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Truce, not ceasefire, in Gaza

Published Nov 30, 2012 12:10am


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THE truce between Israel and Gaza is another remarkable development in the Middle East crisis where Israel has been put into place by Hamas.

After Hizbollah's success in Lebanon a couple of years ago, this truce should be ending the blockade of Gaza in the real sense if the world conscience is alive and they believe in freedom for all.

Israeli occupation and colonisation plan through blockade of Gaza that has been crippling its population for the last many years and has made Gaza the largest open-sky prison in the world has evaporated from the minds of Israeli peace lovers.

Lifting the blockade which, according to what Egyptian President Mursi said was part of the truce agreement, is a dire necessity for the restoration of a kind of normality and for reconstruction of the damaged city.

Funds required for reconstruction should at least be borne by the United Nations which otherwise remained a silent spectator, violating its own charter of being the sole custodian of peace in the comity of nations.

The world and the Muslim community have to be watching the implementation of a real ceasefire between Palestinian and Israel, and all efforts for reconstruction, and healing of the wounds of the Palestinians in Gaza should be supported through Hamas leadership and not Fatah of Mehmod Abbas who Hillary Clinton was trying to project by meeting on the sidelines of this truce.

Maybe this time the Middle East conflict that has been damaging regional and world peace for decades can be brought to a solution, and Israeli politicians are not allowed to exploit Gaza in the coming elections for permanent peace in the region.

Another hopeful outcome of the situation would be the bridging of differences and rivalries within the Palestinian people themselves. In the power struggle between a Bha’ai Mahmood Abbas’s PLO and Hamas, Hamas victory would give them an edge and help uniting the forces for the betterment of the Palestinian people’s cause hanging fire for last few decades.

If the UN wants to be a genuine peace guarantor, the UN should immediately depute peace forces on both sides of the border in Gaza and Israel to ensure a meaningful ceasefire, otherwise be prepared for the UN’s natural death as the bold and brave Hamas leadership has given a ray of hope to secure the Palestinian cause.



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Dr.M.M.Khan Nov 30, 2012 12:18pm
I appreciate your comments but humbly disagree perhaps because i have been THERE. Your opening paragraph is misleading. Israel has not been put to place by Hamas , it is the other way around. Isreal has exposed the divisions amongst the palestinians and has suceeded in it's objectives i.e killing the person they were after and destroying the nascent infrastructure in place. Caese fire or truce is ususlly between two enemies and not between an occupying power and the occupied which is the case here legally. If UN could not prevent destruction how can it construct! Are you aware of the fact that the nutrition of the palestinians living in Gaza is in the hands of the occupying power. Men are allowed circa 2800 calories daily, women less and children even less. Hamas won a genuine free election which was internationally acknowledged with ex president Carter in lead. Hamas and not Fatah could have formed a unity Govt. but powers to be would not allow. The last time President Abbas visited Gaza was five years ago. Even at the end of present hostilities he did not travel to part of his own country while other head of states did. A state--excuse me -an entity divided against iteslf should put it's act together before going to UN to be baptised. I look forward to comments before going further.