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Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple.—File Photo
Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple.—File Photo

PATNA: Indian police reported multiple low-intensity blasts at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple complex on Sunday, saying two people had been wounded but the temple was safe.

Buddhists from all over the world visit the site in eastern Bihar state as it is believed to house the tree under which the Buddha reached enlightenment.

“The holy bodhi tree is safe and there is no damage to it,” Bihar police chief Abhayanand told AFP.

Senior police official Ravinder Kumar said “six low-intensity serial blasts took place early this morning, including four in the temple premises and two outside”.

A seventh bomb was found and defused near the temple's celebrated 80-feet-tall (24 metres) statue of the Buddha, Kumar told AFP.

District police official N.H. Khan told AFP that “additional security forces were deployed” and added the two victims are believed to be Tibetan monks.

Eyewitness and former local legislator Sarbajeet Kumar said he was on his daily morning walk to the temple when the bombs exploded.

“Suddenly I saw smoke and heard the sound of the blasts. I realised that something bad had happened and ran for shelter,” he told local reporters.

Police said they were probing the explosions.

Attacks on Buddhists are rare in India but there have been tensions in the wider region recently following clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The Bodh Gaya complex, 110 kilometres (68 miles) south of the state capital Patna, is one of the earliest Buddhist temples still standing in India and was named a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2002.

It houses the holy bodhi tree as well as the giant Mahabodhi statue of Buddha, and multiple shrines marking the places where he is believed to have spent time after his enlightenment in 531 BC.

The complex attracts visitors from around the world during the peak tourist season from October to March.

After his meditations beneath the tree, Buddha is said to have devoted the rest of his life to teaching and he founded an order of monks before dying aged 80.

Comments (25) Closed

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 11:59am

Please allow me to add that Budhist monks were beaten few months back in southern India due LTT's defeat in Sri Lanka where India helped terrorist LTT and supported all the way till its demise. Therefore, you can't make inference that there is feud between Muslims and Budhist in southeast Asia but Hindus are also at odds with Budhists.

brahmin Jul 07, 2013 02:09pm

@Aslam Mangal: I saw on you tube the debate is islam a religion of peace where the person who debated for the motion zeba khan mentions that LTTE started suicide bombings and goes on to label this organization as hindu.Well some research needs to be done LTTE has got no connection to religion as they are fighting for a separate tamil land and incidentally LTTE had muslims too in its fold and prabhakaran was a christian.So unless pakistani's/muslims educate themselves i dont see future and now the source of truth you tube also seems to be banned

Nitin Jul 07, 2013 02:12pm

@Aslam Mangal: Your are correct. Hindus of Tamilnadu beaten the Buddhist of Srilank and India. The Mahabodhi Vihar temple of Buddha is in custody of Hindus and Buddhist in India and around the world are demanding the Indian government to hand over this Vihar to Buddhist but government is deaf. The attack on Buddhism were started by Hindus and completed by Muslim invaders. King Bruhadrath Maurya, who was king of Mauryan Empire at the of age 16 was killed by Hindu Brahmin Pushymitra Shung and the great Buddhist Nalanda university was destroyed by Muslim invader Bakhtiyar khilji. SWAT and Peshawar, Sindh were once Buddhist regions. Jul 07, 2013 03:01pm

@Aslam Mangal: They were beaten cause they were Sri Lankan not cause they are Buddist !

Sometimes, u need to look somewhere else other than aid Hamid to get ur facts.

Sanjay Jul 07, 2013 03:30pm

Religious extremists gone mad .......couldn't even see worshiping others peacefully........ needs proper treatment for their mental sickness.....i cant understand......don't they have any other works to do?? all the time thinking about killing innocents.......insane.....

BABU Jul 07, 2013 05:11pm

@Aslam Mangal: sorry Aslam it cannot be a Hindu -Buddhist issue.Muslims have more of issues with Buddhist-- like say in Myanmar and Sri Lanka

debjyoti chakraborty Jul 07, 2013 05:35pm

@ Aslam mangal: siddharth gautam buddh is one of the revered deities of the hindu, and many indians take him to be the 10th incarnate of the supreme soul. Bodhi tree is equally a pilgrimage site for buddhists and hindus. All pagodas, stupas and monasteries are equally revered by both beliefs. If there is one thing this spiritual nation does not tolerate, that is desecration of a place of worship, be it babri masjid, be it golden temple, be it bamiyan buddh. So highly likely this is not ertaing to religion. I believe these were test blasts, and the real action will be elsewhere later, and that could very well be a teror tactic.

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 05:49pm

@brahmin: Educate yourself first and don't live in fools paradise! India got problems with all of its neighbors, has blockade Nepal, trying to divide Bangladesh, create another Nation in Sri Lanka (where dearest is LTT), and of course Pakistan where it denied on signed and agreed self determination of innocents. You just love to blame others and that's all you have to offer!

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 05:58pm Did it say on their distinct dress they were from Sri Lanka or were they Budhist Mong by their sheer look! Only fools would know they were native of Sri Lanka and "revenge"ought to be taken! This what you practice and condone?

pramesh khan Jul 07, 2013 06:08pm

@Aslam Mangal: muslims in burma were killing buddhists, muslims in europe were killing and bombing europeans muslims in usa carrying pressure cooker bombs killing muslims are not innocent mulims kill in egypt, iran sudan nigerea syria etc...

pramesh khan Jul 07, 2013 06:09pm

@Nitin: very true

pramesh khan Jul 07, 2013 06:10pm

@Aslam Mangal: true in oneway but muslims are not innocent too lokk at syria

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 06:24pm

@debjyoti chakraborty: Agree; however must you also note that India was the only country in the whole wide world who condoned and supported Russian invasion of Afghanistan despite being so-called non-aligned, peaceful nation (very sad) otherwise Bamiyan would exist today in its original shape. By the way those people do still hit Muslim mosque even today!

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 06:43pm

@brahmin: Yes, your own LTT took life of your own prime minister, yet you don't show any remorse. Don't understand what you want to be?

Jatt Jul 07, 2013 06:51pm

@Aslam Mangal: I am a sunni and shia kills me :D:D:D I am a Ahamadi and Sunni kills me :D:D

You lowlife su.ckers are the worst creatures cos you guys are 3rd class CONVERTS lol read your history. Your ancestors were Budhist/Jain/Hindus lol how does it feel to be looked like a low grade muslims by the arabs?? :D:D

Aslam Mangal Jul 07, 2013 06:52pm

"Only majority creates a minority"! The opposite is true to your biased opinion.

Samar B Jul 07, 2013 07:29pm

This is a barbaric act and one hopes that Muslims were NOT behind this. I can imagine that because of the recent Buddhist monk activities in Myanmar against Muslims, there can be many hot-heads itching for revenge. Muslims in a wide area of Asia can be in danger by this horrible act.

Ali Jul 07, 2013 07:52pm

@debjyoti chakraborty: Action speaks louder than words. I was laughing to read you mentioned Babri Masjid a holy site and Indian nation will not desecrate it. The nation needs to do one thing accept where they have problems and fix them. In Pakistan they know the problems but failed to fix them but in India there is denial.

anil Jul 07, 2013 08:17pm

It's the temple administration and state gov who are to be blamed . Previous inputs of Indian Mujaheddin, an Islamic terrorist groups attacking the temple were there . But this attack happened . This attack is not only an attack on India , but also on human race.

Devils advocate Jul 07, 2013 08:53pm

@Aslam Mangal, looks like you are quite generous leveling others as fools and uneducated and illiterate and so on and so forth...So it is my humble submission to a pundit like you, just look at the likes and dislikes your comments are getting vs. the likes/dislikes the other folks are getting who counter ur when u r shouting "fools" and "uneducated" etc. just make sure u r not standing in front of a mirror :)

Bon Apetit Jul 07, 2013 10:58pm

Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility. This is for the acts of violence against Muslims in Myanmar

TINA Jul 08, 2013 09:06am

@Aslam Mangal: please get your facts right. Firstly the organisation is called LTTE and not LTT. Secondly, the issue in sri lanka was of ethnicity between Tamils and simhalese. It has nothing to do with religion. The terrorists of LTTE also includes muslims and christians apart from hindus. Thirdly, all the buddhist places of pilgrimage are sacred to hindus as well because gautam buddha is a respected figure in hinduism too.

Anidesh Jul 08, 2013 09:53am

@Aslam Mangal:

Aslam bhai, for your information Buddha is the 9th incarnation of Vishnu as per Hinduism and many Hindus worship Lord Buddha. As I respect your views, I would like to say that there is no issues between Hindus and Buddhist in India so far and the bomb blast culture is not common among the Hindu extremists. Heard they still follow "beat until death" method. It could be more related to the Myanmar issues as recently Muslim-Buddhist clash happened in Indonesia also. Who ever did it should to be condemned.

Anidesh Jul 08, 2013 09:59am

@Aslam Mangal: Pakistan's good friend China too has problem with all its neighbors and many European countries too.

Aslam Mangal Jul 09, 2013 08:30am

@TINA: Do not dignify calling that ruthless organization by its fullname name(.)