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  1. If a writer used a ‘nom de plume’, what does that mean?

  2. What is the meaning of the Latin phrase ad Infinitum?

  3. You must have heard the word ‘haute couture’ being used in the fashion world, what does this French phrase that is now commonly used in English, mean?

  4. You have used ‘et cetera’ or ‘etc’ a number of times to mean ‘the rest’ or ‘so on and so forth’, so you know its meaning. Which language did this phrase originate from?

  5. ‘Eureka’ is a word that Archimedes, a mathematician, is said to have uttered when he made a discovery back in ancient times. What does eureka mean?

  6. Which is the Latin phrase that means ‘my fault’ or ‘I am to blame’?

  7. What is the meaning of the Latin words ‘exempli gratia’?

  8. Angst is derived from a non-English word ‘angst’, meaning dread and anxiety. Which language is it from?

  9. What is the French phrase that we use in English to mean a silly mistake or an embarrassing remark?

  10. The modern man is referred to by historians as ‘homo sapiens’, what does this Latin phrase mean? Answers:

  11. A pen name, a fictitious name that a writer uses if he doesn’t want to give his real name as the author of a story/book.

  12. Everlasting and having no end.

  13. Classy clothing.

  14. Latin

  15. I have found it!

  16. Mea culpa

  17. For example, and we commonly use the abbreviated form e.g.

  18. German

  19. Faux pas

  20. Wise man or knowing man