FBR’s NTN display order

This is with reference to the quarter-page advertisements being repeatedly placed in newspapers by the FBR ordering “Display of NTN is mandatory at a very prominent place at their businesses premises under Rule 83 of IT Rules”.

Business premises, doctors’ waiting rooms, lawyers, chambers etc are visited by all spectrums of society including criminals, terrorists, and extortionists.

Does the FBR want to help them access our National Tax Number so they can get hold of our income declaration, bank statements, and bank accounts?

Doctors and businessmen are being abducted for ransom while extortion notes are being passed around.

Why is the FBR penalising honest, hardworking tax payers by exposing them to such dangers? Whose side is the FBR on?


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Comments (3) Closed

Nov 24, 2012 01:08pm
A lame excuse by tax avoiding dcotors. The professionals earns hundreds of thousands of rupees daily and maintain record on simple slips and deal in cash. It is difficult to part away with ones wealth!
ali zubair
Nov 24, 2012 09:31am
too naive a comment i think you are not aware that your ntn is accessible by anyone around the world by a single click of his mouse.... it is already there on fbr's website
Mumtaz Ali Bohio
Nov 24, 2012 01:49pm
The NTN certificate will display Name, Address and NTN of each business person/professional. Name and Address of the business person is known to every one in that area. The only new disclosure is that of NTN. If an unauthorized person gets to know the NTN of another person, he cannot access tax data at FBR's website because only authorized persons can do so. Similarly, no bank can issue bank statement to an unauthorized person or even reveal the amount deposited in that account to such unauthorized person. So, the disclosure of limited information on the business premises cannot expose such a person to any danger or risk. Many people have been doing business without getting an NTN certificate or filing return of income. The exercise is aimed at ensuring that every businessman/professional gets an NTN certificate and files a return of income every year. No law-abiding person should object to that. Mumtaz Ali Bohio, Deputy Commissioner IRS, FBR, Karachi