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The KP government has formed a committee to finalise its recommendations by October 30th to the federal government. -File Photo

PESHAWAR: To boost the fight against terrorism and make anti-terrorist laws more effective, the federal government has directed the provincial governments to submit their recommendations by October 30th for amendments in the Anti Terrorism Act, an official communication received by the KP government said.

After amendments in the ATA, the investigation officer would be authorized to investigate suspected terrorists in custody for three months without any FIR, official sources quoted by DawnNews said.

Sources also said, “There is a plan to make effective changes in clause 2, 4, 6, 11 and 34 of the ATA which would make the laws more strict and prevent terrorists from getting benefit of the doubt, as in the present form.”

The federation has also directed all the provincial governments to make necessary changes in the anti-terrorist laws to make them more effective and stringent.

Even though the KP government has already submitted some suggestions to the federation on ATA, it has formed a committee headed by deputy secretaries of Law and Home Departments to finalise its recommendations by October 30th to submit them to the federal government.

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