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Delimitation exercise


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A DECISION has been taken. The ECP has said that Karachi alone will have its constituencies delimited as per the Supreme Court’s directives. The court felt that such an exercise would reduce violence in the metropolis. However, as we have stated before, it is not a wise idea to focus on delimitation in Karachi alone for a number of reasons. Keeping the city’s many conflicts — political, ethnic, sectarian — in mind, delimiting constituencies at this point and in this manner will almost certainly prove divisive. For example, the MQM — whose chief has been issued a contempt notice by the court for criticising the judiciary on the matter — opposes delimiting Karachi only. In contrast, parties such as the ANP, seen as competing with the MQM over Karachi’s spoils, support the idea. In fact, the ECP will consider proposals from several political parties before redrawing the constituencies. So delimitation at this time can have unintended consequences; instead of reducing violence in the city it may actually add to it.

Also, the contention that new delimitation would be faulty without a fresh census report stands as there is no headcount on the horizon. The other question —why Karachi alone — remains valid. After all, there have been complaints regarding the redrawing of constituencies in other parts of the country. So why is Karachi being singled out? No satisfactory answer to this has been forthcoming from the relevant quarters. As reports indicate, the date for general elections is due to be announced soon. And it is hoped that the delimitation exercise is not used as an excuse to postpone polls. Elections must be held as per schedule for continuity of the democratic process; hence there is much logic in the suggestion that delimitation across the country be carried out after the polls based on new census numbers. There is no need to rush such a delicate process, that too in one of the country’s most politically volatile cities. Instead, we feel the ECP should concentrate on other areas, such as an error-free voters’ list, and ensure that political parties respect its code of conduct. It should leave the issue of delimitation for another day.

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Life Dec 15, 2012 07:06am
a wise editorial
sturkman Dec 15, 2012 05:20am
Segregation causes more Hate.
zaheer ahmed Dec 15, 2012 01:03pm
I can not understand why our Mohajir (Karachiites) brothers are of the opinion that they are segregated particularly when anything or any decision from authoritative quarters is descended which seems to be not in favour of MQM. If the party is clean handed and has a real mandate in Karachi, why is it making such a hue and cry on delimitation process. The decision of delimitation in Karachi by the apex court is actually the result of same favour that MQM got under regime of Musharaf. Karachi?s delimitation was done in Musharaf?s era to help MQM gain more seats and if we see the constitutional boundaries carved out in Gen?s tenure, we are appalled. A crescent like electoral constituency is also present in Karachi which was done to push non MQM candidates to the wall. Strange is the behave of some political quarters while they denounce decision of this delimitation process even after it came from Supreme Court and not from people of Sindh or Punjab or any political party. As far as ANP?s support to the decision is concerned, it is quite natural that they would support anything they deem in their favour. No one would deny that Pukhtuns can not bag several seats if the delimitation of Karachi is done in a fair way without any prejudice and bias to a certain political party. Zaheer
mazharuddin Dec 15, 2012 12:08pm
There is the need to postpone delimitation process, large scale corruption, no public service and also peoples suffering is not being taken into notice in Karachi. The people living in Karachi above than half a century are facing deprivation, living several families in small rooms of a house or small peace of land, these Karachi locals having negligible presence in government departments, there is no care for them. Further there is no merit but quota and corruption that causing the sufferings of law abiding peoples. Also each community should have its due share in government and political parties. Political parties are making Karachi a jungle of human beings, land grabbers have encouraged to occupy land that has made difficult to live law abiding citizen. Those who established industries, turned beggars due to smuggling, extortion and corruption. I hope Supreme Court and other pillars of government will take care for this.
sheroze mufti Dec 15, 2012 07:02pm
I,am absolutely convinced with the views you expressed in your article but the point is that the voilations which tookplace in karachi in the last two years are the worst of all and can't be exempted, similarly about 70% of our national GNP in dependent on karachi, therefore i think it is mandatory to have a free and fair elections in the city which stands as the backbone of our country's economy to have the leaders elected on merit thus the real mandate could come up. today the reason, that why the city is suffering so much is due to the lack of leadership in the city leading to the lapse of law and order situation in the city. if everything was to be held upon concensus, the situation was not to be as it is now. therefore we should encourage the steps taken by the supereme court and shall hope for its implementation not only in karachi but across the whole country as well. Student of BS.Electronics engineering International Islamic uUniversity Islamabad
Husain Jan Dec 15, 2012 07:41am
When it was proposed to get Karachi clean and free of illegal arms the same questions "Why Karachi alone, why not the whole country " etc were raised. Let the country move forward. Let's make a start from Karachi which will pave way for such an exercise in other parts of the country too. Need of the hour is : stop asking questions and raising undue objections which result in rise of confusions and tensions. Let there be a start please
H K Dec 16, 2012 04:50pm
Excuse me gentlemen, there is no lack of leadership in Khi. It is only that the leadership is always being unsettled. Just see the recent history. Mustafa Kamal turned the city around. U should have been asking for immediate restoration of local bodies. That would have restored the relationship. Leave the Karachi free of machinations and it would prosper and make Pakistan prosperous.
Khan Dec 16, 2012 12:14am
I welcome delimitation and door to door voter verification exercise only after census. As per unofficial census Karachi population is 18 million so as per formula 36 National Assembly seats and 72 provincial assembly seats be allocated to Karachi. Since most of the people moved to karachi from KP and Punjab their seats should be reduced and allocated to karachi do this and then see the reaction of ANP ,PTI , PML and other parties. SC should also enforce other part of judgement where it says land should be recovered occupied illegally. In this case most of the so called ANP voters and other parties voters will be homeless as they occupy Karachi land illegally steal electricity and other resources and do not pay taxes. SC should also make sure that as per new census resources be allocated to Karachi which feeds rest of the thankless country.
H K Dec 16, 2012 04:46pm
Gentleman, u seem to forget that there was mqm and there was karachi before musharraf too. MQM has been sweeping Karachi since 87. The peimary question, in any case, remains. Why is Karachi singled out for a delimitation exercise and what is SC authority to say that a single party should not have a mandate in the city. Would it next say that no single party should win in Sindh (read PPP in Sindh, ANP in KP, PMLN in Punjab). Isnt SC making Itself a contentious organization by getting into political issues.
Khanm Dec 16, 2012 08:14am
It is not a wise decision of the court to be limited to Karachi only. Any decision made on ad hoc basis would miss fire. Comprehend the complex situation of Karachi. Study the matter subjectively and objectively. The court decision should base on reasoning and logic. The law should pass in the senate and the judiciary should do interpretation of the law. Let us put the horse before the cart not the other way around.