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SC order and NAB chairman

January 22, 2013

ACCORDING to legal experts, Pervez Ashraf is technically the prime minister as long as he is a member of the National Assembly and has not been disqualified and convicted.

In civilised countries, it is imperative to uphold and respect moral justification. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, leaders and those in position of power lack moral courage and they do not become role models of honesty and integrity.

The Supreme Court ordered NAB chairman for speeding up investigation into the multibillion rental power plants case against the prime minister, who was the minister of water and power when two politicians submitted the petition in the apex court, alleging corruption in rental power projects in which billions of rupees were given to the sponsor of rental power plants without having any acceptable guarantees.

The Supreme Court ordered in its original judgment on March 30, 2012, that NAB should investigate the case and prepare a reference against those who are responsible for inflicting the loss on the national exchequer.

But the bureau has been trying to dodge the apex court by removing the investigating officers of the case on charges that they had been misusing the name of the apex court.

In fact, it was the NAB chairman who misused the name of the Supreme Court by informing the director-general of NAB, Rawalpindi, under whom these officers were working, that the apex court was not happy with the performance of investigating officers and they should be removed from the case.

The pertinent question is: what was the NAB chairman’s objective in removing the officers who were performing their duties honestly? Why was NAB not pursuing the investigation vigorously and apprehending the accused?



DETRACTORS of the Supreme Court cry hoarse that the decision against the prime minister should have been delayed until the present government completed its tenure.

Ironically, the same people were more vocal against the delay on cases of ‘others’, including Asghar Khan’s, repeating the phrase ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is always based on law, not political consideration, and when evidence is there, after due procedure, the bench has to give its verdict without its fallout or without taking into consideration against whom the judgment is given.


Sleeping nation

‘DON’T blow horn, this nation is sleeping.’ This I saw written on a rickshaw. One may laugh reading this statement or someone will smile, but it is sad that it is true.

Targeted killings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, lawlessness and bad governance have been at the peak, but no one protested. No one even asked the government what is happening? Who is responsible?

Wapda, PIA, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills and many other public organisations have suffered seriously, but no one did anything to save them and, finally, when the government snatched all the basic rights — education, health, food, and shelter, etc., — no one asked a single question.

Our politicians did all these in the name of democracy. In fact, some said it is the ‘beauty of democracy’. You can’t eat democracy when you are hungry. Democracy can’t shelter you, democracy can’t educate people. The father of political science, Aristotle, was against democracy.

I am, however, not against it. The point is that the system is secondary and people are primary. If any other political system is serving the people in a good way and the country is going towards prosperity without democracy, then what is the big deal?

Only leaders matter, the system doesn’t.

It is my request to the government to please stop fooling the people in the name of democracy and please hold elections by announcing the date. It is the only way to bring a democratic change or else a military dictator will rule you and this sleeping nation.