LAHORE: As part of their anti-piracy awareness programme, the Oxford University Press in collaboration with Thespianz Theatre staged a musical performance at Children's Library Complex on Monday.

The one-act play 'Chulbuk Chori' directed by Faisal Malik and written by Nouman Mehmood was an effort to make the publishers know that piracy is a serious crime that can land them behind bars. The musical stage play was choreographed by Atif Khan.

The play highlighted the fact that in Pakistan the business of pirated books was taking place at a considerable level.

The play included a song, written by Fehmida Riaz, and sung by Khalid Anum.

The story of the play goes that two dwarfs and two mice are friends; they play together and copy each other. For earning their bread and butter, they decide to get published a math book from a publisher. The negative character, Chulbul, steals the script and gets its pirated version published. The buyers do not have even the slightest idea that they are buying a pirated book and that too on the price in which they could get an original one.

However, they do complain that the book has inferior quality papers. The play concludes when dwarfs and mice are in a courtroom and the judge sentences the publisher seven years in jail for publishing the pirated book.