LANDI KOTAL, Jan 12: Four persons including a security man were injured in separate incidents in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency during the last twenty four hours.

Sources said that sepoy Amir Khan was injured critically when militants fired at a checkpost in Ajali Nadi area of Shalobar. The inured soldier was shifted to a hospital in Peshawar for treatment.

In Akkakhel area, two children received injuries when a mortar shell fell on the house of Hikmat Khan near Aziz Market while in Mandi Kas area Hazratullah was injured in a similar incident.

In the same locality, two rooms of a private school were badly damaged when a mortar shell hit it. An overhead water tank at the house of Malik Waris Khan, a former minister of state, was also damaged when it was hit by a stray mortar shell.

SCHOOL BLOWN UP: Militants blew up a government school for girls on Friday night in Bara, official sources said.

They said that militants planted huge quantity of explosives in the girls school in Hanji Ayub Kallay in Spin Qabar area at around midnight. The explosion destroyed the school building and caused damage to two nearby houses, they added.

Meanwhile, a Bara-based militants group has warned Zakhakhel tribe to either provide it with volunteers or leave the area. Sources said that militants affiliated with Lashkar-i-Islam (LI) distributed pamphlets and made announcements through loudspeakers in Shalobar area, asking Zakhakhels to send them volunteers or leave the area.

The announcements triggered fear among Zakhakhel tribesmen and it was learnt that some of them started shifting to safer places. Sources said that LI members in Nawia Kamar, Malikdinkhel and Baz Garha Qamarkhel forcibly stopped supply of edibles and other daily use items to Zakhakhel sub-tribe of Zaoddin. The LI also warned local doctors against treating Zakhakhel patients in the same area.

The Zakhakhel tribe, which sheltered LI chief Mangal Bagh in Bazaar-Zakhakhel when he was forced to flee Bara in 2005, rebelled against him after LI members killed a cleric of the tribe in March 2011. Since then the two groups are engaged in bloody clashes against each other.

Meanwhile, army and Frontier Corps have been deployed in Akkakhel area of Bara owing to a surge in militant activities and security threats.

Sources said that fresh contingents of army and FC were deployed in Dro Adda, Misri Chowk and Sial Khan Khwarh localities. Forces had vacated their security checkposts established in those areas after a local peace committee took up responsibilities of security in the area.

Akkakhel area of Bara shares common border with parts of Peshawar and officials believe that most of the terrorists acts carried out in Peshawar are coordinated from Akkakhel area.


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