9 photos that will have you craving chai

"Sunehra, chamakta peela rung" - chai moments worth sharing.
Published December 2, 2015

We are done with the first phase of the #DawnWeeklyProject on Instagram! Here are some of the best pictures of hot, steaming chai that were shared by our online community.

1. This top-down view of the moment before chai is poured was a clear win

2. Sweet symmetry ala doodh wali chai

3. Who doesn't love a cup of chai during a downpour!

4. Dhabba Doodh Patti - it's grimy, but that's what makes it so special

5. Just another chai-stained cup that won us over

#DawnWeeklyProject Topic: Chai

A photo posted by Umer Farooq Malik (@umer_farooq_malik) on

6. Chai and memories - this gorgeous photo left us nostalgic (and thirsting)

7. If it isn't burning hot, it doesn't count

8. Yet another dhabba moment that had us fiending for doodh patti

9. "Sunehra, chamakta peela rung" - long live the chai wala

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