FATEHJANG: Punjab teachers’ union Attock chapter has criticised the teachers’ relocation policy of the provincial government of Punjab.

They said that the secretary education is responsible for this “anti-education move”.

Talking to the media persons, the president of Punjab teachers’ union Attock chapter, Malik Muhammad Afzal Lahm, and the secretary information, Muhammad Muneer Butt, said that under the new policy there would be one teacher for 40 student from nursery to class one, while from class two to class five, the ratio would be two teachers for up to 60 student and a third teacher for up to 90 students.

They said that nursery and class one were the basis of education and appointing only one teacher for 40 students meant that the government was not serious in promoting education at this level.

They said that from the second to fifth standard, six subjects are taught in each class and there should be, at least, five teachers for each primary school.

Mr Lahm and Mr Butt demanded that the chief minister of Punjab should withhold this policy and constitute a committee, consisting of senior teachers from primary and high schools, to draft a new education policy. Otherwise this policy will promote illiteracy among the younger generation, they said.