Where is the Apple Joshinder?

Updated Mar 05 2014


‘Where is the Apple?’ is a dance based performance, conceptualised & directed by Amin Gulgee. Amin’s ‘Chaar Bagh’ installation is the magnificent setting where the age old question of gender is explored.

Produced by Pomme Gohar (Phenomena), this show is a unique display of body work, sculpture and music. It’s original, experimental and definitely pushes the boundaries of theatre performance in Pakistan.

The first section of the show is titled – Inside the Chaar Bagh, a time of innocence and self discovery. The second section is titled – Outside the Chaar Bagh, where the realisation that ‘I am Man’ and ‘I am Woman’ sets in. And the third section is titled ‘Becoming the Chaar Bagh’.

The performance features Joshinder Chaggar, Sunil Shankar, Erum Bashir and Vajdaan Shah. Each character transforms constantly throughout the show and inhabits both the masculine and the feminine.

Kashif Hussain and Amaad Tahir also give strong performances in supporting roles in the play. Sikander Mufti and Hamid Rahim (DynoMan) provide live music for the show.

‘Where is the Apple Joshinder?’ is on for one night only, on Wednesday 26th at Karachi Arts Council. – Text by Joshinder Chaggar