Star-gazing & constellations: 11 breathtaking photos of the night sky

"We are dead stars looking back up at the sky".
Published December 14, 2015

Have you ever wanted to just lie down under the open sky and watch the universe unravel through the night? If not, then you must see these fascinating shots submitted by our Instagram community on #DawnWeeklyProject:

1. Watching the Milky Way over Deosai, the land of giants, can be beautiful and intimidating

2. For those who thought capturing star trails in Karachi was impossible

3. "I always find Ziarat's night sky stunningly clear and I won't hesitate in calling it 'The City Of Stars,'" says photo contributor Muhammad Yasir Baloch

4. This perfectly symmetrical shot of star trails in Mirpurkhas is making us dizzy!

5. Make a wish! These star trails in Rakaposhi look like a thousand falling stars

6. Looking into the soul of the universe

7. Hanna Lake looks twice as beautiful on a magical starry night

8. The mighty mountains in Skardu against the spectacular Milky Way

9. Kirthar Mountains in Balochistan provide a perfect spot for star-gazing

10. Ultar Peak, where the mountains touch the stars

11. "What is human existence? It turns out it's pretty simple: We are dead stars looking back up at the sky," says NASA's Dr Michelle Thaller

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