The shrine of Sakhi Sarwar, a 13th century saint is a major hallmark of Dera Ghazi Khan. Devotees from different sects and religions regularly visit the shrine located at the foothills of famous Sulaiman Range.

Syed Ahmed Sultan was given the title “Sakhi” (generous) for his philanthropy and affection towards Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims alike. The followers of Sakhi are also called Sultani.

As a sufi, Sakhi Sarwar travelled to many countries in Central Asia and also Iraq but he preferred to settle in the region now known as Pakistan.

It is believed that emperor Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur renovated his shrine which now reflects the Mughal architecture. The inside of the shrine is decorated by beautiful wooden carvings and complex flower etchings. The back wall of the shrine shows signs of ancient masonry.

The Urs of the saint, celebrated in different places on different dates, starts from Vaisakhi in areas around Chenab to the Jhandon Wala Mela in Peshawar and the Qadmon Wala Mela in Lahore. The Urs is also observed in several other countries including India and Afghanistan.

The celebrations commence in March and last for a few months. Despite a series of blasts in 2010 which claimed the lives of 52 people, a large number of devoted visitors continue throng to the shrine to pay their tribute.