As part of Aga Khan University’s Sixth Sense Forum (6sf) lecture series, Thomas Burkhalter — an ethnomusicologist, music journalist and cultural producer from Bern, Switzerland gave a multimedia presentation titled 'Out of the Absurdity of Life' on June 12 in the university’s auditorium.

Burkhalter's presentation comprised music and sounds from all across the world which he classified into five key categories: archives/nostalgia, anarchives, exotica, war and violence and new form of protest. “I hear from these sounds and music a new form of expression,” he said starting off his presentation.

He said music has been emerging from Middle East and South Asian countries and that he is amazed by the young talent he has seen and worked with in Karachi.

“These upcoming voices want to be heard and despite limited avenues their creativity finds a way to be showcased," he said.

Burkhalter has majorly focused on breaking stereotypical ways of performing and understanding music and has focused on a diverse range of music fusion being created in various corners of the world.