every person - catholics and non-catholics alike. Excited to welcome him to Pakistan!

Asim Rizvi Mar 03, 2016 10:13am

This is good.

Ahmar Qureshi Mar 03, 2016 10:40am

This is a good for international peace & brotherhood!

AK Mar 03, 2016 11:03am

Great and bold gesture from the government

Bin Adam Mar 03, 2016 11:23am

The most revered and beloved leader of Christians, Muslims and all the peace loving people of the World. Who is truly carrying the Jesus Christ's message of unconditional love and forgiveness all over the globe. Holy Bible " Matthew:5:43-48: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect".

Imran AB Mar 03, 2016 11:24am

Great gesture and should be a wonderful gift for the Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Mar 03, 2016 11:30am

I am a christian and im proud of our PM for inviting Pope Frances to Pakistan. Im loving PML government! Thank you Nawaz Sharif!

Pakistani Mar 03, 2016 11:30am

Thank you Nawaz Sharif on behalf of 3 million Pakistani christians!!

My 2 cents Mar 03, 2016 11:31am

I am not a great fan for PMLN or its leadership - but - what I have seen his recent confidence in Karachi Ops, Zarab Uzab, Women Rights and Justice in murder of Salaman Taseer - I have a hope in him too... he can bring Pakistan back from dark era

nuzhat shireen Mar 03, 2016 11:38am

he should come and teach our religious elements about peace.

Arif Muqri Mar 03, 2016 11:49am

Positive news.

We muslim should be open minded as per teaching of our Holy Prophet PBUH.

Humanity is above the religion.

Arshad Mar 03, 2016 12:05pm

Pope should also condemn the brutality of USA, Britain, Germany & France killing millions of innocent Iraqi citizens in an imposed war on false pretext of WMD. They were killed because they were Muslims.

karachi wala Mar 03, 2016 01:08pm

indeed, we pakistanies (Christians + muslims) welcomes u with love and respect. its an honour for all pakistanies..

Abdulla Hussain Mar 03, 2016 01:08pm

Good news, the Pope should visit Pakistan and meet in person peoples of this country to find out that Pakistanis are very friendly & hospitable peoples. The Christian community will have a chance to see their Pope.

imran ali Mar 03, 2016 01:17pm

pope fracis, please teach "muslims of this country that humanity is the essense of all religions", we pakistanies irrespective of our beliefs r happy to welcome u here.

malika Mar 03, 2016 01:22pm

The pope is visiting at a time when no one dares enter pakistan. Hopefully this turns a new leaf in our country

shaD Mar 03, 2016 01:34pm

GooD News..

PETER REGO Mar 03, 2016 01:36pm

Pope Francis most welcome to Pakistan.

AA Mar 03, 2016 01:37pm

A good step indeed...

Muzzamil Mar 03, 2016 01:39pm

We need people like him in Pakistan to promote peace. Major overhauling is needed in madrassas to change the mindset.

Tamza Mar 03, 2016 01:44pm

@Just Thinking prominent!? Perhaps you mean 'decent' and 'open-minded' and 'ecumenical'?

Muhammad Mar 03, 2016 02:15pm

@Just Thinking sure why not. It should expand to include representatives of all faiths. It would help promote inter faith harmony.

Shakti Mar 03, 2016 02:56pm

I hopw Pakistanis keep an open mind about Christianity.

Azmeen Mar 03, 2016 03:10pm

Welcome Pope Francis to Pakistan.

SAQ Mar 03, 2016 03:16pm

That's great. He is a very enlightened man and doing a great job of spreading Unity between the different faiths.

BK Mar 03, 2016 03:18pm

His Holiness visit to Pakistan will remove lot of misconceptions about Pakistan. There is a general belief outside, no other religious head will able to roam around Pakistan, due to its so called volatile situation. We welcome sir, and the Hon. Prime Minister for this initiative. Mr. Nawaz sab seems to be very sincere towards improving the image of Pakistan. In the context of relation with India, Mr. Sharif took some bold steps.

GAK Wazir Mar 03, 2016 04:52pm

We, Pakistanis welcome Pope Francis here in our country. We believe in inter faith harmony to promote peace and eliminate sectarianism. Islam guarantees protection of minorities and their other basic rights, and so does other religions including Christianity.

GA Mar 03, 2016 06:02pm

Would be great if he visits.

Indian Wolfie Mar 03, 2016 07:08pm

Hope he visits India too :)

AKB Mar 03, 2016 07:38pm

Good news. Welcome to Pakistan.

peace Mar 03, 2016 07:43pm

This is GREAT news! Please welcome and pray for love, peace and tolerance for humanity!

Zak Mar 03, 2016 09:50pm

Another fine Pope in the 1970's or 80's. He had great words for the nation of Pakistan. Everyone wants to come to Pakistan. Great.

Zak Mar 03, 2016 10:04pm

The very respected and popular Pope John Paul II came to Pakistan in 1981. The Pakistani crowd of all religious leaning came out to welcome him.

Mohammed Sattar Mar 03, 2016 11:39pm

A good move by the Pakistani government. Congratulations to all concerned. Foolproof security must be provided otherwise Pakistan will never live it down if anything untoward was to happen to the Pope.

Nasir Hameed Mar 03, 2016 11:59pm

Good I am really happy Pope is visiting Pakistan. It is nice to see such a positive reaction from others in the comments section. Pakistan will have to provide him very detailed security. He holds more importance than Obama.

Imran Mar 04, 2016 02:39am


Jamal Mar 04, 2016 04:36am

Welcome Pope Francis

Cyrus Mar 04, 2016 06:46am

The Pope's visit will put the world spotlight on Pakistan for a few days.

Battleaxe Mar 04, 2016 09:40am

Trump missed out on this one so a big win .Democrats in America can arrange anything anywhere for friends but this one is no surprise .Last year people lost their heads this year I don't know what will happen . Public is stunned as never before ,looks like a stun is better than a gun.

Sonny Afridi Mar 04, 2016 10:27am

I will be thrilled to see his holiness visit Pakistan. I love him, such a great personality.

Babar Mar 05, 2016 09:56am

@Arshad The Pope did condemn at the time. The Pope should give a lecture to our clerics and fanatics who are always trying to incite people in the name of religion?