I LEARNT more about mathematics when I started giving tuition in the subject.

This was so because it was I who was doing mathematics and not the student. In a tutorial exercise students are passive listeners and are happy.

Their parents too are happy as they shifted their responsibility to the tutor. Moral: never engage a tutor for your children. You are paying for keeping your children ignorant.


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Muhammad Shabbir
April 17, 2013 8:27 am
I don't agree with the writer of " passive listners".HomeTuition is needed because the teachers in academic institutions are shifting their burden in the shape of huge home work and to do it the students need to have the assistance of the tuitors.
April 17, 2013 11:11 am
Singapore spends more than a billion dollar in tuition every year. In the west, tuition is becoming very popular. I do not agree with the author.
F Qamar
April 17, 2013 3:26 pm
The writer is making two points: a - Mathematics like all sciences is a study where the student indulges himself rigorously. b - Education has become a business. Tuition is generally a industry that is thought of as a solution and alternative to our deteriorating educational structure. Tuition is only teaching our children formulas and is not actually equipping them with the art of problem solving. The writer is stating that the students are not learning the art of solving problems using mathematics. Singapore is not spending a billion dollars in tuitions. Their public school system is better than Pakistans! In the West, children are more interested in becoming pop icons than studying mathematics. Since culture represents public schools, so grades are falling in general. Places like Kumon, in the US, are not an alternative to school but provide a practice sheet. Its like Khan Academy on the internet that explains mathematical phenomenon. Teaching in the West is not like Pakistani schools, where students have to memorize, hence tutors provide the necessary memorization framework in Pakistan.
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