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PTI accuses Fauzia Kasuri of leveling “false allegations”

Updated Jun 06, 2013 10:00pm


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Former PTI leader Fauzia Kasuri. – File Photo
Former PTI leader Fauzia Kasuri. – File Photo

The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday issued “factual clarification” regarding grounds on which Fauzia Kasuri took the decision of parting ways with the PTI and accused her of leveling “false allegations” against its leadership.

The clarification, issued on the PTI’s official website, said the party has highest regards regarding efforts she had made for the party. However, it added that it was the party’s right to clarify some “erroneous” statements made by Kasuri lately.

Announcing her decision at a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, she had alleged that the Tehrik-i-Insaf has been “held hostage by a mafia.”

In a point by point clarification, the party not only denied her claim of being a founding member of the PTI but also revealed that Fauzia Kasuri failed to abandon her US nationality in time to contest the intra-party elections, held on March 21.

The party later refused to hold intra-party polls again according to rules and regulations upon Kasuri’s demand of a re-election to accommodate her.

The clarification further said that Kasuri was satisfied with the fourth place she was placed on the PTI women priority list in Punjab for the National Assembly, finalised on March 31.

It said expectation was that the PTI would win enough NA seats in Punjab to accommodate a number of the women on the priority list.

It was only after the election results came out when Fauzia Kasuri started her “campaign of maligning the party and the women selected by the leadership for the reserved seats,” the clarification added.


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Comments (135) Closed

malik Jun 06, 2013 09:55pm

Ms. Kasuri should elaborate who the mafia is and how it is holding the grip on PTI. No, I am not a PTI member. I just like to know when the grapes are sour, why you can't face the music? Why a quid pro quo is always expected. This is not Mughal dynastic time anymore. Ms. Kasuri, why you need to be rewarded? First, Imran Khan did not come to power, second, he had other female worth important position. I don't mean to insult you but you were not loyal first to Pakistan in abdicating your nationality, second to your new country USA, whom you abandoned, and third to PTI. So, tell us who is loyal or disloyal here?

faiza Jun 06, 2013 09:54pm

It is too late to explain your blunder. It takes leadership to have a vision and that seems not to be PTI strength. Heads off to Fauzia! She refuses to be manipulated by your established politicians that let the country down before and are now action as sober PTI members.

S Khan Jun 06, 2013 10:14pm

Is she a USA national still?

Siddique Malik Jun 06, 2013 10:15pm

She thought she could hang on to her American citizenship until the last moment. By the time, she gave it up, it was too late. But she thought PTI would win a majority and she would still become an MNA. But the people of Pakistan gave a different verdict, hence her dilemma. No wonder she is frustrated, but it's because of her own doings. Looks like, she is the kind of person who would change citizenship/loyalties in a moment: From being a Pakistani citizen to becoming an American to joining the PTI to relinquishing American citizenship to quitting the PTI at the first disappointment. She is an asset, neither to America, nor Pakistan, nor PTI, nor any Pakistani or American political party. I bet she is now trying to reclaim her American citizenship, since her gamble did not pay off. One's loyalties are not something one can or should gamble with. Siddique Malik, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Muhammad Ahmed Mufti Jun 06, 2013 10:23pm

Can PTI please issue a similar

TKhan Jun 06, 2013 10:41pm

To serve the country all you need is a a heart full of grace & strength to weather the storm. In 5 years, PTI will be a formidable party to reckon with. Ms. Kasuri simply didn't have the patience to wait another 5 years.

Shahzad Jun 06, 2013 10:43pm

I am supporter of PTI but Big injustice done here to Fauzia Kasuri. She has been with PTI for 17 years, that's enough for me to qualify her as founding member but PTI is going to all lengths and technicalities to disapprove her. They never address the thorny issue why she was not allowed to contest intra party elections when other dual nationals were? This unfortunately is so old Pakistan, will have to keep waiting for naya pakistan which at this moment looks too faraway. Thank you Fauzia Kasuri for your services and sacrifices, you deserve recognition!

Tariq Jun 06, 2013 10:44pm

There should be no room for people who put them selves before the party/country!

AJ Jun 06, 2013 10:53pm

I have been a die hard PTI supporter and have contributed financially to the party, and I have never met Fauzia Kasuri. I just want to ask these party Mafia who are sending these statements that isn't it a non-issue that she was satisfied on her 4th position or not. The real question for me is if the formula (as per told by PTI leader) of having office bearers first (as Munaza) then why Punjab women president is not on the top of list for reserve seats? Secondly, I ask why has all possible women of Prevez Khataks family got nominated. Is this what I.Khan had been preaching and promising in his speaches? Thirdly, Why was Fauzia not awarded a ticket while she had already been to US consulate and given oath to give up her American nationality where as some others with dual nationality were given a go ahead? Fourthly, Why did not I.Khan call Fauzia for a meeting the first day, she spoke out against the unjust ways. She had surely fallen to calmness if I.Khan had called her to his house. Why is his ego and rudeness bigger than us and the party? Fifthly, When the party leadership could not conduct fair party elections themselves then why cry over others rigging the general elections? Was justice been done in awarding tickets? Sixthly, Why does I.Khan think that Fauzia's problem is getting in to the assembly and not that she is hurt because of the treatment? Today, I am sure thousands of PTI members and a lot of others who have a political sense are disappointed today. And this event is going to be the start of a down fall of a party we all thought was gona bring change and do justice. Goodbye PTI, I know at least 12 of my mates here who have given up on PTI today and give up on our wishes of a neya pakistan.

Stephen Jun 06, 2013 10:56pm

I have been following this story for a while. Why has PTI left it so late to clarify their opinion. PTI should have made these points much earlier. In any case why have they not been replying to her emails. Fauzia at least deserved enough respect to get replies to her mails.


Malik Nawaz Jun 06, 2013 11:11pm

Lets move much of time wasting on petty things.......go...go..go

noor Jun 06, 2013 11:19pm

apparently PTI's clarification looks reasonable. My sincerest advice to kasuri would be to remain quiet for some time at least in media and do some soul searching. apparently it does not seem an issue of injustice, it is an issue of miscalculation or dis-assessment. It would be good for her and PTI.

Shehz Jun 06, 2013 11:23pm

Process for renouncing of citizenship takes time, it's the date she filed her application that counts, her determination to, and follow through. PTI is making excuses now. Her nomination could have been accepted for the Intra Party election pending her actual citizenship renouncing. If it didn't come through in time she could have sidelined then. However, that was not the case it seems.

M R Khawaja Jun 06, 2013 11:44pm

Well done PTI and their comrades. You people are no different then others power hungry incompetent unable to solve your differences with in frame work of party discipline. How you will Govern Just like Zardari and Sharif's in the past. Jun 06, 2013 11:44pm

She is saying the right thing justice party is doing injustices. Imran is so proudy that he didn't even congratulate Nawaz on his winning and he calls himself a sportsman. She is a veteran PTI now she will disclose more

kazigee Jun 06, 2013 11:55pm

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH! She is opportunist, characterless and dishonest person and that's the short and long of it.

kazigee Jun 07, 2013 12:00am

@S Khan: Who cares! Have you heard the story of the crow who wanted to join the peacocks :) It ended up nowhere.

yasir Jun 07, 2013 12:02am

fouzia kasuri has not been loyal to PTI and neither can she be to pakistan. her loyalty has been tested and she failed.

shami Jun 07, 2013 12:19am

Her gestures reveals that she was only waiting for a seat in NA and when PTI refused to award her the place in NA due to her US citizenship she parted ways from PTI. I believe Imran can never do injustice with anyone.

desinpardes Jun 07, 2013 12:21am

Right decision by Kasuri to leave the party. She abandoned her US citizenship for PTI and what she got was a 4th place. We even don't know who the first three women are. Kasuri should have been the first. She organized fund raisers and increased party membership tremendously in the US. Imran should appologize to her and mend ties otherwise it would be very expensive for his party's reputation. Just my two cents.

Ahmed Jun 07, 2013 12:22am all the anti-pti trolls have started this new thing about IK not having congratulated nawaz sharif...i fail to understand firstly, in these massively rigged elections, were congrats neccesary? Secondly, Nawaz sharif also visited IK to ask about his health after such a long time that IK probably had even forgotten he had been injured...where were all these people then??

aamir Jun 07, 2013 12:23am

@Tariq: agreed

Ahmed Jun 07, 2013 12:24am

@M R Khawaja: I'm sorry how does mismanagement equate to corruption and nepotism...PTI seems mismanaged at the moment but is not at all corrupt, nepotist and selfish like the other two parties

Asghar Jun 07, 2013 12:25am

my suggestion to miss Fauzia Kasuri is please stay with PTI you will be in top position within short times be royal to Imran Khan never mind the other people round you

Ahmed Jun 07, 2013 12:31am

WOW seriously DAWN, you are setting new standards of incredibly horrible and biased journalism.

The heading of this article is: PTI accuses Fauzia Kasuri of leveling

Sehr Siddiqui Jun 07, 2013 12:37am

Imran Khan would soon be exposed as dictator as he was in the ground. people would know him more as they test him. turn-courts and inexperienced are going to bring disaster as there will be far bigger gap between his promises and delivery. Older lot will leave him soon and younger lot will mess up things.

Asim Jun 07, 2013 12:38am

I joined PTI to serve the country and have qualification as economist PhD left my career in USA thou when I enter PTI realized beside IK most in party are corrupt like any other parties SAD,... pti pml n mqm all are mafias..

ali Jun 07, 2013 12:47am

If you say goodbye to PTI you say goodbye to pakistan. Have you noticed the difference they have made. The Punjab is trying to improve their gov as is sindh. Well done PTI. Mrs Kasuri should have fought withion the family not outside. United we stand divided we fall.

LION_KING Jun 07, 2013 12:53am

@AJ:whatever your views are. atleast here is ONE PIT supporter whose crow is not white. at least he speaks it as it is. truth can't be kept hidden forever. the most honest point here that i too would ask that why does IK sahab not cut down his ego and zidd to size. why do always people fall victim to his this psyche? starting from cricket to now political management?

Shahzad Khan Jun 07, 2013 12:57am

@Siddique Malik:

She was out to raise funds abroad during this time when intra party elections were coming closer and she had no time to go through that process in time.

shahida Jun 07, 2013 01:04am

If above is true, highly shocking. can not expect it from Fauzia. Let us see if she admits that she still is dual nationality holder .

skeptic Jun 07, 2013 01:08am

@Asim : i quite agree with you but one thing which Pakistan has never had, is a leader who is not financially compromised and completely honest,Imran Khan in this category stands way above the others .this man has given back to Pakistan in bundles of happiness,compassion and pride and is a living international legend and only for that i think he needs support from all of us however Khan sb is in bad need of good advisors,his second tier leadership is quite ordinary.

Fares Jun 07, 2013 01:10am

It becomes quite clear by her own statements that she is more interested in power rather than the betterment of our nation...and has absolutely no inkling and rather no interest in the meaning of sacrifice for the good of the people...PTI is better off without such self serving people whose sole interest is only in their own welfare...

hidayat Jun 07, 2013 01:15am

@yasir: Did that loyalty test took 17 years for PTI????

Mohammed A.Sukhera Jun 07, 2013 01:19am

Fauzia Kasuri is a US citizen who wanted a NA seat reserved for the minorties from PTI.The PTI did not win as many seats as they had anticipated in election. Naturally there were not enough seats to accomodate everyone. when she was not appointed by the PTI for NA seat, she decided to jump the ship. PTI as a party is infancy stage as compared to other parties, They may have lost the intial battle but war is not over yet. One thing going for the PTI is its youth membership and honest leader. I believe PTI will be a big winner in the next elections and better off without people like Fauzia Kasuri.

Raheel Jun 07, 2013 01:19am

I dont think its hard to see who is wrong here. She left the party now because she didnt get a seat!!! Wow says a lot where her priority lies.

Sheikh Jun 07, 2013 01:19am

@faiza: "Hat's off"

HM Jun 07, 2013 01:22am

@Asghar: " be royal to Imran Khan never mind the other people round you" what a dictatorial statement.

Fahad Jun 07, 2013 01:30am


In that case, Pervez Khattak should be booted out immediately for putting his family members on reserve seats. Shah Mahmood Qureshi should be booted out for contesting a seat outside of PTI. Agreed?

But that's not what's happening, is it? There's a lot of dirty politics being played in 'Naya Pakistan".

HM Jun 07, 2013 01:29am

MS Kasuri said in her interviews that some others were also have failed to abandon their nationality in good time but were still accommodated by the party but not in case of her. It was just one day difference... BTW... what PTI has to say about Javed Hashmi's statement accepting Nawaz Sharif as his leader. Now where Imran Khan stands???

Khalid Jun 07, 2013 01:31am

@Ahmed: Shahbaz shareef and Rehman Malik went to visit IK in hospital on second day of the falling incident. Reman Malik was allowed to visit IK whereas Shahbaz was denied. This is matter of record. IK needs to learn the norms of diplomacy and politics. We like IK but he needs a lot of learning and we hope to see him our next leader in next term - a well groomed Pakistani leader of international cadre. @Khalid

Riz - US Jun 07, 2013 01:33am

I think we are wasting time by even following this news item as time will tell Imran Khan is no different then others in-charge of this country at this time. Who can forget Imran Khan's dictatorial personality while selecting the team when he was captaining Pakistan. Also, his attitude towards a particular city. Seems like people have short term memory and what we say in urdu "CHARTAY SURAJ KE PUJARI".

Ailly Jun 07, 2013 01:45am

@Sehr Siddiqui: funny joke, nevertheless all MQM members speak like that against Imran and PTI.......... carry on keep hitting the bricks. He will prevail and conquer every living heart in this country. He is destined for glory.

Ahmed Jun 07, 2013 01:51am

@faiza: Heads off to F. Kasuri? As Shafqat Mehmood said in his tweet to her - please dont say such things. It is OK to say Hands Off to Kasuri, since that is using an established phrase in the english language. But saying "Heads Off" in Pakistan is dangerous, what with the throat-cutting taliban (whom Imran Khan assures us are merely doing so because they are angry at Pakistan for not letting them do jihad, i.e. killing innocent people in the name of Islam in other countries) running loose.

Asif Ali Khan Jun 07, 2013 01:55am

Ms Qasuri 's caes is not going to be the first one but many more to come in future. However, the PTI party should focus on the agenda to move the nation forward and deal such issues on the side lines.

Ozman Jun 07, 2013 02:02am

@Sehr Siddiqui: I beg to differ. It's unfortunate reliance on the old vultures which will lead to the demise of PTI - just like Pervez Musharraf. I really expected IK to do better than he has done in selecting the candidats. He apparently went for the seats in assemblies rather than trying to change the thinking of the nation. He has waited long enough to get in power, another 5 years wouldn't have made a difference in the larger scheme of things. SAD.

Ailly Jun 07, 2013 02:10am

@AJ: wow, why don't you offer scripts to pakistani movie makers or may be you are good at maths...... seventhly ( although it does not exist ) but sixthly and fifthly do exist in your dream-world. full of sentiments and carries no credible text. though enjoyed your emotional touch.

so whom do you fund next ? and expect that party to fulfill your dreams. these petty issues will no longer be hurdles. many like you before in past and in future will keep shedding the party but hard-work and clean conscious is rewarded by one and only one GOD. so desperados like you will be filtered by the time party wins next elections in 2015. yes for sure in 2015 since PMLn will never be able to complete the tenure INSHALLAH just like their previous two outings due which until we are suffering.

AJ, bye bye from PTI, tks.

Ailly Jun 07, 2013 02:16am

@faiza: Its not HEADs OFF its 'hats off'. nice little funny two lines.

G.Nabi Jun 07, 2013 02:24am

Dawn is trying to make this news, Fauzia Kasuri leaving PTI as sensational as possible. PTI issued clarification not accusation. Proper headline should be ," PTI issues clarification regarding Fauzia leaving PTI". No , such headline won't sell the paper.

Javid Abbas Jun 07, 2013 02:28am

@Asim : What MQM has done now?????????

Ghani Khan Jun 07, 2013 02:32am

@Sehr Siddiqui: Why question or expect so much from IK ? The man you should questioning is Nawaz Sharif, IK held intra-party election. Did Nawaz or Zardari initiated any intra-party election ? No, they followed dynastic politics. Who is the real dictator ? Certainly not Imran K.

Suez Jun 07, 2013 02:57am

@Sehr Siddiqui: I don't agree Imran is a dictator. Imran has set standards of merit in his party and any body who does not come up to that merit does not qualify for what he/she desires. Since this is something new and unwanted in polititical parties in Pakistan there fore who do not get their desired position get frustrated. As for Ms. Kasuri, if she was working for a good cause and the betterment of Pakistan she should not have been expecting any position. Only selfless people can deliver and get remembered.

Sana Humtv Jun 07, 2013 02:59am

One thing is for sure, she would have remained quite about the

AL-HILAL Jun 07, 2013 03:08am

Her complaint mostly seems to be of personal nature. She wanted to be an M.P. on a safe seat .

Khalid Rizvi Jun 07, 2013 03:11am

I saw this coming about 8-10 days ago, in a talk show that saw her shedding tears on national TV. Don't understand why her wounds were allowed to fester that long without any remedial action. Her sacrifices for the party were huge, and it was not right to just ignore her anguish. In the beginning it was just a matter of finding her a shoulder to cry on and a little reassurance about her place in the party. I still believe human relations have bigger role to play than any bigoted and egoistic principles. Principles are important in life, but when they are misused as an ego-boosting tonic they turn into a burden for relationships.

Shahpur Jun 07, 2013 03:17am

I noticed that DAWN has written up about this lady again. This time her picture with Imran Khan. There are several obvious reasons.
First, I am not sure how important this Lady is in Pakistani politics. Like does she come from one of those famouse KASURE FAMILIES and so on. Because this is how Pakistani politics works what kind family you come from. Second, I noticed this lady gave up her U.S. Citizenship. I am sure when she gave up her U.S. Citizenship she must have given the reason why she is giving up her Citizenship. The reason probably she gave was the Dual Citizenship law in Pakistan and so on. She seems to be well connected in Pakistan. She is eligible and she will now apply for reinstatement of her U.S. Citizenship. And she will attache all this write up in Dawn with her application to reinstate her Citizenship. Obviously U.S. Immigration will review all this documentation and make the final decision. However, there is no question that somebody at DAWN is helping her for that. She does not look like some extraordinary political woman and I do no believe PTI has done any thing wrong to her. What a drama.

Julie C Jun 07, 2013 03:25am

Shame on you Dawn for purposely inserting 'false allegations' in your report, the phrase that PTI on its website specifically said it would rather not use to describe Ms. Kasuri's characterization of PTI. No better proof that you are out to malign PTI and mislead the readers!

Shahpur Jun 07, 2013 03:27am

@kazigee: Perfect description

Shahpur Jun 07, 2013 03:32am

@noor: She wants to apply for reinstatement of her US Citizenship. Sh needs documentation fast. right now.

Shahpur Jun 07, 2013 03:45am

@Shehz: I think she was playing this game all along. She probably filed application to give up her US Citizenship but the application is probably still pending and she can probably withdraw, the application. But she has to submit some documentation and this DAWN write up can be helpful to her. But she has been playing this game with US Immigration and PTI. and now I think DAWN is an active party to this "CLASSIC PAKI DRAMA".

Shahpur Jun 07, 2013 03:54am

@S Khan: No body really knows whether she has filed anything or not for ABANDONMENT of US Citizenship. But if she never filed proper documents to "ABANDON" her US Citizenship, and she was paying this game in Pakistan, that is another issue that US Embassey in Pakistan should look into.

SB Jun 07, 2013 04:22am

Imran has time and time again ditched people after taking full benefits. It is his way of getting the things done and after his objective is achieved, he leaves. He did this with a women in USA; he did this with his wife; he did this with friends in USA after getting fund raising done. Imran is for Imran only. VERY SELFISH PERSON. Pakistan will not be better, if he ever comes to power. Mark my words. So I request to the new comers to PTI party-----move on.

freeman Jun 07, 2013 04:32am

I think it is good for both side. If IK was power hungry he should be standing to promote as best candidate for PM ship, but he let Mr. Hashmi to contest. I think in Ms. Kasuri case, her own over confidence victimize her. If she was better than other she should accept the 4th Place and accept the party decisions. That is the real democracy. Majority is Authority. Why USA citizenship is so important for her that she is shouting out everywhere that she let it go?

Mr Hopefull Jun 07, 2013 05:01am

I am astonished at the comments made below. If people can be bothered with properly reading the article, PTI has simply clarified its positon. Imran refused to hold re-election because it would have been against the party rules and unfair to already selected members. So how does that make him a dictator ? I think party should sue her for defamation.

Israr Khan IsmailZai. Jun 07, 2013 05:21am

Was she is for a "seat", or was she in for Pakistan??? Looks more like she joined the party for a seat like other parties.

sheikh siddeeque Jun 07, 2013 05:28am

@faiza: As a decent fine party loyalist for a decent long time she should have stayed in the party to reinforce her claim more forcefully.She had every chance of reaching the top of echelon. SM Siddeeque USA

Mustafa Razavi Jun 07, 2013 05:44am


Abandoning your citizenship may not be a very big deal in Europe or North America. It can be reinstated easily and quickly, especially if you have a spouse or children who have citizenship of the country in question.

Josh Jun 07, 2013 05:52am

FK has done the right thing. PTI finds it hard to accept IK's mistake. If this continues, it will be a cult, less a political party.

Aiza Jun 07, 2013 06:04am

Relax yaar, why this hurry?? PTI is still in the making, give them some time man. Tell me about any other better alternative party??? So chill down dude, they will deliver very soon!

farid Jun 07, 2013 06:21am

@Asim : You need a dose of reality, to leave your career for PTI.

LL Jun 07, 2013 06:33am

no doubt Imran Khan is a good honorable man , and top brass is also talented and have respect, but what about his team,members, there are so many ignorant, FK should have been given a seat

kaiser waziri Jun 07, 2013 07:09am

PTI is just a bunch of opportunists who would stick around for the booty but would run away at the first sight of trouble!

Fauzia is not the first one to do that!

El Cid Jun 07, 2013 07:19am

Unfortunately her statement demonstrates her lack of class and political maturity. It also may carry untruth or partial truth. Some significant fact seems to be wanting. Background happenings seem to have been left out of her statement which is obviously incomplete and left hanging as to what actually happened. Her move to PML-N is suggestive of her capacity for commitment, loyalty, and allegiance to any cause. The use of the word

Amir Khan Jun 07, 2013 07:48am

@Sehr Siddiqui: Just bear in mind that IK only bring up the talent and always select people on the basis of skills and talent. However, he is human and make mistakes so before passing the judgment you must wait and let him explain once he is back. Don't just jump into conclusion and start balm-game. There is no doubt that FK has given too much to the party even sacrificed her nationality but as a mature person she should not have quit the party quickly, she could wait and fight for her staying in the party in stead as she has/had enough support withing the party. As far as IK leadership and party is concerned, they will definitely bring revolution and gurney has started from KPK. just wait n watch

Jan Jun 07, 2013 09:18am

@faiza: Did you mean Hats off or are you threatening to behead Fauzia?

Akhter Mehngal Jun 07, 2013 09:33am

@desinpardes: Wow, one of the major points you had was her abandoning her US citizenship? Is that even something that someone should be given credit for?

It's a requirement by the constitution. Please read

Ms Fauzia Kasuri is joining PML-N. PTI members are supposed to be given seats on merits, not loyalty. What would be the difference PTI and any other party if loyalty and being an old member were the criterion? Look at the latest profile of PML-N ministers, there are much better and more capable people who could run the various ministries, but who did Nawaz Sharif appoint as their heads? Loyalists.

A party is bigger than one individual.

alibaba Jun 07, 2013 09:32am

I support PTI allegations agisnt FQ.

alibaba Jun 07, 2013 09:41am

@AJ: Garbage AJ

Khan Jun 07, 2013 09:45am

Dear AJ: Naya Pakistan has already emerged after the 11th May Election, can't you see the change in Punjab and KP. I am not a member of PTI but just a voter from KHI and with lots of friends, change is not that you get a seat on NA or PA, change is the mind set which has alreay changed for the youngsters in Pakistan to vote for rights.......... it will take lots of time for PTI to be more mature in politics. they did well but lots more to do........ leave the issues behind and work work and just work now for GOD SAKE.......

Jan Jun 07, 2013 09:46am

Fauzia sahiba might be a nice person and might have helped fund raise for PTI but that doesn't mean that she needs to be in the parliament . Firstly she knew that she was fourth on the list for the reserved seats but she didn't cry foul until she found out that she couldn't get into the parliament . If this was a principled position then she would have said something about it when the list was actually compiled and not after the fact. Secondarily I have seen other PTI members like Dr Mazari , Andaleeb Abbas or Naaz Baloch to take a policy position and then articulate a defence of it but this has not been the case with Miss Kasuri. I have heard her being asked childish questions like why are you called the mother of PTI and in reply she stated because the youth have chosen her to be the mother of PTI as if it was a nominated position. Now that the elections are over the people of Pakistan need a strong opposition in the parliament to keep the party in power on their toes in moving the country forward. We need strong female leaders who can debate the issues and find solutions to our problems . Unfortunately I don't see that role being played by miss Kasuri and more so after the last few days of this drama. Again I don't know miss Kasuri and she might be a fabulous human being but on the evidence that I see before me she didn't deserve to be in the parliament in the first place.

Masood Raja Jun 07, 2013 09:57am

As a PTI member I deeply regret that Fauzia Kasuri is parting us. She should have waited till Imran Khan to get well. Her decision to quit PTI is more or less emotional decision. Since two wrongs can not make one right, I am afraid that she may accept a NA ticket from PML N who are keen to play her card against PTI.I think it will be the biggest blunder of her political life. Mrs. .Kasuri is honest and uncorrupt she can never make a room with super thieves and exploiters. of PML N.

Kalyar Jun 07, 2013 10:11am

It is difficult to love and to be wise.No doubt FK love PTI but no wise decision in the end.

Saqib Jun 07, 2013 10:27am

The greed of fortune hunters would soon have them build their private armies, wanting to control the country with more than just economic muscle.

Saeed Jun 07, 2013 10:46am

@Ahmed: What exactly is the difference between "erroneous statements" and "false allegations", would you say? I'd say there is some slight difference in tone; the meaning is the same and, loud and clear. Dawn would have sounded silly if they wrote "erroneous statement" in the headline.

Azeem Jun 07, 2013 10:54am

Let us pray for one big happy ending here. Please understand PTIs problems are before us. Now they need to be sorted out. I believe once Imran Khan is back on his feet he will go about doing exactly that. Time is on his side till the next elections. This can be fixed. let us wait for IK to recover and then start to judge him.

Eds Jun 07, 2013 11:04am

Bad Journalism You are succumbing to "Sensationalism" - Kindly rationalise the heading. PIT issued a clarrification in response to Ms. Kasuri's statements.

aamir Jun 07, 2013 11:20am

Die hard and loyal party workers never take things personally when it comes to their party/ideology and country. IF Fauzia had gotten into the parliment, she would be telling the whole world how IK is the guy who could change the face of Pakistan. Fauzia is behaving like a child

abdullah Jun 07, 2013 11:32am

Please first read both side before concluding anything. Dawn is reporting is biased..

To me. It is a both party mistake.

abdullah Jun 07, 2013 11:34am

Please visit pti website for knowing both side . Stop looking from 1 angle

Mian Saleem Jun 07, 2013 12:13pm

Please don't fudge the issue.... People have lost trust and faith in PTI , the way they behaved with FK. PTI has proved to be no different from other feudal parties. What was the purpose of inducting opportunists in the party and abandoning those who were loyal and dedicated. The election results speaks all.

saytheturth10 Jun 07, 2013 12:37pm

Imran Khan is taking too much time to come back. PTI losing the election is a non issue in my book now it is time for Imran Khan to come out and play the party leader role and help his party. Injuries or no injuries he is taking too much time to resolve Fauzia Kasuri issue. I had the honor to meet Fauzia Kasuri in USA and I believe Fauzia Kasuri is a honest decent person. She is a human and she is showing her emotions. 17 years of loyalty in my eyes is enough contribution and she should be honored, respected and listen to. PTI is going through growing pains from small party to Pakistan's 2nd largest party is not easy. PTI under Imran must reorganize not wait too long and resolve internal PTI rifts. The struggle for justice has already started in KPT, if Imran continue to stay away from the public and media it will hurt him in the long run. Imran absence has already creating a huge vacuum in his party and if not filled fast would destroy PTI for ever.

mazhar Jun 07, 2013 02:06pm

It is sad that Ms F Kasuri decided to leave the party. I think she should have stayed and used her position to bring those changes she claimed she was fighting for. She herself admits that Imran khan and PTI gave her a platform she should have continued doing the good work she was doing she has given up too soon. I think that she will not find that kind of pride she use to have while serving from PTI platform. I think representing Imran khan and SKMH was a great honor and she should have carried on doing that. With all respect to all her personal sacrifices I will dare to add that most of the love and respect she got was because of representing Imran Khan and SKMH/PTI. People loved her and respected her for being an extension of good work that Imran is doing. I am amazed by the reaction shown by Ms Kasuri that makes me think and respect her more because that shows her passion and commitment she had for the cause. She is genuinely hurt I still feel she should have fought the system if there were any issues while staying with PTI and Imran Khan. You don't try to damage the tree that you have nurtured for 17 years. I respect her for all the hard work and sacrifices she made for PTI and SKMH and Imran khan but will request her to please reconsider and don't make any hasty decision we don't want to see you be like any other ordinary politician. Ms Kasuri you are special and I think you still have lot of love and respect for Imran khan and his cause. Please take your time and then decide if you decide not to rejoin PTI then my request will be not to join any political party but keep on working for poor people. In the end choice is yours, I wish this blame game ends as there was a lot of good work done from both sides, which will be forgotten. I wish you all the best in the future and please don't think people will forget your hard work and commitment you had and still have for Imran khan

A Kashmiri Jun 07, 2013 02:09pm

2nd sick article from Dawn in 2 days, WELL DONE DAWN.

MFH Jun 07, 2013 02:22pm

@Sehr Siddiqui: And what 'Experience' has brought to this country? Peace, harmony, Economic boom, What? I agree that making promises and delivering them in a manner proposed is not common in Pakistan but if this is the only subject then it applies more on many other 'Experienced' parties and politicians. BTW, if you a not a member of PTI then you don't have to worry about the future of the Party, instead just think about the country.

MFH Jun 07, 2013 02:25pm

@Ahmed: Just to add And IK had visited Sharif's palace when Nawaz's uncle Mian Abbas Sharif died. The media reported Shahid Afridi's visit and even gone further to state that Afridi is soon to be joining PML-N but non reported IK's visit.

Political rivalry should be set aside.

Arif Khan Jun 07, 2013 02:43pm

It is always a pity when a stalwart like Fauzia Kasuri abandons the Party, her efforts were painstaking and just for the sake of a Seat in NA she created all the fuss, good Leaders are always good Leaders whether they become a member or not.Her sacrifice of US Nationality,her appearances in Media talk shows,her contributions within the Party can not be denied,the only thing which needs to be assessed is her work and work of the 3 other Women on top of her when she was selected 4th. She could have waited to become a Senetor in due course had she waited, I feel sorry about the whole episode.

m khan Jun 07, 2013 02:50pm

Typical PTI, abuse members that leave. Fauzia was in the US fundraising for PTI and on return for internal PTI elections, initiated process to surrender her US passport. She was unfairly denied the right to contest and now vilified for leaving the party. Standard Imran fare. I had warned Fauzia 3 years back!

Masoud Jun 07, 2013 03:03pm

One thing is clear that Fauzia Kasuri was more interested in securing a seat in the national / provincial assemblies. Her No seat No Work attitude speaks a volume of her attachment to PTI through reward only.

Muhammad Ali Jun 07, 2013 03:03pm


PTI clarification is quite reasonable in light of the timing of the inter party elections.

So if one does not get a seat, everything they believed in a few days ago suddenly becomes all bad? I can understand her parting ways but maybe she could have done it few months later instead of causing such a situation. Is it impossible that the other ladies have some edge over her? Is she really the perfect person for every job? She was in the priority list but due to the lesser seats of PTI, she was left out. The fact that she was in the top 4 ladies should be enough consolation for her...but it seems she wanted nothing short of a seat and that seems a bit selfish.

We all get emotional and it can be that we are right in our mind but at times there are some reasons which we fail to understand or acknowledge, due to emotions. It could be that a calm approach would have served her and PTI better, even if she was to leave.

I think She has overreacted and maybe it is due to the fact that in Pakistan whenever you are popular in any circle there are people who really make you believe as if you deserve everything and anything less shall be a great shame...eventually most people fall pray to such praise and when they feel left out, they feel too embarrassed to take such an outcome in a calm manner.

She was popular no doubt but could have tried to show more maturity by not portraying an entirely negative picture of the party, which she was very much part of a few weeks ago. Does the party go from a great movement to a Mafia within a span of few weeks? Or is it the plain and simple case of not liking something when it does not serve your personal aim? She may dislike some people in the party but at the end of the day this is a new party, it can evolve towards betterment as the person on top does not want to create a dynasty for his children.

I am sorry but She could have shown much more class than this had she given it a lot more thought. She has the right to leave but the timing and manner should have been thought through by her considering her affiliation with PTI.

Gerry D'Cunha Jun 07, 2013 03:27pm

enemies of PTI will grab fauzia kasuri to gain political scoring for their next election campaign - fauzia should be aware/cautious not to fall in this trap - she should keep striving for PTI as she did for 17 years without any position. Good luck to her

MFH Jun 07, 2013 03:48pm

@S Khan: She denounced her citizenship but the case is still pending and awaited for final decision from Home Office Washington DC

MFH Jun 07, 2013 03:52pm

@Asim : Are you planning to Go back? If yes, another FK in making.

Kam East Jun 07, 2013 04:20pm

@desinpardes: Silly comment. Go read the statment of PTI. She abandoned US citizenship AFTER the intra party ellections. She is NOT above other peopl. She is EQUAL and the rules EQUALLY apply to her.

Nasir Vohra Jun 07, 2013 04:28pm

(Mainly) Pakistani works Like PC, either 0 or 1.

Work too hard expect too much or suddenly trip/leave the fight. So there is no middle state/room for negotiation/diplomacy. By the way i am also one of that kind:)

sher Jun 07, 2013 04:31pm

I wish FK comes back to PTI and serve the party and the country with the same enthusiastic zeal and vigor which she displayed on TV and Jalsas. Pl come back. PTI can also negotiate with her. she is an asset to the party and the country.

Shah Jun 07, 2013 04:49pm

She gave up her Pakistani citizenship. Now she just wants to rule Pakistan!

ady Jun 07, 2013 05:17pm

"It's hard to please everyone." She should have shown wisdom rather than emotions! Poor IK has to fight on so many fronts at the same time.

Muhammad Khan Chandio Jun 07, 2013 05:47pm

I have great respect for Fauzia Kasuri, she defended and elaborated party policies very well in talk shows. It is very much irony in Pakistan Politics that every member from low to high profiles feel that he / she can only do something when he is accommodated in power politics. Fauzia Kasuri also falls victim of this phobia. Imran Khan has gained respect and popularity without having power politics, a famous saying is like this "The people wants power to take revenge from some one". In my point of view, The PTI management should be given full authority to formulate and execute their policies on their own so that we can be in a position to judge their progress. It is my opinion that if Fauzia can not find her place with PTI then she never can find place with any other party. Regards, Muhammad Khan Chandio

S.Khalid Hussain Jun 07, 2013 06:03pm

People who know Imran are aware that he is extremely arrogant.FK who was very active in the pre election campaign much more than Sheerin Mazari should have been accommodated in awarding the tickets and would have waited for a few days to settle the nationality matter.Moreover Mazari had left the party in the crucial time and only rejoined when PTI hype was already built.To say that FK had joined the party for NA ticket,tell me who doesn't.If these things continue I foresee the downfall of PTI very soon.People like SMQ and JH are not going to stay for long.

Lakhkar Khan Jun 07, 2013 06:45pm

I don

Lakhkar Khan Jun 07, 2013 06:47pm

@LL: If he is such an honorable man, how come no one trusted him with votes other than KPK?

Lakhkar Khan Jun 07, 2013 06:49pm

@Israr Khan IsmailZai.:

You missed the point in about mile and a half. You always reward your friends who stand by you, in tough times. That is what wise people do.

Lakhkar Khan Jun 07, 2013 06:53pm


And how is that relevant?

Jazzee Jun 07, 2013 06:53pm

If strong discipline and ideology is called arrogance and dictatorship than I stand for that and slute IK.Since the death of Quid-e Azam, till now, Pakistanis have distroyed all most all civic & Govt institutions, people look their own interest first ,they could not care less to let Pakistan goes into drain, their mantalities are now devolped on the same patron.Pakistanis must appriciate if some one wants to bring back,disciplain,honesty,system, rule of law, into the main stream.Pakistani must support and defend the person but not their own greed and selfishness.

Lakhkar Khan Jun 07, 2013 06:53pm


And what happened to Imran Khan's loyalty?

Ali Palh Jun 07, 2013 07:22pm

@Sehr Siddiqui: Dictator sometimes is better option for reinforcing discipline in the party and for the execution of decisions. I would say, dictatorship is one of the requirement for strengthening democracy. Benazir Bhutto was of the same nature.

FJ Siddiqui Jun 07, 2013 07:36pm

@Muhammad Ahmed Mufti: Kindly listen to Asad Umar regarding relationship of these ladies with KPK CM. Just to highlight: they are distant relatives of his wife with outstanding credentials of their own.

Further, where this is unfair to give positions to ineligible relatives it is equally unjust to keep every friend or relative away from any position even if s/he is best suitable/qualified person.

omar Jun 07, 2013 08:14pm

@Asim : You might be an economist but you write crappy prose!

Ahmed Jun 07, 2013 08:46pm

she announced her decision to quite pti in a press conference on the same day when Nawaz sharif was elected PM.

Khalid Shafiq Jun 07, 2013 08:52pm

To All Viewers:

FK is a US citizen and want to serve Pakistan. What a joke with Pakistan and PTI? Further now she did not get a special seat in the National Assembly and left the PTI. Her husband was same way and have no moral values. Shame on FK. To PTI chairman Imran Khan, the PTI should announce after their election on March 21, 2013 that FK and any other if there is one have not abandon his US citizenship so these kind of party members may not be eligible for NA seats. PTI should be clear about his goal and to peoples of Pakistan. It is moment of shame to PTI too.

Khalid Shafiq, Engineer, UET

sabeen Jun 07, 2013 08:52pm

PTI in its clarification has failed to address the most critical allegations made by fauzia kasuri. Rana Maqbool of Rahimyar Khan and Atif Chaudhry, Ajmal Sabir Raja and Haroon Hashmi of Rawalpindi, who held dual nationality were allowed by the party to contest in the elections. Why? Don't the same rules apply to them as they apply to fauzia kasuri? PTI did not respond to this allegation. Secondly, women of KPK's chief minister's family were given the reserved seats in kpk assembly. Why? Don't the party workers from kpk who have worked their heads off for PTI deserve to be given those seats? How does PTI justify giving 3 reserved seats to chief minister's family? Thirdly, fauzia after being rejected had filed a review petition for looking into her matter of disqualification. It has been two and a half months since she filed that petition with the PTI tribunal, but she did not get a response. Why did PTI not properly respond to her petition and notify her of the reasons that they are now public ally stating?. If PTI is not capable of efficiently handling its internal party affairs, and responding to the issues within the party on time, how can anyone expect them to govern the matters of state efficiently?

MK Jun 07, 2013 10:24pm

@LL: Did she really gave up her US nationality.

Ajay Vikram Singh Jun 07, 2013 11:06pm

Even we indians have very high hopes from IK and PTI. plz dont disappoint us. - Love & peace from india .

SMA Jun 07, 2013 11:24pm

how she would know in advance that claims of Tsunami of IK shall Shatter so badly

rahat rao Jun 08, 2013 12:10am

@faiza: I think Fauzia Kasuri is a fine lady. I request her to come back,because she will never be happy anywhere else and keep missing her IDEAL IMRANKHAN. I will pray for her.

Jehangir Khan Jun 08, 2013 01:45am

Making wrong statements unknowingly can be termed as eroneous statements. When one makes wrong statements knowingly then he or she is making false statements. Is that clear now?

Omair Jun 08, 2013 01:49am

@Mian Saleem: By letting opportunists in and allowing rigging to occur in his own intra-party elections, he has disappointed his die hard supporters. People like SMQ, JT, Javed Hashmi, play a major role in the party's (IK's) decisions and have left a huge dent in the party. Hashmi is still obsessed with Nawaz as he proved in his speech in the assembly.

Aleem Khan bought the Lahore intra party elections and heavily tainted the reputation of the party. What was the point of taking a person like him or like Khursheed Kasuri, Ayla malik, mansha sindhu, leghari brothers, etc.?

You can't accuse other parties of nepotism, injustice, and of having tainted people in their parties when you have no shortage of the like in your party. I don't know if IK is blind or if he actually thinks the people in his party are squeaky clean, either way this ignorance can destroy the party.

And to those who blindly defend the party, articles on websites and news channels don't show the complete story. When you actually have a look at the party from close proximity is when you realise whats actually going on.

Israr Khan IsmailZai. Jun 08, 2013 07:13am

@Mian Saleem:

"Mian sahib", i don't think you represent the people of Pakistan, so please speak for yourself. Secondly, it is not PTI but Ms. Kasuri herself who was looking for a NA seat not really the interest of Pakistani people.

In a party where Imran Khan didn't give tickets to his brother in law, or his cousin, how could one say that the ticket distribution was unfair???? I think she should join PML N, i am sure they will welcome her with open arms and she would be able to get what she wants in that party.

And for election results, they look very similar to the out come of 1993, do you remember anything?????

Omar Jun 08, 2013 07:21am

@Masood Raja: you'd be surprised what promise of power and money can do!!

MM Jun 08, 2013 10:42am

@SB: Couldn't agree more.

MM Jun 08, 2013 10:46am

@Mian Saleem: Absolutely correct!!

MM Jun 08, 2013 10:47am

@Mian Saleem: Absolutely correct!!

Ghalib Jun 08, 2013 11:00am

Doing you laundry in public is never good no matter who is wrong in this case, Blame goes on IK he should have stopped this or not chosen this kind of members for senior position.

This put a big question mark on IK wisdom.

Muhammad Khan Chandio Jun 08, 2013 11:00am

@Shahpur: I agree with you

Guest63 Jun 08, 2013 12:56pm

Agreed dear , its both sides telling some thing went wrong in the PTI specially after that october 2011 big successful rally in Lahore ! , One of them is telling a lie as both are contradicting each other to some extent both can not be truthful fully