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Lashkar-i-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq, two sons killed in Muzaffargarh 'encounter'

Updated Jul 29, 2015 06:16pm


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Ishaq and his sons were arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Department a week ago. ─ AFP/File
Ishaq and his sons were arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Department a week ago. ─ AFP/File

LAHORE: Malik Ishaq, chief of banned sectarian outfit Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, his two sons Usman and Haq Nawaz, and 11 attackers were killed in an alleged exchange of fire with police personnel late on Tuesday night.

At least six policemen were injured in the alleged encounter.

Ishaq and his sons were arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Department a week ago. Following their recent arrest, the police had interrogated them and had subsequently taken them to Shahwala in Punjab's Muzaffargarh district to aid the police in recovering weapons and explosives, sources in the CTD said.

The encounter appears to have taken place as militants attacked security forces and tried to free Ishaq who was killed in the ensuing exchange of fire, security sources say.

A spokesman for CTD Multan said Ishaq, his two sons, one Ghulam Rasool Shah and two other accused, all from Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, were taken to Muzaffargarh by the counter-terrorism department to aid in the recovery of arms and explosives.

The spokesman said that when the police party was returning after making the recovery, it was attacked by some 12 to 15 gunmen who succeeded in freeing Ishaq, his sons and the other accused and fleeing away on motorcycles.

The militants were met with by SHO CTD police station who had quickly been informed about the attack on the police party and was travelling on the route that the militants had taken, the spokesman said, adding that that’s how the encounter ensued.

The SHO challenged the militants, resulting in the encounter in which six police personnel sustained injuries, the spokesman said. They were shifted to the district headquarters hospital.

The spokesman added that 14 militants, including Malik Ishaq and Ghulam Rasool Shah, were killed by the attackers themselves.

A large amount of weapons and ammunition was recovered from the attacking men and an investigation has been initiated into the events.

All bodies have been shifted to DHQ Muzaffargarh. The bodies of Ishaq and his sons will undergo a postmortem before being taken to Rahim Yar Khan, where he was based.

Know more: Analysis: Pakistan's militant 'rehabilitation’ problem

Lashkar-i-Jhangvi is regarded as the most extreme Sunni terror group in Pakistan and is accused of killing hundreds of Shias after its emergence in the early 1990s. The organisation is also said to have links with Al Qaeda.

The organisation was banned more than a decade ago by former president Pervez Musharraf.

Ishaq, who is a leader of the feared organisation, has been implicated in dozens of cases, mostly murder.

In this photo taken on July 15, 2011, Malik Ishaq is greeted by supporters with rose-petals upon his arrival in hometown after his release from jail, in Rahim Yar Khan. – AP/File
In this photo taken on July 15, 2011, Malik Ishaq is greeted by supporters with rose-petals upon his arrival in hometown after his release from jail, in Rahim Yar Khan. – AP/File

He was arrested in 1997 and is implicated in dozens of cases. He was released on bail in July 2011 after serving a jail term of nearly 14 years.

Read more: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the "lack of evidence"

Since his 2011 release he has been frequently put under house arrest as his sermons raised sectarian tensions. He was also arrested in 2013 over deadly sectarian attacks targeting the Hazara Shia community in Quetta. The first attack took place on Jan 10, 2013 targeting a Hazara snooker hall and killing 92 people and the second bomb attack occurred on Feb 16, killing 89 people. The attacks were claimed by Lashkar-i-Jhangvi.

Ishaq was also accused of masterminding, from behind bars, the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, which wounded seven players and an assistant coach, and killed eight Pakistanis.

The attacks saw Pakistan stripped of its right to co-host the 2011 cricket World Cup and jeopardised the future of international cricket in the country.

Explore: Those who kill: Profiles of Pakistan's terror outfits


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Comments (372) Closed

taher Jul 29, 2015 08:02am

Good job Punjab Police

osman Jul 29, 2015 08:03am

on one hand my mind says "good riddance", the other say maybe he was misguided and didn't know any better because truth is merely based on perception.

Asad Jul 29, 2015 08:04am

Militants tried to to free him. Why would militants try to free him if he was an honest, law abiding, innocent citizen of the country, as stated multiple times in the past?

Nawaz Jul 29, 2015 08:05am

they met the same fate as their countless innocent victims. good riddance!!!

Kareemullah Jul 29, 2015 08:06am

Good news - All are happy.

Farhan Jul 29, 2015 08:06am

Good riddance. Would have been better if he had been convicted in the court of law, but perhaps that's asking for too much.

Nawaz Jul 29, 2015 08:06am

I hope no one is allowed to spread hate in the name of anything from now on; be it religion, language or whatever!

Ali Jul 29, 2015 08:07am

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Well done muhafiz-e-Pakistan forces.

faisal Jul 29, 2015 08:11am

it was left up to courts and they continued to declare him innocent. good to know he met his fate the same way he killed others.

MAT Jul 29, 2015 08:11am

Good show and fast justice...

Keep going.

Shahid Jul 29, 2015 08:12am

Yesss, Pakistan security agencies mean business... no more terrorists and no more corruption. Agenda is clear and speaks itself louder enough for every one to hear.

mazhar abbas Jul 29, 2015 08:13am

should have done earlier, but security forces be given credit for this.

Bil_VA Jul 29, 2015 08:14am

Congratulations Pakistan. After Zaid Hamid arrest in Saudi Arabia, this one is a significant progress towards building a tolerant Pakistan.

mike Jul 29, 2015 08:16am

Great riddance

Chicago Jul 29, 2015 08:17am

A happy day for Pakistanis.

salman Jul 29, 2015 08:18am

He was the one who claimed killing 100 Pakistanis in the court room. And said that he will kill more after his release. Good news for all Pakistanis.

rockies110 Jul 29, 2015 08:19am

A very late, but Good riddance

Sam Jul 29, 2015 08:22am

When courts will vindicate such criminals despite of evidences then law enforcement agencies will serve them justice like this.

jg Jul 29, 2015 08:23am

Punjab police Zindabad

Givememymoneyman Jul 29, 2015 08:23am

Good riddance!

ga Jul 29, 2015 08:23am

Good riddance!!

Raza Jul 29, 2015 08:24am

live by the sword, die by the sword

Shahid. K Jul 29, 2015 08:24am

Great news for Pakistan and hats off to police for doing what they should have ee

kumail12 Jul 29, 2015 08:26am

Very late, many more are still free.

Mansoor Sajid Jul 29, 2015 08:28am

encounter or no encounter. This is the best way to get Pakistan free of such murderers otherwise courts will take ages to decide upon their cases and most of the time will let them free for lack of their (court) version of proof. Brave Punjab police!

Zac Jul 29, 2015 08:28am

good riddance.... his ideology should now also be eliminated

Syed Jul 29, 2015 08:31am

Great news for all sensible Muslims

skeptic Jul 29, 2015 08:31am

Glad that this evil man has been sorted but also sad that we don't have the judicial system to deal with such evil and the police encounters is what we have to resort to.... nevertheless..

pervaiz iqbal Jul 29, 2015 08:35am

Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

NT Jul 29, 2015 08:35am

Looks like a fake encounter.

ahmadraza Jul 29, 2015 08:36am

it means police is doing its duty well

A humanistic Jul 29, 2015 08:36am

Do good and have good & vice versa

RAK Jul 29, 2015 08:38am

It is wise to amputate a cancerous limb to save the whole body.

Ravi Vancouver Jul 29, 2015 08:38am

Religious hatred must end, it is creating havoc in the Muslim world and innocent Muslims are being killed. Killing few individuals shall just touch tip of the iceberg. Sermons at mosques promoting peace among all Muslim sects will go long way to tackle this problem.

Rao Jul 29, 2015 08:38am

Good riddance.... Comment looks harsh but it's true.

A Malik Jul 29, 2015 08:38am

Great job punjab police

mas Jul 29, 2015 08:40am

I would appreciate the police man in the picture as he connected handcuffs of the danger man with his belt.

ismail Jul 29, 2015 08:41am

It happens when judicial system fails, the credit must be given to Punjab Police and it's Government for such a bold decision, thought it's bit late but still must be appreciated.

Such culprits never be allowed to move and act freely and now looking foreword for rest of banned organisations.

nadeem Jul 29, 2015 08:41am

Well done Pakistan forces,what ever happened and how ever happened.

Huzaifa Jul 29, 2015 08:42am

Keep up the good work CTD Punjab. Thus news made my day!

Ayan (Super Hero not Super Model) Jul 29, 2015 08:45am

To save Pakistan, religious extremism must be handled with iron hand.

asad Jul 29, 2015 08:47am

long awaited news well done punjab police

Hope Jul 29, 2015 08:48am


Get rid of all of them including Taliban.

khurram Jul 29, 2015 08:49am

Best news to start my day...well done police....

ali Jul 29, 2015 08:50am

Most people are hanged after being guilty of even one murder, but Ishaq had murdered quite a few and masterminded other murders and yet he served only 14 years in prison and that too comfortably, he was also behind the Hazara Shia killings and attack on the SRi Lankan team etc etc and yet he was moving around Scott free until a week ago when he was arrested for questioning probably at the behest of the army as the police would have never arrested him and always placed weak FIR against him so that he can either be set free or get a lighter sentence.Hopefully this organization will die its own death.

Usman Khan Jul 29, 2015 08:50am

This seems all staged. My guess is that phase 2 of zarb e azb has started against south Punjab based militants. It seems that his cronies attacked the police station in Indian Punjab to raise tensions and divert the military's resources from the western front. This has expedited the need to get rid of these unsavoury elements which had been 'tolerated' by the establishment previously.

ysk Jul 29, 2015 08:50am

Finally, a start. I hope the other hate mongers face the similar fate

A.Ali Jul 29, 2015 08:51am

Good Job, my prayers goes to injured police personnel for their early recovery.

ysk Jul 29, 2015 08:51am

@adolf altaF maybe PTI should also cover its tracks too..would help in fight against terrorism

Sam Jul 29, 2015 08:52am

Finally something is done in Panjab as part of NAP.

PAK is in Me Jul 29, 2015 08:52am


Aasma Farhad Jul 29, 2015 08:52am

Pakistan is finally coming to policing as another and effective solution to terrorism. It must also strengthen its judiciary.

KHI91 Jul 29, 2015 08:54am

It's good that he is killed now.

but I hope in 14 years of his detention police or agencies should have done their home work which they don't seem to have done due to continuous attacks on citizens. Jul 29, 2015 08:55am

Thanks a million - Punjab Police. Pakistan Zindabaad

nasir Jul 29, 2015 08:56am

Was in custody of police,Seems habitual/notorious punjab police killed him! Illegal...vendetta..... Police can't protect a man in their custody, How police wil protect citizens?

Iced Jul 29, 2015 08:59am

Irrespective of what this man has done, who are we to judge him? Are we saying that even the special courts are incapable of dealing with his kind? How hard would it have been to incarcerate him and have him tried by the special courts, after all wasn't that the reason why they were created in the first place? Instead we now have the police acting as the judge, jury and executioner. If the credibility of the courts is the question, the solution is to fix it and not to subvert it even further. This action further undermines the whole criminal legal framework.

Agha Asad Raza Jul 29, 2015 08:59am

They TOTALLY deserved it!! No regrets.

Ranger Jul 29, 2015 09:01am

Clear case of fake encounter. Should be investigated

Amer Jul 29, 2015 09:01am

I thought I was never see this day! Amazing work by the police.

Asif Raza Jul 29, 2015 09:02am

good job punjab police. every cruel is to end one day.

Marxist Jul 29, 2015 09:10am

News of the Day!!. Well Done Police

Kamran Jul 29, 2015 09:10am

Excellent news. Hope to hear more like this InshAllah

Indianvoice Jul 29, 2015 09:12am

World has become a little bit safer from today. Sectarianism must be quashed. It's causing too much and very deplorable killing of the innocents.

bayg Jul 29, 2015 09:12am

Finally hunted down, well done Punjab police.

abuzar Jul 29, 2015 09:13am

He knew he wouldn't get away this time.

Hashim Jul 29, 2015 09:13am

Excellent news!!

shazada Zahid Malik-Loan Jul 29, 2015 09:14am

This encounter was an exttra judical killing - yet again the police is acting outside the law. If he was convicted of murder he should have been hanged and not taken into custody and then shot in cold blood. Is anyone safe in Pakistan?

Noshin Jul 29, 2015 09:14am

Quick recovery for injured police personnels....

hasan Jul 29, 2015 09:14am

finally......a feather in the cap of Punjab Police.

Shah Jul 29, 2015 09:15am

May it be true (ameen)

Pakistani Jul 29, 2015 09:23am

Same old story, they tried to get free and got killed. no one from Police died as usual.

Anon Jul 29, 2015 09:24am

Fantastic news to brighten up my day!

SAM Jul 29, 2015 09:24am

Good job. Eliminate all sources of hate, extremism & terrorism from Pak.

Great Giant Jul 29, 2015 09:27am

all indicators are of a fake encounter.

shahid khan Jul 29, 2015 09:27am

Great work! We have to get rid of them if we want to move ahead as a Nation!

Ali Ibrahim Jul 29, 2015 09:27am

Finally! Good to see the CTD take matters into its own hands, after the judiciary failed to implicate this man numerous times in the murder of innocent civilians.

rkh Jul 29, 2015 09:28am

good news

goldconsumer Jul 29, 2015 09:28am

Nice alibi Punjab Police!

TooTrue Jul 29, 2015 09:29am

What good news. Excellent job by the police.

Mirza Jul 29, 2015 09:30am

Finally Punjab police is doing its job. good news for a change.

Raza Jul 29, 2015 09:33am

Those who live by the gun will die by the gun. Long live Pakistan, Pakistanis and their security forces!!!!

tajamal Jul 29, 2015 09:36am

game over

vinayak Jul 29, 2015 09:37am

i am inclined to humanism pacifism.. still i will take it.

Last Word Jul 29, 2015 09:38am

It is heartening to note from the comments that Pakistanis are against the sectarians. These barbarians should be eliminated using any means. If the state practices zero tolerance to all forms of terrorism, it will be eliminated soon from Pakistan.

Saqlain Jul 29, 2015 09:39am

Best news of this year.

Zedex Jul 29, 2015 09:39am

Good riddance

A Patriot Jul 29, 2015 09:41am

Elimination of people like Malik Ishaq, who are perpetrators of heinous crimes without any doubt, is certainly good news. However, we need to fix our police and justice system which can ensure that no such Malik Ishaq merge in future.

Aafaaq Ali Khan Jul 29, 2015 09:41am

It's not POLICE Job but whoever did it, should have done it earlier. But as they say it's never too late.

Aamir Jul 29, 2015 09:41am

Great work, all anti social and terriorist deserve same fate.

M. Saeed Awan Jul 29, 2015 09:42am

Good news. Do more and purify this land from such people irrespective to colour, creed, region......

Qamar Ahmed Jul 29, 2015 09:44am

Whatever they were but police have no right to kill by showing fake encounters. According to your report is an open fake encounter where no policeman was killed nor injured because they saying. Who can believe.

@expat Jul 29, 2015 09:45am

It appears that finally it has been decided at the highest level that the terrorists will be done away with. Bravo.

pakistani Jul 29, 2015 09:45am

What a great news to start the day.

DAANISH Jul 29, 2015 09:46am

Excellent job by Police men. They are our heroes

salma Jul 29, 2015 09:48am

Loving this news

umar Jul 29, 2015 09:50am

Good job, done artistically.

imran khan Jul 29, 2015 09:50am

Good riddance

Tirah wall Jul 29, 2015 09:51am

Good known culprits like this one are not reffered to Joint commission else would have been spared due to courts issue of accepting proofs to punish any..!!!!

Fahad Jul 29, 2015 09:53am

Investigation must be held how arrested men were killed in police encounter

Syed Irfan Ali Jul 29, 2015 09:59am

Kudos to Police party who did this bravo act. May you get more strength to eliminate all religious extremists from Quaid-i-Azam's Pakistan.

Tariq Jul 29, 2015 10:00am

The story seems to FAKE. Malik Ishaq was a big name in sectarian violence and he never runs from law. He enjoys his terror and that is why no body come against him in court. Is seems that it is case of extra Judicial killing.

MirA1 Jul 29, 2015 10:05am

..and this is how the Punjab Police Rolls! oh its a face saving for PMLN too, no one to name their involvement in courts anymore. aik teer, do shikaar

Reader Jul 29, 2015 10:08am

Good riddance

Khan-Haqiqi Jul 29, 2015 10:11am

At last they did something in Punjab

Anees Jul 29, 2015 10:14am

Its looks Pre-planned encounter story...Hope for betterment...

Babarans Jul 29, 2015 10:14am

Well stage managed :)

ayesha Jul 29, 2015 10:14am

Thats Good We all know Why they have been Killed. The same cleaning its mean going in Punjab as well like Karachi.

Yaqoob Jul 29, 2015 10:15am

Though the story is typical of Punjab police but I will celebrate their "encounter" this time around. These individuals who incite people on violence should be exterminated as if there is no tomorrow. Well done SHO!!!

Aamir Jul 29, 2015 10:16am

Even if this encounter was fake, I still support it. Ruthless killers should never be spared

Javed Jul 29, 2015 10:16am

Good news after a long time.

Blue Saffron Jul 29, 2015 10:16am

This whole episode defies logic. I dont believe it.

Urooj Zaidi Jul 29, 2015 10:20am

Well done Police. At this moment paramount importance for a Government to introduce such measure whereby we can avoid creation such type ofextremist again who are stigma to our society.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Muhammad Ahmad Aziz Jul 29, 2015 10:21am

Wow, the upper echelon of the org all gone in a single sweep. Don't see that happening lot. Now if only the same happens for a few others . . .

Old Ravian Jul 29, 2015 10:22am

Police have killed the sectarian killer number one in Pakistan. Hope they continue to wipe out the hate mongers.

Faheem Jul 29, 2015 10:23am

Great achievement by security agencies.

analyses Jul 29, 2015 10:28am

Great news. Congratulations to all Pakistanis!!!

Dr Vimal Jul 29, 2015 10:28am

Encounter of the best kind

Asim Jul 29, 2015 10:30am

"The spokesman added that 14 militants, including Malik Ishaq and Ghulam Rasool Shah, were killed by the attackers themselves."

So first you attack the Police and free "your" people and then kill them. So much like how the agencies do it. The question is which agency? The question is whose agency?

Concerned Pakistani Jul 29, 2015 10:31am

This shows the weakness of our judicial system. The person admitted his crimes in court but could not be punished. That was the only way to deal with him for our LEAs.

Syed Ali Jul 29, 2015 10:32am

Thank you Punjab police. I for the first time in my 38 years of life am proud of my police.

Ali Jul 29, 2015 10:34am

Sindh police when will you wake up...

Zubair Jul 29, 2015 10:34am

A Job well-done. we need more such cleansing,

Fayaz Ahmad Jul 29, 2015 10:37am

Did any one feel Fishy or it's me only. Read the news and it sounds like a set up

Keen Reader Jul 29, 2015 10:39am

Hats off the Punjab police! The savage finally met his fate.

Rahi Milla Jul 29, 2015 10:39am

No body is going to shed a tear for him. Good riddance. Well done Punjab police. Now investigate who tried to free him and make them meet the same fate.

Safeer Jul 29, 2015 10:41am

Hail! Punjab Police

Safeer Jul 29, 2015 10:42am

@Pakistani at least this time they have done right.

Jasim Khan Jul 29, 2015 10:42am

The encounter made my day! Rest in pieces friends

Imran Jul 29, 2015 10:43am

Malik Ishaq a main aide and chief election Campaigner of Current ruling party of Punjab is shot dead by Police encounter in Muzaffar Garh, Will our agencies take action against his facilitators and supporters like they take in Sindh?? or they have some other rule of law for this piece of Planet!!!

fraz Jul 29, 2015 10:43am

He was a notorious terrorist and had admitted killing of innocent people.But still was roaming free. It should have happened long time ago. Like Sindh Police now may be Punjab Police will also get rid of terrorists through available means and which people at large support.

Rana Qasim Jul 29, 2015 10:45am

This should have been done long ago. All religious bigots and their aides must be eliminated. I salute Punjab Police.

buzdar Jul 29, 2015 10:46am

Sounds to be GOL MAL! tto aid the police in recovering weapons and explosives only one of them could have been taken along. Why police exposed the whole gang for such an operation? Sounds suspicious anyways. Let's wait for the truth to come out - if that will ever do - under present govt. Present govt is champion of proving right as wrong; and wrong as right....

ali Jul 29, 2015 10:49am

well done punjab police, no one killed on ur side but all 14 killed on other side.

a patriot Jul 29, 2015 10:49am

wow. BRAVO to Police n to our security personnel. He was the master mind of all sectarian killings. Congrats to every patriotic pakistani.

Karachi Wally Jul 29, 2015 10:49am

@Fayaz Ahmad You will soon know the readers take on your comment by number of likes you get on your comment. I feel there is nothing fishy about it.

Sal Jul 29, 2015 10:50am

Why people get killed in police encounter and no one died in police? Once they were captured, it is police duty to protect the criminals and they should have a day in court. This is called due process.

ITOLDYOU Jul 29, 2015 10:51am

Seems something fishy here. In heavy gunbattle not a single police guy died? Strange, Unbelievable.

"The spokesman added that 14 militants, including Malik Ishaq and Ghulam Rasool Shah, were killed by the attackers themselves." So that means there were more than 14 militants v/s 6 to 7 odd policemen. WOW.

Faisal Jul 29, 2015 10:53am

@Fayaz Ahmad even if it was setup. It was a good setup.

Alir Jul 29, 2015 10:53am

For the first time I feel the govt-military is serious to clean Pak from terrorism.

Pakhtunkhwa Jul 29, 2015 10:53am

Don't forget the attack in Kabul

Pirah Jul 29, 2015 10:54am

Good job!

Ridwan Jul 29, 2015 10:56am

This is a major victory for Pakistan.

buzdar Jul 29, 2015 11:03am

zarb e azb!?!

shakib Jul 29, 2015 11:04am

good for pakistan

Amanullah Khan Jul 29, 2015 11:05am

This is not the first case, and will not be the last one, where people already in police custody are killed in the so called police encounter. If Police is going to be the prosecutor, judge and executioner, it is going to be be counterproductive to fight terrorism. Everybody is entitled to have a fair trial.

Semab Jul 29, 2015 11:07am

Good Riddance

Ali Jul 29, 2015 11:09am

Punjab Police!! Great work on setting up the encounter..

Unlike other encounters, this one is welcomed!

Dr Nadim Jul 29, 2015 11:12am

State should have courage to punish these terrorists through courts. Ur judges were too scared to make them example and Punjab Govt also didn't want to get the blame hence plan B.Nevertheless good riddence.

raza Jul 29, 2015 11:15am

good, two less

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:15am

Police have done good job But too late

Asif Jamil Jul 29, 2015 11:16am

All's well that ends well. Certainly a step forward in eradicating hatred.

Qasim Saqlain Jul 29, 2015 11:18am

Great news! Well done Punjab Police.

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:22am

Good job done by Punjab police

akil sayyed Jul 29, 2015 11:23am

Ishaq was also accused of masterminding, from behind bars, the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, which wounded seven players and an assistant coach, and killed eight Pakistanis.

The attacks saw Pakistan stripped of its right to co-host the 2011 cricket World Cup and jeopardised the future of international cricket in the country.

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:25am

Punjab police done good job

Shahram Khan Jul 29, 2015 11:26am

Planned Encounter ?

Khwaja Jul 29, 2015 11:29am

@Fayaz Ahmad Encounters take place almost daily, so no big surprise if this is the case here. Just hope there is no reply. If it is, then it will be big blow to the Punjab government.

Taimur Jul 29, 2015 11:30am

Good. God bless Punjab Police

kashor Jul 29, 2015 11:31am

This organisation is known for its miss deeds but this encounter looks to have been stage managed.

Khan Jul 29, 2015 11:31am

Sounds fishy especially since none of the police were killed

Qamer Jul 29, 2015 11:32am

At least one good news after long time. Well done law enforcement agencies this time.

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:33am

Well done Punjab police

syeda Mubeen zahra Jul 29, 2015 11:35am

Finally something .....

Ammar Jul 29, 2015 11:35am

it was not Police

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:35am

Save Pakistan from religious extremism.

Ramesh Nakhwa Jul 29, 2015 11:37am

Keep it up Pakistan. Real encounter or fake does not matter. Proved or unproved does not matter. Even suspicion of terrorist links should result in deaths. The monster of terrorism will then come under control. Ok so a few innocents would get killed. Anyway thousands are getting killed so how does it matter. Atleast they are suspected terrorist.

Ahmed Anis Jul 29, 2015 11:37am

Real encounter or a fake one, all terrorists, murderers and hardened criminals must be taken out of the society - one way or the other. Good job Punjab Police. Way to go !!! Pakistan Zindabad.

Noor Jul 29, 2015 11:38am

Good riddance !!

fakhar Jul 29, 2015 11:41am

Punjab police well done

khalid Jul 29, 2015 11:43am

why such encounters are not staged for those rubbers, prostitutes & politicians who get away easily by looting the resources of the state & are burden on the state exchequer. who get away easily by making wealth, discriminate the poor & are not accountable to none of their crimes.

Ash Jul 29, 2015 11:51am

Encountered. No doubt about it.

Mudasir Ali Jul 29, 2015 11:52am

Planned Encounter!

Fakhir Jul 29, 2015 11:56am

State has the right to control terrorism in whatever way it likes, be it true or false encounter. It is in every part of the world. This is most time tested method. No to terrorism and big no to terrorists

Imran Jul 29, 2015 11:58am

Police has committed well ,if these criminals had present in Country ,they would have targeted blameless people . Good Job has been done by Police and its helpers .

pervaiz iqbal Jul 29, 2015 11:59am

It has rightly been said that those who live by the sword die by the sword.

PakSal Jul 29, 2015 12:03pm

@ismail PMLN failed to take any action. They were happy with their gun totting allies ... one can't expect anything good for the public from PMLN, they aren't politicos, they are businessmen ... but now they may take the credit perhaps ... or they may even fire the SHO on some other pretext once the dust settles ... I am not sure how police got to kill this beast when PMLN is in power.

Sal Jul 29, 2015 12:03pm

Sure police encounter and no one died on police force.

gujar Jul 29, 2015 12:03pm

Good riddance

Mashu Jul 29, 2015 12:04pm

Maybe a planned encounter, but the man was a criminal involved and convicted in the murder cases, after all no one serves 14 years of imprisonment for innocence.

Bulla Jul 29, 2015 12:10pm

Good news for Pakistan

Momin Jul 29, 2015 12:11pm

Punjab Govt. arrested him at least 7 times during the last 4 years and every time he bailed out by the courts. He is the same man who openly threaten the judges in the court room. There will be no more threats to judges, police & the Govt. He got what he preached for others. Pakistan needs to clear all these fanatics either legally or illegally so common man can start living normal lives following whatever religions they want.

Attique Jul 29, 2015 12:11pm

whether it is the proof about the efficiency of punjab govt and punjab police or it is an episode of extra judicial killing by CTD?

Ahsan Jul 29, 2015 12:14pm

We have a few less hate spewing mullahs now. A big thanks to our police officers who took part and those who got injured. This is the only way how you treat militants. Bravo!

Pakistani Jul 29, 2015 12:21pm

I am convinced every one is serious in bringing peace in Pakistan. Any one who spreads HATE should be dealt with an Iron hand.

M Khan Jul 29, 2015 12:26pm

I hope it was real encounter and the Lj started it and is not a set up to kill them before trial . Rules of law should be fallowed even for the worst terrorist because if you condone this possobly e xtra judicial killings you are no better than terrorist . We need to improve our judiciary and provide them perfect security .

SAA Jul 29, 2015 12:26pm

Change is now eminent, wait and see more changes will come. Gen is very serious about his plans and goals and they all must be achieved.

Sultan Alvi, Toronto, Canada Jul 29, 2015 12:32pm

This was a staged encounter as far as my impression is considered. Why three members of the same family were taken to Muzafargarh? The whole family had to be taken care of in one incident. Na rahe baanse, na baje bansuri! Geo Punjab police

Abid Jul 29, 2015 12:33pm

NAP in action ;)

Bablo Jul 29, 2015 12:35pm

Though a good news but it seems a false story by police...

taher Jul 29, 2015 12:35pm

@Shahram Khan ; whatever a good job, salute to Punjab Police

HARMONY-1 Jul 29, 2015 12:36pm


Better late than never !!

HARMONY-1 Jul 29, 2015 12:38pm

@Ash Move on, and be thankful.

Sahil Jul 29, 2015 12:38pm

it is a fake encounter but the end result is good, as our courts has taken oath not to deliver justice to society at any cost by releasing terrorist all the time

GS@Y Jul 29, 2015 12:38pm

We all know what happened, but may be it's for the best.

Muhammad Aslam Jul 29, 2015 12:39pm

To all of those who considers it a fake encounter, WHY do we always suspect claims made by the LEA's? Have we ever suspected the claims made by the militant organizations or international media? Its rightly said the in being frank we PAKISTANIS went so much ahead that we even question each and every thing without even thinking about its consequences to our nation

Syed Jul 29, 2015 12:40pm

Will anyone ask the old CJ why he released this terrorist in the first place? If he had been convicted a few years back - a few innocents would still be living.

In any case, great work by the law enforcement agencies!!

Imran Shafi Jul 29, 2015 12:43pm

14 killed but 6 policemen are ONLY injured.... :) Top notch Police we have

Nouman Ali Jul 29, 2015 12:45pm

another fake police encounter

Acorn Guts Jul 29, 2015 12:47pm

I think members of other banned outfits should also attempt to rescue their leaders who are currently in custody. Just saying.

Shakil Ahmed Khan Jul 29, 2015 12:47pm

For 15 years courts unable to convict this terrorist! ultimately Police and agencies has to take in their hands to make Pakistan peaceful and he met his fate. Now dont let them make Lashkar-e-Ishaq!

Talat Haque Jul 29, 2015 12:48pm

Justice served

EuroStar77 Jul 29, 2015 12:48pm

The world is a little more safer with extremists like these gone. Good job Punjab Police. These extremists do not realise Pakistan is a changed country after the Peshawar school massacre. There is ZERO tolerance for banned groups.

Sikh Jul 29, 2015 12:53pm

Planned Encounter by Police ....

Akram Jul 29, 2015 01:01pm

like most Pakistanis I am glad to see the back of him, however there are questions to be asked of Police that such a high profile prisoner managed to escape. We were lucky this time. Someone's head needs to roll.

yyy Jul 29, 2015 01:01pm

@Kamran Excellent

AKB Jul 29, 2015 01:07pm

A lesson for those who promote militancy in Pakistan.

Viking Star Jul 29, 2015 01:09pm

It looks like a fake encounter however a good riddance anyways. We don't need any such elements in our country.

azhar Jul 29, 2015 01:17pm

Evil eliminated. Now please eliminate the whole organisation from its roots

Imtiaz Piracha Jul 29, 2015 01:18pm

Live by the gun; die by the gun and good ridden. However, people would have reservations about the “encounter”. This was a great loss of opportunity for the authorities to establish and enhance the writ of the government and the judiciary, if they had taken a little more trouble and hanged the culprits after a court trial even if the proceedings had been kept secret.

ibrahim Jul 29, 2015 01:28pm

the first sign of paradigm shift towards terrorism .hope it will prevail for a peaceful pakistan.

Parvez Jul 29, 2015 01:33pm

Very late in doing the right thing.......but a very welcome step because it signifies aster in the right direction.

Haroon Jul 29, 2015 01:46pm

Good riddance. Pakistan zindabad.

KHI91 Jul 29, 2015 01:48pm

Where was FIA in this case? sometimes it's better to reach bigwigs from small guns. Yet, we lose evidence to reaching the mastermind of the force. Someone else will take over LeJ

SAM Jul 29, 2015 01:48pm

@Attique whatsoever, it is good for Pak.

SAM Jul 29, 2015 01:53pm

@SAA everyone is serious in weeding out undesirabe elements from the country. It is not a choice but a must to do for survival and progress of the country.

Parvez Jul 29, 2015 01:56pm

Good riddance

Parvez Jul 29, 2015 01:57pm

@osman what do you mean, my dear.

Kamran Jul 29, 2015 01:57pm

This was for sure a fake encounter. Malik Ishaq never have any problem with arrests and no judge in whole country has balls to convict him.

I am against extra judicial killing but I think in this case Punjab police did a good job and must be appreciated.

Parvez Jul 29, 2015 01:58pm

@Farhan there was a trial. Three witnesses were ready to confront him in court. They were also killed. Unusual circumstances require such measures.

Dr.Sadaf Jul 29, 2015 01:58pm

All is not right here, seems like an incomplete news.

Changez_Khan Jul 29, 2015 02:01pm

Excellent news.

Asad Jul 29, 2015 02:01pm

Fishy fake encounters can never substitute for convictions from courts. Its alarming to see that instead of prosecution, the trend of extra judicial killing has once again soared in the state. Baluchistan , urban and rural sindh had already witnessed an alarming rise in extrajudicial murders by law enforcement agencies. The following of this short easy path by ridding unwanted elements in this fashion will not do any good to the state like it has done nothing of value in the past

Ijaz Jul 29, 2015 02:11pm

It would be better had they been tried and punished by a court. These kinds of encounters result in the main perpetrators being killed but their backers kept safe and not exposed.

We need to expose the backers of terror as well as terrorists only then can we heal Pakistan of this cancer

Rehan Jul 29, 2015 02:15pm

Good job Punjab police and Raheel Sharif

Sajid Abbasi Jul 29, 2015 02:18pm

An extra judicial killing. These kind of acts would be counter productive in coping with sectarianism. On the other hand this is where we riddle our law enforcement agencies. Question is not whether he was innocent or guilty. Question is why the course of law could not be taken. Our agencies are good at killing people but not in producing evidence and intelligence. In fact we have band aid solutions rather than well thought out plans for everything be it law and order or economy or flood control.

Shah Ji Jul 29, 2015 02:25pm

@Nawaz If we look beyond the earthly life, the fate of innocent victims and criminals is not the same.

Shah Ji Jul 29, 2015 02:26pm

Thank you Raheel Sharrif for this policy change!

IMRAN ALI Jul 29, 2015 02:27pm

14 killed in encounter?look fishy..

seemi Jul 29, 2015 02:27pm

Ver happy to read this good news from my motherland!

Saulat Jul 29, 2015 02:29pm

Hats off to Pakistan Police ... Good news ...

Toori Jul 29, 2015 02:37pm

My heart is going on. Good job Punjab police. He has ruined hundred homes of innocent Pakistanis.

Toori Jul 29, 2015 02:39pm

@Shahram Khan Planned or unplanned but it is good day for Pakistan.

lmk Jul 29, 2015 02:42pm

Great work Police force!! Wish a speedy recovery to the six wounded police officers, all deserving medals and compensation for their bravery. More such extremist criminals must be jailed for life without possibility of seeing freedom. That he is responsible for the killings in Quetta, the Sri Lankan cricket debacle with terrible consequences for the sport in Pakistan, and worse, and be free is beyond comprehension. Hope to read Pakistan is finally seriously taking on ALL terrorism groups..... Our citizens deserve it.

AK Kenya Jul 29, 2015 02:42pm

Let the government eliminate all these terrorists and clean the country out of them.

zaffar Jul 29, 2015 02:44pm

This should have happened long ago. Better late than never.

Sandeep Jul 29, 2015 02:46pm

Even if it is stage managed as claimed by few here. Lets clap for police guys for once. Well done :)

Dilawar Khan Jul 29, 2015 02:51pm

Why they're killed now? To pamper peoples of Karachi..

Pukar Jul 29, 2015 02:53pm

Thank you of getting us rid of this criminal. So it means police can be potent if it wants to be.

Usman Jul 29, 2015 02:55pm

It is best practice to kill terrorist at the spot instead of arresting them. If arrested our Honorable Courts will release them

Crystal clear Jul 29, 2015 02:56pm

Now I'm convinced Pakistan is stepping into new era, veering away from the past. Thank you GenReheel.

Hindutavi Rakshas Jul 29, 2015 02:57pm

Good work, congrats for the clean successful operation against this menace in Punjab province of Pakistan.There is a saying, Persons who lives by sword dies by sword.

Roussou Jul 29, 2015 03:00pm

This means now it's the turn of South Punjab for clean up operation. Good. More than happy.

ahsan Jul 29, 2015 03:01pm

A very good job. Now i truly believe that a paradigm shift has taken place. Well done Punjab Police.

Sufyan Jul 29, 2015 03:04pm

Excellent news. Looking forward to a tolerant, multicultural and prosperous pakistan!

Salman Jul 29, 2015 03:09pm

Awesome! Thank you Punjab police!

M. Jan Jul 29, 2015 03:09pm

It is time to cleanse the Pakistani society from such monsters regardless of which sect or ethnic group they belong to.

I.A.Lodhi Jul 29, 2015 03:11pm

If we want to see prosperous and enlighten Pakistan then we would have to get rid of all type of insurgencies including sectarianism. In this regard the strenuous endeavors of Gen Raheel are laudable.

PNR Jul 29, 2015 03:14pm

Great news!

Khalid Jul 29, 2015 03:14pm

Well done. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I just hope this is just the beginning.

Irfan Baloch Jul 29, 2015 03:16pm

congratulation to people of Pakistan a mass murderer has met his end

raj Jul 29, 2015 03:18pm

Its simple these guys were killed in fake encounter. Whatever good riddance.

Khalid Jul 29, 2015 03:18pm

@Sandeep Dear Sandeep, you have no idea how happy majority of Pakistanis are. These people have made life hell for the average peaceful Pakistani.

Jamal Jul 29, 2015 03:19pm

Good riddance. The news made my day.

wellwisher Jul 29, 2015 03:21pm

was it real or fake.

Baahubali - Jai Mahismati Jul 29, 2015 03:25pm

Attack the source of terrorist stream. Good job. Finish all good or bad terrorist. Ban and block their source of income.

us_roamer Jul 29, 2015 03:31pm

Justice has been served....

Tariq Abbasi Jul 29, 2015 03:31pm

Genral Raheel Sharif is the soul behind National Action Plan. He is injecting courage in LEAs which were never seen before. Keep it up Sir! Pakistan is bound to rise. We are with you.

ameer Jul 29, 2015 03:32pm

now i have no doubt in the integrity of Rahil Sharif. He's determined and not biased at all. hats off to punjab police and govt as well.

Tariq Abbasi Jul 29, 2015 03:35pm

@Injured Officers: Get well soon, you did a great job

ishrat salim Jul 29, 2015 03:38pm

@Sam Courts are forced to release even the most dangerous criminals if there is in-sufficient evidence, which is the responsibility of the prosecutor to provide, which the prosecutor gets from our police investigation agencies & we very well know our police capability, so we cannot blame 100% judiciary on such issues.

Yaqoot Jul 29, 2015 03:39pm

Well done Pakistan!! finally action against organizations who are eating away at the very fabric of our society.

Tariq Abbasi Jul 29, 2015 03:40pm

@nasir: Punjab police tried its best and atleast he was not escaped. Why criminals attacked police??? Police did what they had to do in self defence

Numan Jul 29, 2015 03:40pm

Good news, this should not be stopped: encounter is the only solution for religious extremists! punjab police is good in it

Adnan Anwar Jul 29, 2015 03:42pm

Good riddance.

Abraham Jul 29, 2015 03:43pm

I think Raheel Sharif will eliminate all bad eggs created by his bosses. and it's very positive news for Pakistan

AHA Jul 29, 2015 03:47pm

So is Pakistan now finally making the right choices. I see this as a sign of hope.

Shahzad Jul 29, 2015 03:52pm

@Asim..... Who cares which agency or the punjab police. Its a good day for pakistan and a great start towards internal peace. Good work na maloom agencies.

irtaza Jul 29, 2015 03:56pm

Good news for Pakistan prosperity.

Aami Jul 29, 2015 04:00pm

@osman Misguided and killer of thousands of innocent people, so what does the other half your mind say... he should have let to live to kill more? If so, why to punish anyone.... most of the people committing crimes are misguided!!

Mo Jul 29, 2015 04:00pm

Well Done.....this was the only way to get rid of him !!

Khalid Jul 29, 2015 04:19pm

These people have made our lives a misery. No one can do anything without being told by these illiterate self proclaimed Mullahs. WIth no education and no brains, these people are a menace and must be eradicated like any deadly disease.

badshah Jul 29, 2015 04:21pm

@Iced Legal system is not very effective. The murderer of Taseer is still enjoying VIP treatment in jail. Police responsibility is to protect life of the common man, this action was the right one.

Farhan Jul 29, 2015 04:30pm

There has to be a check on extra judicial killings by Punjab Police. Can any sane person believe that 16 people died without killing a single policeman? My intention is not to defend any person but the way this drama was staged to kill 16 people.

Zulfiqar Jul 29, 2015 04:34pm

Killing of Malik Ishaq is very good news for ordinary peace loving people of this country.

Patrick Jul 29, 2015 04:35pm

Congratulations to the Police Commander on a wonderful operation The transfer of these prisoners was well planned and it is obvious an attack was anticipated The attack was thwarted by good planning and decisive brave action by the police officers

arjun Jul 29, 2015 04:35pm

Clearly a fake encounter, but well done Punjab police. Kabhee kabhee kaante ko kaante se nikaalna padta hai

Blunt Jul 29, 2015 04:35pm

It will help balance ties with Iran. .

Yaqoob Jul 29, 2015 04:38pm

I think fake encounters should not be stage. People who commit atrocities and heinous crimes against humanities should be killed while being televised live to amuse the nation.

sana Jul 29, 2015 04:51pm

Sipa- sahabah/ lashkar-i-jhangvi is a very hard core group...i've heard stories of them...

S. A. M. Jul 29, 2015 04:54pm

@Farhan when the outcome of a fake encounter is so beautiful then yes we say a BIG YES to it.

Faith Jul 29, 2015 04:54pm

Finally Punjab Police moving toward right direction please continue the good work

Hussain Jul 29, 2015 04:56pm

@Yaqoob : Really really bad idea however I would have certainly enjoyed seeing this guy executed on live TV.

Ali Vazir Jul 29, 2015 04:57pm

Another black mark on the INDEPENDENT judiciary which failed again to provide justice to the thousands of families who were awaiting the hanging of the terrorists through judicial procedure.

Kashan Baloch Jul 29, 2015 04:59pm

Good ridance , Good job Punjab police, weldone Genral Raheel, we need such cleansing in our society ,

Subcontinental Jul 29, 2015 05:01pm

@Tariq Abbasi - Absolutely right! Gen Raheel Shareef is walking the brave path. A true patriot. Let's hope no harm ever comes to him. You said Pakistan is bound to rise. Rise it will, bro! We in India wish you the best. The road to recovery and rise is long and hard. I am sure the journey will be made. Two brothers parted, divided the property in 1947. One is in somewhat a bad state. But blood is thicker than water. The elder brother wants his younger sibling to do well in life. Let our children, cousins that they are, mingle with each other, visit each other, celebrate Eid, Diwali, Guru Purnima and Christmas together. Let the high priests burn in a holy fire! A happy day for Pakistan and a happy day for India. Congrats Punjab police! How you did is not important today, what you did, is! And you did well, tigers!

Haji Dawood Jul 29, 2015 05:05pm

LJ is well known to have close ties with TTP, therefore are terroists. All these terrorists killed makes Pakistan more safe!

So well done, we are changed.

Mazhar Jul 29, 2015 05:06pm

Live by sword , die by the sword.

Kabeer Jul 29, 2015 05:18pm

A standing salute to Chief Minister and Police of Punjab well done keep it up !

Faizan Jul 29, 2015 05:18pm

Mullah Omer and now him, it was certainly a good day.

Mulazim hussain Jul 29, 2015 05:20pm

V well done Punjab police!

Nisar Jul 29, 2015 05:27pm

Slowly slowly RAW agents are being taken out, great work by the authorities.

Naveed Khan Jul 29, 2015 05:28pm

Most of these radical Groups are misguided, it has nothing to do with religious beliefs, and because of there extreme positions they attract funds globally from various organizations, including India, Israel, Christian groups.

Ahsan Gul Jul 29, 2015 05:30pm

It is always sad to hear when someone loses his life. But when religious people enforces their ideas on people and try to change mind set of innocent people is not Islam. Now his followers should change their ways and live in peace.

Waseem Jul 29, 2015 05:30pm

Good Riddance !!!! I still dream of a day when terrorists like him could be sent to gallow by a legal process, that would be a real victory of our state. Until than, everything is only cosmetic.

IFTIKHAR KHAN Jul 29, 2015 05:48pm

Less garbage cleaner Pakistan.

Would be much more effective if taken care off by judicial process.

There should be most wanted dead or alive list.

UMallick Jul 29, 2015 05:49pm

Good ridden!! Quiet visible here...We all stay united against scums.

Nangyal Jul 29, 2015 05:56pm

Take that. The gloves are off. The state has finally regained it's confidence.

Salim A Jul 29, 2015 05:59pm

And this is how justice is delivered in Pakistan - In a shoot out. He is one of the many mullahs who spew hatred and advocate violence against other innocents.

Pakistan needs to get rid of the scourge of religious terror organizations.

Wiki Jul 29, 2015 06:01pm

Good Riddance

Qasim Abidi Jul 29, 2015 06:09pm

Notorious guy, finally met his fate!

Shabir Jul 29, 2015 06:29pm

The best encounter in Pakistan history

Zak Jul 29, 2015 06:34pm

Ishaq was also accused of masterminding, from behind bars, the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, which wounded seven players and an assistant coach, and killed eight Pakistanis.

Sri Lankan cricket team were not Shias, so why attack them? The only country wanting to stop international cricket in Pakistan was Indian RAW, who even tried to bribe Zimbabwe to cancel their tour to pakistan. So was this man working for???

Syed Zafar Kazmi Jul 29, 2015 06:37pm

@osman We are talking here of hundreds of murders of innocent people involving innocent men, women and children, who despite differences in perception of truth, were Muslims and above all human beings. The murderers have met their due fate and InshaAllah Pakistan will get rid of all sorts of terrorism. Great job, Punjab police.

Syed Zaheer Ali Jul 29, 2015 06:39pm

Malik Ishaq death is a very small news for Pakistanis. It will be great achievement if the people of the country kill the "HATRED" based on any reason or religious believes than every Pakistani will celebrate clean and peaceful Pakistan. I pray for the best. "Hate is an acid. It destroys the container where it is kept and also destroys the person to whom it is thrown upon."

Syed Zafar Kazmi Jul 29, 2015 06:41pm

@NT But the result is not fake. Great job Punjab police.

sajid ali Jul 29, 2015 06:48pm

Good riddance! One who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Sean Baltimore, Maryland Jul 29, 2015 06:51pm

I read all the comments from the Pakistanis, not a single comment in favor of terrorist. Saluate to this nation who hates sectarianism so much. Being a christan, I respect your values and culture and pray Pakistan will be the land of peace soon.

Naseem Altaf Jul 29, 2015 06:52pm

great news. those terrorists who threaten & terrorize judges, prosecution officers, and the judges ,thus getting scot free after each murderous attack on our society deserve the same ending as Malik Ishaq. our LEAs have no other way left for them but to eliminate them in a direct manner.

Sadaqat Jul 29, 2015 06:57pm

An Impartial and strict operation to be continued until all the terrorist along with their supporters are not finished from our homeland. Great job is being done by defense forces. Congratulations to COAS.

M. Khan Jul 29, 2015 07:06pm

This monster who killed probably thousands of innocent humans just because they were Shias, deserved exactly what was done to him. All such sectarian and religious monsters need be treated in a similar fashion. No mercy for such evil souls. Good job Multan Police.

Zia Jul 29, 2015 07:07pm

Good job done Punjab Police..

Al-Lahori Jul 29, 2015 07:10pm

Next we will see a major operation in the Punjab against these terrible extremists.

Shah Jul 29, 2015 07:11pm

Two less terrorists! How about now going after their father and the rest of the terrorist goons of this organization!

JJ Jul 29, 2015 07:16pm

Great! Now let's also get rid of Salman Taseer's murderer

Tanvir Afgan Jul 29, 2015 07:16pm

Malik Ishaq could never have been convicted by Pakistani courts. Violence begets violence but an encounter with his sons killed is in bad taste.

Changez_Khan Jul 29, 2015 07:21pm

Three terrorists killed, Punjab police deserves reward and Nawaz Sharif should declare 3 days holiday. Bhangra time.

IFTIKHAR KHAN Jul 29, 2015 07:21pm

wow, waking up to two good news back to back from the homeland...

Atif Jul 29, 2015 07:26pm

Finally Punjab Police did something besides beating up kids and blind people. Thank you for your service.

tellmore Jul 29, 2015 08:01pm

hope sectarian killings will stop here after.

Sami Jul 29, 2015 08:06pm

Good work... !

Asad Jul 29, 2015 08:14pm

One less evil. More to meet the same fate.

yaqoot Jul 29, 2015 08:23pm


M Jamal Jul 29, 2015 08:25pm

It is a lesson for all those who adopt criminal activities on behest of the powerful that nothing will happen to them.

Masood Haider Jul 29, 2015 08:28pm

Sent straight to hell by the commendable action of the security forces. Break the back of this outfit and others like it.

Dr Abid Jul 29, 2015 08:36pm

Good riddance, yet Pakistan need more to counter terrorism in the country. That includes constitutional reforms to hinder terrorism spread attrocious speeches of the mullas, monitoring Friday sermons and other congregational speeches.

Sm Jul 29, 2015 08:36pm

Good riddance

Salman Jul 29, 2015 08:51pm

what goes around comes around they met their fate...

H L Jul 29, 2015 08:59pm

Nice police encounter. Read between lines. But in all, good riddance.

Atif Ahmed Jul 29, 2015 09:10pm

Is he really dead?

Atif Ahmed Jul 29, 2015 09:11pm

Good riddance.

Mehtab Jul 29, 2015 09:12pm

Excellent work. ........Tumor removed from society

Abs uk Jul 29, 2015 09:12pm

What a fantastic news

Farah.S Jul 29, 2015 09:14pm

Extra judicial killing this is, but still I won't criticise it today.

Farah.S Jul 29, 2015 09:14pm

Befitting end

Atif Ahmed Jul 29, 2015 09:16pm

I see some change in Punjab, good change I may say so.

Jawwad Jul 29, 2015 09:31pm

Good riddance. The man was a menace to Pakistan society and neighborhood. Good job Pakistan forces.

TANZANIA Jul 29, 2015 09:33pm

Went to hell with thousands of innocents blood on his hand. A hatred figure.

dawn Jul 29, 2015 09:42pm

Re photo with rose petals. Hope his supporters don't waste rose petals on him now!!

Vijay (Toronto) Jul 29, 2015 09:43pm

@Farhan In this particular case, the end justifies the means.

Khurram Siddique Jul 29, 2015 09:49pm

Punjab Police and encounter.... I do not believe even a word of this fairytale story. Is there anyone asking police why a high profile prisoner was taken out of prison to give location of dumped arms?

Ali Jul 29, 2015 09:53pm

Great JOB by Pakistani security forces

Irshad Khan Afridi Jul 29, 2015 09:57pm

Sad day for PML-N

kuka Jul 29, 2015 10:22pm

Well done Punjab police. Keep it up!

saleem Jul 29, 2015 10:51pm

good opportunity for Pak to turn around; separate religion from state; state should be accountable to people an not hide behind religiosity of any kind

Pragmatic Pakistani Jul 29, 2015 10:56pm

Judicial system has its critics and extrjudicial killing of vicious murderers draws criticism aswell.This is so because of the fact that when law enformencement agencies are given a license to kill a most wanted criminal they might use this opportunity to kill somone innocent.

Yatagan Jul 29, 2015 11:02pm

Agent terminated

Ahmed Jul 29, 2015 11:11pm

What MQM has to say now. Security operation is being conducted against all criminals regardless of their affiliation.

Suraj Jul 29, 2015 11:40pm

Those who live by gun also die by gun. I don't think he and his sons are heading to heaven.

Adil Jul 29, 2015 11:49pm

What goes around comes around!

Saaer N Jul 29, 2015 11:52pm

The best job ever seen to have taken place in terms of counter-terrorism.

I'm so glad to hear such a great news.

I've come to a conclusion that we must render some jobs of counter-terrorism to our Police-Jawans who will hopefully play it in a more better way.

Can't stop giving a Salute to the Jawans!

Laeeq, NY Jul 30, 2015 12:10am

Oone less evil. Clean up Pakistan so Pakisntis can enjoy real freedom.

Mohammad Akhtar Jul 30, 2015 12:41am

Great job Pakistani Police for killing the killers.

Ravi Vancouver Jul 30, 2015 01:10am

@Great Giant Fake encounter may be, but such hardened brain washed criminals don't respect local laws and constitution of Pakistan. So I think it is fair for the society before more innocent citizens are killed by such criminals.

Syed Ganga Din Jul 30, 2015 01:14am

Who created and funded Lashkar-i- Jhangvi? Any one knows?

Ravi Vancouver Jul 30, 2015 01:17am

@osman In pursuance of truth whatever you may think is true, it is not allowed by any religion to kill innocents. If anybody thinks it is allowed by any religion his perception and interpretation is wrong.

raza Jul 30, 2015 01:25am

finally. . . welldone

Ih Jul 30, 2015 01:26am

Appears one way or an other terror sponsoring Organisations are going to face their logical end. We may all have underestimated resolve of "establishment". I expect these outfits to keep fighting to bitter end, thoughtful people should get the message.

Reality Bites Jul 30, 2015 02:13am

Good riddance.

Baqir Shah Jul 30, 2015 03:10am

@Khurram Siddique Law allows it :)

Sailani Jul 30, 2015 04:45am

@shazada Zahid Malik-Loan What about the people who he said were killed on his orders, did they get any special treatment, women an children were also in his cross-hair. If you live by hate and guns, you will die the same way. Good riddance to him and his followers.

xenia Jul 30, 2015 04:55am

@ishrat salim
Instead of blaming police and prosecution we need to carefully read the news item. He admitted/Confessed killing his victims in court of Law and said he would continue to kill more. What else courts needed????

Brar Jul 30, 2015 04:57am

@Usman Khan Khan Sahib the identity of the attackers of Dina Nagar police station has not been established as yet , but there is no space for such people in our society, the encounter is suspicious the East Panjab police has been indulging in fake encounter the police claims six police men injured not even single dead they were able to free them than were police party accompanying them was not having arms and than they say they were killed by those who got them free, did they got them free to kill them ,only a judicial inquiry can tell the real story. Yes, it is good they have been killed.

Raza Jul 30, 2015 05:14am

@osman A murderer of 100 plus people cannot be termed as misguided. He was a criminal thug and went the way they all should go.

Syed Zafar Kazmi Jul 30, 2015 05:32am


Thank you so much for such a tremendous out pour of brotherly love laced with good wishes for us Pakistanis. May God overwhelm this region, especially our two countries, with peace and nothing but goodwill and we celebrate Diwali, Holi, Eid and Christmas together and poverty, disease and illiteracy eradicated from our two lands. Jay Hind, Zindabad Pakistan.

olive Jul 30, 2015 07:16am

Good riddance

olive Jul 30, 2015 07:22am

@Ranger Why bother? He's a killer , ain't no saint.

badshah Jul 30, 2015 07:40am

@ITOLDYOU Good news for a change. Fishy or not!

badshah Jul 30, 2015 07:42am

@Ali Vazir Justice has been served, no more waiting.

ali m noon Jul 30, 2015 07:46am

whats that black thing on his head. good he is dead

Pakistanian Jul 30, 2015 11:50am

Best news of 2015

Jehanzeb Jul 30, 2015 12:48pm

Only one of the many steps! Still Kudos to the security forces. However, the objective should be to eliminate such ideologies because sooner or later someone else would fill up his shows in this "noble" work of theirs.

Qasim Jul 30, 2015 01:24pm

Good Riddance ! Nice Work Punjab Police.