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'FICA warning may affect Pakistan Super League'

Published Jan 23, 2013 03:31pm


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PSL adviser Haroon Lorgat insisted the dire warnings from FICA chief executive Tim May were not an attack on the league itself. -Photo by AFP

LAHORE: Pakistan on Wednesday tried to brush aside security worries over its first major Twenty20 league but admitted a warning from the international players association not to take part may have an impact.

The head of the Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) warned players not to take part in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), due to start on March 2, because of the “unmanageable” security risk.

No international cricket has been played in Pakistan since militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus during a Test match in Lahore in 2009 and the country is still rocked by almost daily bombings and shootings.

PSL adviser Haroon Lorgat insisted the dire warnings from FICA chief executive Tim May were not an attack on the league itself and said the competition had had a positive response from players and sponsors.

“While we understand that sort of a statement from the players' association but I don't think we necessarily agree with it -- the reality is different and the league will happen,” said Lorgat.

Former Australia spinner May said he expected the majority of international cricketers would heed the FICA advice and shun the league, and while Lorgat was upbeat he admitted the warning would have an effect.

“A statement of that sort is negative and it doesn't help the preparation but fortunately some of the players have already committed and trust the assurances on security given by the PCB,” said Lorgat.

Butt claimed there was an overwhelming response from the broadcasters and bids for title sponsorships would be invited on Thursday.

Earlier this month the International Cricket Council (ICC) hailed the new Twenty20 as a helpful move towards restoring faith in Pakistan as a safe place to play cricket.


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Comments (22) Closed

Rabbani Jan 24, 2013 07:56am
Pakistan is a failed state . No law & order , No justice, No developments, ---------- Corrupt govt & politician , Islami extremist , Military, militant and uncivilized people are the symbol of Pakistan . So don't go there
Fuzail Z. Ahmad Jan 24, 2013 10:04am
Very bad Pakistani you are, Mushtaq. I wish you were not.
Syed Jan 23, 2013 03:50pm
I really don't think our agencies want internal peace in the country. They probably get something out of it. I don't believe they are that incompetent. If they really can't do their job then they should let someone else do it as Pakistan has become a big mess. Don't blame the FICA. I wouldn't want to play in Pakistan and I love Pakistan
HM Jan 23, 2013 04:10pm
Haroon Lorgat is anti Pakistan cricket. When times comes he will be sighted with India and other countries.... Remove him.
HNY2013 Jan 23, 2013 04:11pm
Tim is not attacking the league. He is just trying to be practical and washing the association's hands off any unwanted eventuality, just in case something goes wrong, they would be like: There you go, we warned you, didnt we?" so every one is playing safe (but not cricket) ! Jan 23, 2013 04:17pm
They are right the environmental in country is not good for any thing let alone the cricket matches, even if one player is injured than what will happen. The government have to take charge of the terrorist and than only we can do things here, if Indians are involved than similar must be dont at the IPL to teach them a lesson.
Mushtaq Ahmad Jan 23, 2013 04:23pm
I am a Pakistani ---- would suggest to the international crickters to avoid going to Pakistan
sid Jan 24, 2013 01:43am
it is my extreme wish that cricket return back to pakistan
HNY2013 Jan 24, 2013 02:14am
You say: " The government have to take charge of the terrorist and than only we can do things here" .....what do you mean by that? What "things" can terrorists possibly do for the government? Confused by your statement "if Indians are involved than similar must be dont at the IPL to teach them a lesson" Did you just miss your medicines dude or are you not taking them for a few days now?
HAMID KHAN Jan 24, 2013 02:48am
Instead of making so much efforts to bring international cricket back to Pakistan these days, this would be good for Pakistani government to make sincere efforts to trace out the real culprits involved in attacking the sri lankan players. If this may have happen now, no doubt the international cricketers may have any objection of playing in Pakistan. First we need to set our house in order and then make demands from others. Our interior minister is pretending that he is very competent, but the reality is that he is clueless about so many terrorist attacks including the one made on our sri lankan guests, which isolated Pakistan cricket.
dialogueforpeace Jan 24, 2013 02:58am
Mr Logart let FICA do their job and you do whatever you have been paid for. There is no other country in the world where visiting cricketing players were attacked as if it was a Hollywood action thriller.
M. Rashed Khan Jan 24, 2013 12:15pm
FICA warning may be right . FICA prove BCB 's last activities . Safety first come then Cricket .
Majid Jan 24, 2013 12:03pm
As much as I want cricket returning, can you imagine another security breach during the competition? That would be cricket finshed in PAK in our generation.
Khan Jan 24, 2013 04:45am
No sorry you are not. But if you are, you are coward who is playing on Indian propaganda. Also it seems that you are sheltering abroad. Further, a nationalists needs not to declare himself to be a Pakistani like you have done. If you are a loyal citizen, people can judge you from a single sentence. SAR UTHA KAR JEO.
Rafiq Jan 24, 2013 05:13am
Why are we so negative.This will be great oppurtunity for all to see, how wonderful it is to play in Pakistan. Isolated cases of terror cannot be used as pretext to deprive people of the game they love. I am here in Lahore and eager to watch these matches. believe me, ther is nothing wrong here. From outside it seems whole of Pakistan is burning. It is not true.
Umair Jan 24, 2013 06:05am
I don't see any threat in foreigners visiting Pakistan. I have met a few foreigners in the recent months who are continuously visiting Pakistan on official tours...
Abdul Rehman Jan 24, 2013 06:41am
For all those who said Pakistan is not a safe country for cricket ,I must say No place in the entire world is perfectly safe for humans and another thing the required effort for a place to make it secure is providing them good security.Pakistan is a safe country for cricket but just only 1 thing is required from government is to provide security to PCB ,even when terrorist attacked Sri-Lankan team in 2009 there was hardly few 1 police mobile with them for there protection that wasn't a security lapse on that time no security was provided to srilankan team but they must provide security to all cricketers so there will be no ancident like that.
olimayam Jan 24, 2013 07:43am
Nobody wants to be there in pakistan. Even the pakistani players and seeking the citizenship of other countries. For example, Saqlain Mushtaq, Azhar Mehmood, Mushtaq Ahmed. So how do the international players come to pakistan
HNY2013 Jan 24, 2013 12:35pm
Please read what you write before submitting. "There is no other country in the world where visiting cricketing players were attacked as if it was a Hollywood action thriller." I know what you are trying to say but what you have written will definitely scare people off. No one wants to be "attacked" !!!
HNY2013 Jan 24, 2013 05:02pm
Please take off your rose tinted glasses sir. Did you see the Zero Dark Thirty movie.......just watch it to see what perception the foreigners have about the country.
NH Jan 25, 2013 05:21am
Situation in Lahore isn't good either. Some months ago, there was a Taliban bomb attack on Lahore police. Some 9 or 10 policeman were killed. Sill today mobile services are suspended. This is far from being even close to normal.
Usman Ali Jan 25, 2013 02:27pm
I think we should not criticize to PCB, it's a good step to promote the International Cricket in pakistan, and most important thing the people out of world will come in pakistan and play the game with foolproof security then they go back say to world that pakistan now has been save... so it can be good image rest of world about the pakistan.......... so i think Cricket should be start......