KARACHI: Services of Dr Ziauddin highlighted

April 29, 2003


KARACHI, April 28: Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, paying homage to Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmad, an eminent Muslim scientist and scholar, here on Monday on the eve of his 54th death anniversary underscored the need to rekindle the very spirit of service and achievement among the youth.

Mentioning Sir Ziauddin Ahmad’s, former vice-chancellor and rector of the Aligarh Muslim University, services for the education, he said for the prosperity and development of the society, Pakistan in particular and the Muslim world, in general, was in dire need of such selfless individuals.

The situation the Muslims across the globe were facing, enhanced the need to emulate personalities like Dr Ziauddin Ahmad, who, he said, as a scholar and a parliamentarian, not only pleaded the cause of the Muslims in central assembly, but also imbibed a spirit of hard work, commitment and an urge to change their fate, among the Muslim youth.

Dr Ziauddin was also remembered for his services for the uplift of the Muslim nation and was rightly termed the builder of the Aligarh University. He was considered an expert in the fields of mathematics and economics, hence much appreciated for his contribution as a member of central assembly of the undivided India.

The governor specially mentioned his contribution in paving way for the Muslims of the Sub-Continent to acquire higher education under extremely difficult conditions.

The governor, who also inaugurated the cardiac catheterisation lab at the Ziauddin Medical University, said these facilities, established in private sector, must be public-friendly and affordable for the people.

Prof Viqar uddin Ahmed, Dr Mubarak Shah Zubairi, Zakir Ali Khan, General Secretary, Aligarh Old Boys Association, Sharifuddin Pirzada and others also spoke on the occasion.—APP