At peace: Sabeen Mahmud laid to rest in Karachi

Published April 25, 2015
Sabeen Mahmud. — Photo courtesy: Flickr
Sabeen Mahmud. — Photo courtesy: Flickr

KARACHI: The funeral procession of prominent rights activist Sabeen Mahmud, who was shot dead a day earlier in Karachi, was held at The Second Floor (T2F) on Saturday at 3:30pm.

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Sabeen was gunned down by unknown assailants in Karachi on Friday as she made her way home after hosting a seminar about human rights abuses in Balochistan, police had said.

Mahmud, who ran 'The Second Floor', a cafe that organises debates and art events, had just left the venue with her mother when her car was attacked by gunmen in Karachi's Defence neighbourhood.

Mahmud was hit by five bullets and died at the scene, police said. Her mother was critically injured and was shifted to a hospital where her condition is now reported to be out of danger.

In accordance with her mother's wishes, her funeral was held at T2F, a place which was her labour of love.

The funeral prayers took place at 5.15pm at Masjid-e-Mustafa, next to Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Office, Phase 1.

Shortly before her brutal killing, Mahmud had hosted a seminar about rights abuses in restive Balochistan titled “Un-silencing Balochistan Take 2”, featuring two prominent Baloch rights activists, Mama Abdul Qadeer and Farzana Baloch, among other speakers.

Qadeer and Baloch were meant to speak at another seminar, called “Un-silencing Baluchistan”, at the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) about two weeks ago, but it was later "cancelled on the orders of the government".

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US condemns Sabeen's murder

The United States has condemned the murder of human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud.

"We strongly condemn the murder of Sabeen Mahmud and the wounding of her mother," a US embassy spokesperson said in Islamabad.

"We extend our deepest condolences to her loved ones and our wishes for her mother's full and speedy recovery," the spokesperson said.

She said Sabeen was a courageous voice of the Pakistani people and her death represents a great loss. ‏

With additional reporting from Mateen Haider in Islamabad



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