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Gwadar Port: new equations

Published Apr 10, 2013 05:00am


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IT is no denying the fact that interstate relations experience new equations with significant changes in the global power politics. Every country accrues alliances in order to strengthen its geopolitical status. But the affiliations formed for the sake of regional hegemony and exploitation lead to regional instability and imbalance of power. This alteration of the balance of power defies the very principle of peaceful coexistence.

Likewise, the US-Indian nexus involving a long-term strategic military and nuclear alliance has posed far-reaching implications for the delicate balance of power and stability in the region. This so-called peaceful nuclear deal at the cost of regional balance of power is the sheer manifestation of the US strategic policy regarding the confinement of China. So, in pursuit of its policy of ‘pivot to Asia’, the United States is promoting India as a world power so as to manage China’s rise in the world power politics.

This kind of development in the international political arena goes also against the strategic interests of Pakistan as the strengthening of its arch-rival India’s ties with the US poses major threat to its very existence. This is the point where the strategic interests of both China and Pakistan converge on the same point.

Keeping in view the aforesaid Indian-US strategic ties, China and Pakistan have also strengthened their geostrategic positions by entering into an agreement. Under the head of this agreement, Pakistan has transferred the operational control of its strategically-located deep-sea port of Gwadar to China, a steadfast and time-tested friend of Pakistan.

This deal has injected a certain amount of realpolitik sense to the rhetoric of higher-than-mountains and deeper-than-oceans Pakistan-China relations.

Thus the Gwadar port deal, a new impetus to Pakistan-China relations, is the expression of trust, confidence and sincerity, which Pakistan reposes in the Chinese ability to deliver on our infrastructure projects. It is the demonstration of economic and strategic cooperation between the two countries.

For Pakistan, it will open new vistas for trade and industry which, in turn, will lead to prosperity. It would help Pakistan in the exploitation of natural resources and accelerate the industrial activity, raising the momentum of the economy.

For China, this seaport carries numerous benefits as it provides the shortest import-export route, will link Xinjiang province in western China to the Middle East via the recently expanded Karakoram Highway across Gilgit Baltistan, besides many other benefits.



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Comments (9) Closed

Rao Apr 10, 2013 05:49am
As long as Baluchistan burns, Gwadar is of little use to Pakistan and China
sraz45 Apr 10, 2013 06:44am
Good for both countries, once the infrastructure is built, the railroad connection, the highway on the left bank of the Indus and connections to the KKHighway, Pakistan will emerge as a hub for central Asia. The Afghan conflict will be over and after the foreigners leave there will be an accord and Afghanistan will also prosper with a vast amount of minerals and the potential to grow lots of fruit it could become a great place. The solution is mass education, especially of women. India and the US can play their games of hegemony.What will succeed will be human development rather than trying to contain China, that is a pipe dream it will never happen. This is a powerhouse a gigantic country and like the US it will have it's foot print.
Sunil Apr 10, 2013 06:52am
"Gwadar port deal is the expression of trust, confidence and sincerity" and "India-US civil nuclear deal is " regional hegemony and exploitation leading to regional instability and imbalance of power". Yeah, right!!
Sonia K Apr 10, 2013 10:19am
You forget to mention the extreme level importance of Gwadar to China- 'the string of pearls'. China's investment in Pakistan is by no way due to friendship coz that is hardly how investments are done in the practical world. China has a number of ports strategically located at the Gulf of Bengal, the Southern tip of Sri Lanka, Sudan, the Suez Canal and the Arabian Sea (not in the order I wrote) . These ports are left to the local authorities for management purposes but are 'owned' by China. For the simple reason: to keep 'their' tradeways with the entire world 'clear' and 'free of charge'! So Gwadar was never developed for Pakistan- although it has a mutual benefit for Balochistan, the investment for its development came from China- simply because China can input that sort of money. What such free investments entail is anybody's guess- specially on a port! Lately China has been eyeing the Maldives for another port development- but India is not too keen about it since the location of such a port might be threatening to India.....lets see if in the future we might see another Chinese port springing up on the Maldives.
maximuswarrior Apr 10, 2013 01:22pm
Pakistan has done wisely. The frustration shown by malicious foreign actors is a clear indication in this regard. Pakistan needs to team up with China and root out foreign funded terrorist organizations within Balochistan. The people of Balochistan must be liberated from the clutches of warlords and foreign funded terrorists. Also, Pakistan will prosper once it learns to stand on its own instead of relying on malicious foreign powers. This is a first step in the right direction.
Raza Apr 10, 2013 02:18pm
Pakistan will become close to anyone who oppose India. Start from Col. Qaddafi when he gave anti-Indian speech his name was given to a Cricket stadium. Whenever you have tried to such this out of hatred you will get burned. Yes we have problem in Kashmir. But it does not requires you burn your house the get the favorable results. It is important to keep the welfare of the Pakistan in mind even while hating India and is possible.
Guru Apr 10, 2013 04:19pm
China never does anything that is not in its interest. Pakistan will see the infrastructure used to extend China's power projection & keep her commerce moving. If Pak is hoping to benefit from this commerce, you are dreaming. You will mute spectators to China's gain.
Zeeshan Shamsi Apr 10, 2013 06:46pm
I wonder who will end up using it then at the end of the day.
S. A. M. Apr 10, 2013 10:52pm
China is in the most strongest position to pose its strength as it won't have to rely on another country to fulfil its objectives China's operations in Gwadar will lead to many many job creations in Pakistan and through that route not only china but also the landlocked CIS Countries can have reach to the warm waters When China is investing they will make sure that situation in Pakistan remain ripe for their operations thus their engagements in Pakistan is likely to yield far reaching benefits for the people of Pakistan It can raise concerns not only in the neighbouring India but also in the Gulf countries as the role they are playing in the region can well be taken over by Gwadar Good Job Govt of Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan China Friendship May this friendship gets stronger with each passing day.