Budget 2024

Pension bill

It is high time Pakistan moved towards contributory schemes to control ever-growing pension bill.
Updated 30 Jun, 2023 10:50am
No more multiple pensions

No more multiple pensions

Finance minister says high-profile people in country currently receiving multiple pensions.
Published 25 Jun, 2023 05:13am

Finance: Alarm bells ringing

Further drying up of forex reserves will only push the country closer to the possibility of a sovereign loan default.
Updated 19 Jun, 2023 09:52am

Budget concerns

The criticism wasn’t unexpected as most financial analysts had ruled out the Fund’s approval of the expansionary budget.
Updated 16 Jun, 2023 09:19am
Corporates cancel EOGMs in droves

Corporates cancel EOGMs in droves

Objective of these meetings — announced before the budget was presented — was to increase the authorised capital.
Updated 16 Jun, 2023 08:38am