11 beach spots in Pakistan you must visit

Pakistan isn't all mountains, plains and deserts!
Published December 7, 2015

Pakistan isn't all mountains, plains and deserts!

This week, we asked our Instagram community to share photos of their favourite beach spots along the country's scenic coastline.

These are our top picks from the many fantastic photos on #DawnWeeklyProject.

1. Go zen: Somiani beach is the perfect place to practice yoga

2. Cast a line: Gwadar is fishing heaven

3. 'Do Darya' is to Karachi what Monal is to Islamabad

4. Skip that trip to the Maldives. Visit Sunehri Beach instead

#dawnweeklyproject #beach #sunehrabeach #karachi

A photo posted by Ali Umair Jaffery (@umairster) on

5. Manora island's long sandy beaches are a great picnic spot, with landmarks worth exploring nearby

6. Combine a low-lying mountain range with the sea and you have picture-perfect 'Cape Mount'

View of cape mount beach..

A photo posted by Ali Umair Jaffery (@umairster) on

7. If you haven't visited Hawksbay, you haven't done Karachi beaches justice

Throwback Summer, 15. #dawndotcom #dawnweeklyproject

A photo posted by Shoaib Khatri (@shoaibkhatri) on

8. Sea View might not be the best beach around...but this picture had us believing otherwise!

9. Nathiagali beach is among the hardest to access, but that's exactly what makes it so perfect

Nathiagali beach, Karachi. #Pakistan #Karachi #Nathiagali #sea #beach #water #nature #waves

A photo posted by Ema Anis (@emaanis) on

10. Kick back and relax at serene Tushan beach

Train insane, or remain the same ⚽️ // #DawnWeeklyProject

A photo posted by Humza Ismail (@humzashk) on

11. Kund Malir beach - just one of the many reasons to visit Balochistan

#dawnweeklyproject #themostbeautifulbeaches #beach #kundmalir #balochistan #pakistan

A photo posted by Ali Umair Jaffery (@umairster) on

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