Brothers replace slain MPAs in assembly

Jan 02 2010


PESHAWAR, Jan 1 Political parties, especially the ruling Awami National Party, have preferred brothers of the MPAs who died after the Feb 18, 2008 polls, to award party ticket for by-elections.

So far five lawmakers of the present assembly have died. Among them three fell prey to terrorism while one died due to cardiac arrest and another in a road accident.

Since the launching of a military operation in Swat, militants have targeted ministers, parliamentarians and office bearers of the ANP besides the personnel of law enforcement agencies. So far terrorists have killed two MPAs and more then 200 party workers of ANP across the province, especially in the volatile Swat valley.

MPA Akhtar Nawaz Khan was the first legislator in the NWFP Assembly who was killed on Sept 10, 2008 when he was returning from a funeral in the limits of Kalabat police station in Haripur.

He had contested the election as an independent candidate but he later joined ANP. Gohar Nawaz Khan, brother of the deceased Akhtar Nawaz, was elected in the by-election.

Another MPA, Iftikhar Khan Shagai, of the PPP was the second MPA who was killed in a road accident on December 26, 2008 in Rajanpur district while going to attend the death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto. Imtiaz Khan Shagai, brother of the late MPA Iftikhar Khan Shagai, was elected from PF-30.

The third MPA Alamzeb Khan was killed in a remote control bomb blast on Feb 11, 2009. He was attacked in Momin Town outside his residence in Peshawar. Seven other persons including his driver, gunman and personal assistant were seriously injured.

Alamzeb, in his late 40s, was elected as a member of the NWFP Assembly from PF-1 in the 2008 general elections. He was killed a few days after his fiery speech on the assembly floor against the militants in Swat. Later, brother of the deceased MPA, Aurangzeb Khan, was elected on ANP ticket.

Shamsher Ali Khan was the fourth MPA who fell prey to terrorism when a suicide bomber blew himself up in his Hujra on Dec 1 last year. He was elected from PF-83 Swat-4.

ANP has nominated Rehmat Ali Khan as party candidate to contest the upcoming by-election on PF-83 to be held on Jan 28. Rehmat Ali is the younger brother of Shamsher Ali Khan.

MPA Khalid Raza Zakori was the fifth MPA who died due to cardiac arrest. He had won by-election on PF-75, Lakki Marwat II.

In the 2008 general elections the said seat was won by an independent candidate, Anwar Saifullah Khan, but as he had won two seats therefore he relinquished this one. During by-election the seat was won by Dr Khalid Raza Zakori.

The Election Commission has announced holding of by-election in PF-75 on Feb 10.