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Pakistani security forces stationed at Pak-Afghan border. — Photo by AFP
Pakistani security forces stationed at Pak-Afghan border. — Photo by AFP

JALALABAD: Afghanistan lodged an official protest with Pakistan on Monday after troops exchanged fire at the border between the countries.

Kabul's Foreign Ministry said no one was wounded in the incident, which took took place in the early morning in the same location where a firefight between Afghan and Pakistani forces killed an Afghan border policeman and wounded two Pakistani soldiers last week.

During that incident, a border gate built by Pakistan was damaged in the fighting, and Afghanistan had warned Pakistan not to repair it.

Afghan and Pakistan troops exchanged fire on Monday at a contested border area in eastern Afghanistan days after an Afghan border policeman was killed, Afghan officials said.

Two senior officials from Nangarhar province where the clash took place told Reuters that fighting resumed after Pakistani troops attempted to repair a gate damaged in the previous clash.

The clash on Thursday, in the border district of Goshta, drew nationwide condemnation in Afghanistan, and saw protests in the east and in the capital, Kabul.

Moreover, the Spokesperson of the Foreign Office said responding to a query regarding President Karzai's recent press conference in Kabul that Durand-line is a settled issue. Opening discussions on this issue is a distraction from the more pressing issues requiring the priority attention and cooperation of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On President Karzai’s remarks regarding Pakistani posts on the border, the Spokesperson recalled that Pakistani post in Gursal had come under attack from Afghan forces and there had been several threatening and provocative statements made by Afghan leadership in this regard. The Spokesperson reiterated that the posts on Pakistan-Afghanistan border are serving the useful and mutually beneficial purpose of better border management, which is crucial for interdicting cross border undesirable activity. He reaffirmed the need to use bilateral channels including military to military contacts to resolve the issues relating to posts.

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MALIK MAZHAR HUSSAIN May 06, 2013 02:36pm

Afghan jehad destroyed Pakistan, Pakistan should get rid of Afghanistan, this is the only way to stabilize country

pakistani342 May 06, 2013 05:15pm

Pakistan and? Afghanistan disentanglement? is desired:

  1. Pakistan should expel all 3 million Afghans refugees? from Pakistan - No need to? host a people who are ungrateful and hostile to Pakistanis
  2. The resources Afghans? consume in Pakistan: hospitals, universities should go to Pakistanis - no point in? giving, Afghans, who hate us? Pakistanis
  3. Pakistan should not provide transit trade to Afghans - it will reduce drugs and guns? in Pakistan.
AHMED May 06, 2013 08:07pm

All the problem facing by your country due to the support given to Afgan to fight with Soviet union.Kick all the afgans out wit h 24 hrs notice then Karzi will be happy.

omer khan shaheen May 06, 2013 09:30pm

I am a bit lost. What does our Afghan muslim brothers and sisters want? They want to open a battle front with Pakistan. Who gave them respect, food and place to live for last 34 years. I hope because of this Pakistan don't give hard time to poor Afghan families who came here to seek shelter & protection and has nothing to do with the actions of these white eyed neighbors.

Sama May 06, 2013 09:53pm

Its time Afghan refugees are sent back to their country. Their stay was already extended, how much longer are we supposed to keep them. We have our own issues, can't baby sit the neighbors too. Afghanistan is now developed enough to attack Pakistani forces and their leadership strong enough to criticize and blame Pakistan, surely they can take care of their own people.

Muhammad Ahmed Mufti May 06, 2013 10:41pm

No need for gates and any contact with the Afghans. They should use Iran as their transit route. Define convenient entry/exit points. Allow the divided families to move across the border but not without biometric data capture. Mine heavily rest of the border. This should solve all issues with the historic invaders. As for access to Central Asian countries, Pakistan should take a little longer route through China.

Ahmer May 06, 2013 11:42pm

Afghanistan has started considering our indulgence to an unstable brotherly Islamic country as our weakness. Need of the hour is tough love and I suggest:

. Transit treaty between the two countries was entered upon by Musharraf under pressure and is very harmful to Pakistan. Terminate it.

. Durand line is an internationally recognised border and no attempt at breaching it should be tolerated. Fence it where needed. Demand that Afghans recognise it formally or we terminate the Transit treaty.

. Repatriate all Afghan refugees from Pakistan without further delay. No Afghan be allowed to enter without a valid visa.

. There is no business requirement for Indian consulates to function so near our borders. Demand that they be closed or we downgrade our diplomatic ties.

Sam May 07, 2013 09:02am

This is the lowest time for Pakistan military thanks to policies of Musharaf which has led to such a scenario.

Ahmer May 07, 2013 11:33am

Create an impregnable fence along Durand line.